A paper:- of tobacco, treating of smoking, by Joseph Fume


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Sidan 39 - This is my friend, Abel, an honest fellow ; He lets me have good tobacco, and he does not Sophisticate it with sack-lees or oil, Nor washes it in muscadel and grains, Nor buries it in gravel, under ground...
Sidan 24 - Sir, believe me, upon my relation for what I tell you, the world shall not reprove. I have been in the Indies, where this herb grows, where neither myself, nor a dozen gentlemen more of my knowledge, have received the taste of any other nutriment in the world, for the space of one and twenty weeks, but the fume of this simple only: therefore, it cannot be, but 'tis most divine.
Sidan 59 - What else but lighted dust am I ? Thou show'st me what my fate will be ; And when thy sinking ashes die, I learn that I must end like thee.
Sidan 25 - I'd have it present whipping, man or woman, that should but deal with a tobacco-pipe. Why, it will stifle them all in the end, as many as use it; it's little better than ratsbane or rosaker.
Sidan 25 - ... tis most divine. Further, take it in the nature, in the true kind ; so, it makes an antidote, that had you taken the most deadly poisonous plant in all Italy, it should expel it, and clarify you, with as much ease as I speak. And for your green wound, your balsamum and your St. John's wort are all mere gulleries and trash to it, especially your Trinidado, your Nicotian is good too...
Sidan 25 - I marie what pleasure or felicity they have in taking this roguish tobacco. It's good for nothing but to choke a man, and fill him full of smoke and embers...
Sidan 109 - Wallace died of an inflammation, after two days' illness. Trout* has returned here several times, poor fellow, and seems to look for you; but Henry Scott is very kind to him, and he is a great favourite. " As you Hussars smoke, I will give you one of my pipes, but you must let me know how I can send it safely. It is a very handsome one, though not my best.
Sidan 37 - If there be any herb in any place, Most opposite to God's good herb of grace, "Tis doubtless this ; and this doth plainly prove it, That for the most part graceless men do love it, Or, rather dote most on this withered weed, Themselves as withered in all gracious deed.
Sidan 25 - Only thus much; by Hercules, I do hold it, and will affirm it before any prince in Europe, to be the most sovereign and precious weed that ever the earth tendered to the use of man.
Sidan 30 - It is not so long since the first entry of this abuse amongst us here, as this present age cannot yet very well remember, both the first author, and the form of the first introduction of it amongst us.

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