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O LORD AND HEAVENLY FATHER, who, of thy great goodness hast preserved me through the night, and brought me safe to see the light of this present day; I humbly thank thee for the protection I have experienced, and for the refreshing rest I have had in sleep. Let the memorial of thine abundant kindness be present with me during the business of the day, and never suffer me to forget that it is thou only who makest me to rest in peace, and dwell in safety. Be with me in every situation and under all the circumstances in which I may be placed. Keep me from evil and enable me to adorn the doctrine of God my Savi. our in all things. Prepare me for all the events of life of trouble or of joy, and grant me neither to be cast down by the one, nor lifted up by the other.

Keep me in thy faith and fear all the day long, and suffer me not to dishonour thee or my Christian profession by any wrong conduct. Enable me to fulfil my duty in the station of life I fill, or unto which it may please thee to call me, and to walk humbly with thee my God, and wisely and circumspectly among men. May I be a blessing to all with whom I am connected, and an especial comfort to all my relations and friends; and may I love the brotherhood, fear God, and honourthe King, with all that are in authority under him.

Keep me this day without sin, and guide me to the practice of every thing that is lovely or of good report. Preserve me from every danger to which I may be exposed, and let peace and safety be ever with me. Bless all my family and friends, (especially Sc.) and grant that they may please thee both in will and deed by their lives and conversation. Give us grace to live in peace and love one with another, and so to pass through things temporal that we finally lose not things that are eternal. These prayers I humbly offer up to the throne of grace in the name and through the mediation of Jesus Christ my Lord, in whose comprehensive form of words, I further address thy divine Majesty.

Our Father, &c.

The grace of our &c.


O ALMIGHTY LORD GOD, in whom I live, and move, and have my being, I approach thee this Evening deeply sensible of thy goodness to me, not only this day, but ever since I was born. Thy mercies are in

deed new every morning and evening, and great is thy faithfulness. This I have ex. perienced through the day that is past, for thou hast both preserved me from danger, and given me whatever was necessary for my good. To all thy other mercies add that of a thankful heart, and enable me to praise thee not only with my lips but also in my life.

Grant me grace to live as becometh the Gospel of God, and to use the things of this world so as not abusing them, knowing that, as this day is now past and gone, so the fashion of the world passeth away, and that I myself am passing down the stream of time, and shortly shall behold man no more with the inhabitants of the world. Prepare me I beseech thee for the end of my days, and grant that when the night of death shall close in upon me, I may be found of thee in peace without spot and blameless. Pardon the sins of the day past, and lay them not to my charge, but accept me for thy Son's sake, and on account of his merits and mediation, save me from their guilt, their power, and their condemnation. Let them never bring me to shame and confusion of face, but blot them out of the book of thy remembrance for ever.

Receive me under thy protection this night, and bless me as thou hast done during the day. Preserve me from the pestilence that walketh in darkness, as well as from the sickness that destroyeth at noon day, and preserve also all my dear friends and relatives, keeping each and all of us in peace and safety for Jesus Christ's sake, in whose most holy name and words, I further call upon


Our Father, &c.

The grace of our &c.

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