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when I go out and when I come in, from this time forth for evermore. Keep me from the indulgence of those lusts which war against the soul, and from the snare of the devil, and so guard me that I may neither be led away myself, nor lead others into the dangerous paths of sin, the end of which is death. Put thy fear into my heart, and lay a holy restraint upon my thoughts, words, and actions, that I may not dishonour my profession and offend thee. Keep me from saying or doing any thing through envy, strife, or vain glory, and in lowliness of mind incline me to prefer others to myself. Mortify all carnal affections and worldly desires in me, and let all things belonging to the Spirit live and grow, that I may increase in wisdom as I do in years.

. Bless me in all my reasonable and lawful pursuits, let thy glory be my leading object, and let my conversation be agreeable to the teaching of the grace of God. Give me prudence to conduct myself aright towards my elders and superiors, my equals and inferiors, and especially those with whom I am particularly connected, parents, guardians, masters, or servants, and let my light in these and every other relation, so shine before men, that, seeing my good works, they may glorify thee, my Father in heaven. Give me this day the necessaries of life, and keep me from all its evils; guard me under temptations or trials, and protect me in danger, that I may pass my days in godliness and honesty, holiness and purity, safety and peace, and may so pass the waves of this troublesome world, as finally to come to the land of everlasting happiness. Hear me,

I beseech thee, and grant my requests for Jesus Christ's sake, in whose all prevailing name and comprehensive form of words, I further call upon thee.

Our Father, &c.
The grace of our &c.


FATHER OF MERCIES and God of all consolation, who art always more ready to hear than I to pray, and art wont to give more than thy servants either desire or de. serve, pour down upon me the abundance of thy mercy, forgiving ine those things whereof my conscience is afraid, and giving me those good things which I am not worthy to ask but for the sake of thy Son.

I thank thee for the continuance of that goodness which has accompanied me through the day, both in the supply of all my wants, and in my preservation from all dangers. I have gone out and come in this day under thy special protection: Thy providence has watched over me, thy grace has prevented me, and thy mercy has followed me. Of all this make me duly sen


sible, and for it may I be humbly thankful. Preserve me me from the sin of ingratitude to thee, my Benefactor and Friend, my Saviour and my God, that I may never provoke thee to withdraw thy watchful providence, to keep back thy preventing grace, or to withhold thine infinite mercy from me. Though I am utterly unworthy, yet let these follow me all the days of my life; and, when these days are ended, may I dwell with thee in life everlasting, through the merits of him who hath died for my sins, and rose again for my justification.

Let thine eye be upon me this night to bless and to keep me. Pardon my sins, help mine infirmities, and save my life from destruction. Be not extreme to mark what I have this day said or done amiss, and enter not into judgment either with me, or with any of those whom, from the ties of duty or of natural affection, I am bound to pray for. Be merciful to us all, and let thine angels encamp round about us, to keep and protect us form all evil. Let no vain dreams disturb our rest, nor evil men make us afraid, but keep us safe under thy watchful care, for the sake of thy Son Jesus Christ, who in compassion to our wants and infirmities has taught us

thus to pray

Our Father &c.
The grace af our &c.


I am bound to praise thee, O My God, as for all thy other mercies, so particularly for the mercy of the night past. Thine eye has been upon me for good, and to thy protecting care I owe my safety during the darkness of night and the helpless state of sleep. Thou also hast continued thy goodness to me by raising me up from sleep,

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