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Through the year thảt is past, thy mercies have been new every morning and evening, and great has been thy faithfulness. For all I am bound to give thee most humble and hearty thanks; and I pray thee to enable me to do this, not only with my lips, but also in my life.

Hitherto, as thou knowest, I have failed exceedingly, both in my duty to God and man, having offended in many things, and fallen short in all ; enter not into judgement with thy servant, O Lord; deal not with me after my sins, nor reward me as mine iniquities have deserved, but in the multitude of thy mercies do away mine offences; wash me throughly from my wickedness, and cleanse me from my sin, for I acknowledge my faults, and my sin is ever before me. Turn thy face from my sins, and put out all my misdeeds ; make me a clean heart, O God, and renew a right spirit within me ; cast me not away from thy presence, and take not thy Holy Spirit from me.

Enable me, by thy grace, for the time to come, to resist sin, the world, and the devil, and to live a life of godliness and honesty, that I may glorify thy name, through the year I am entering upon, more than I have done during the year that is past. This portion of my time is now gone beyond recovery, and my sins stand upon record; on this account I should be utterly ashamed and confounded, were it not equally upon record that there is mercy with thee, and that if any man sin, there is an advocate in heaven, Jesus Christ the righteous. Mercifully grant that his propitiatory sacrifice may amply atone for all my sins, and his intercession prevail for my pardon, and my everlasting peace. O Lord, in thee have I trusted, let me never be put to confusion, but deliver me in thy right

eousness, and keep me by thy powerthrough faith unto salvation, for Jesus Christ's sake, in reliance upon whose merits and medie ation, I further supplicate thy mercy.

Our Father, &c.

The grace of our &c.


O LORD, thy word is truth, and thou hast there said that thou wilt judge the world in righteousness, and that every one shall give an account to God, for to thee every knee shall bow, and every tongue confess. O! may I stand with confidence, when thou shalt arise to shake terribly the earth, and reward the proud after their deservings ! and may I be numbered with those who are redeemed out of every people, and nation, and tongue, and to whom, I am assured, it will be said, --come, ye

blessed children of my Father, inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world !- Prepare me against this day by faith and hope, which maketh not ashamed, and in the exercise of every christian grace; that my loins may be girded about, and my lamp kept burning, for the appearance of my Lord, that when he cometh, I may be ready, and when he knocketh, I may open unto him immediately.

Let that blessing be mine, which we are assured will be conferred upon him who is faithful, and found watching; and let me stand in my lot with him, at the end of the days: and grant that all with whom I am connected, may also stand with confidence, and be found in the faith, when the Son of Man cometh in the glory


of his father, and of the holy angels. The nearer this day approaches, the better may we all be prepared for it; and when it shall arrive, may we be found of thee in peace, without spot, and blameless. These prayers and supplications I humbly "offer up to the throne of grace, in the name and through the mediation of my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, in whose form of words I conclude my imperfect petitions.

Our Father, &c.

The grace of our &c.


O LORD, I am now in thy house, enable me to conduct myself humbly, lowly, and reverently ; to pray with the spirit, and

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