Annual Report of the Forest Commission of the State of New York

Includes: "Catalogue of maps, field-notes, surveys, and land papers of patents, grants, and tracts situated within the counties embracing the forest preserve of the state of New York. Comp. by J. B. Koeteritz. C.E.": 1890, p. [165]-317.

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Sida 215 - That all acts or parts of acts inconsistent herewith be and the same are hereby repealed.
Sida 227 - All fines recovered under the provisions of this act shall be paid into the county treasury of the county in which the suit is tried, by the person collecting the same in the manner now provided by law to be used for county purposes.
Sida 226 - Any person who shall unlawfully and intentionally injure, molest or destroy any of said lines, posts, piers or abutments, or the materials or property belonging thereto, shall, on conviction thereof, be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor, and be punished by a fine not exceeding...
Sida 240 - ... forester. In seasons of drought and especially during the first dry time in the spring after the snows have gone and before vegetation has revived, railroad companies shall employ a sufficient number of trackmen for the prompt extinguishment of fires; and where a forest fire is raging near the line of their road, they shall concentrate such help and adopt such measures as shall most effectually arrest its progress. If any railroad company or any of its employes violate any...
Sida 215 - Institutes. The other officers of the Department shall be appointed by the Governor for the term of four years, and shall be...
Sida 239 - ... shall be assessed and taxed at a like valuation and rate as similar lands of individuals within the counties where situated. On or before August first in every year the assessors of the town within which the lands so belonging to the state are situated shall file in the office of the comptroller and of the...
Sida 230 - Be it enacted by the Senate and Howe of Representatives of the Untied States of America in Congress assembled, That any person who shall willfully or maliciously set on fire, or cause to be set on fire, any timber...
Sida 206 - ... information, together with the probable amount of property destroyed, specifying the value of timber as near as may be, and amount of cord wood, logs, bark or other forest product, fencing, bridges and buildings that have been burned.
Sida 240 - ... shall forfeit to the people of the state the sum of one hundred dollars for every such failure, and the additional sum of ten dollars for each day that such failure continues.
Sida 243 - ... dollars for every tree cut or carried away by him or under his direction. The forest commission may, with the consent of the attorney-general and comptroller, employ attorneys and counsel to prosecute any such action or to defend any action brought against the commission or any of its members or subordinates arising out of their or his official conduct with relation to the forest preserve.

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