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PTOLEMÆI Geographia-for other editions, see post in sections of Medieval

and Modern Geography. 28072 Avezac (d') Restitution de deux passages du texte grec de la

Géographie, aux chap. 5 et 6, du 7e livre, 8vo. sd. 2s (1862) 28073 GAMBA (Bart.) Osservazioni su la edizione della Geografia di Tolomeo, fatta in Bologna, 1462, 8vo. LARGE PAPEK, uncut, 20s

Bassano, 1796 28074 RAIDELII (G. M.) Commentatio de Claudii Ptolemæi Geographia, sm. 4to. plates, hf. red morocco, gilt top, 18s

Norimb. 1796 28075

the same, sm. 4to, beautiful copy in crimson morocco extra, gilt edges, by Petit, 36s

1737 Literary History of Ptolemy, an account of existing MSS. of his

Geography, and bibliography of the editions both Greek and Latin. 28076 Winsor (Justin). Bibliography of Ptolemy's Geography, roy: 8vo. 42 pp. hf. calf neat, 208

Cambridge, Mass. 1884
A.D. 200 Cleomedes-see No. 28047.
A.D. 240 Solinus-see ante under GEOGRAPHI ANTIQUI, 28048.

for later editions-see post in section of MODERN GEOGRAPHY. 28077 A.D. 300 Dionysius. DionysiuS PERIEGETES, Greece et Latine, ex recens. G. Bernhardy, 2 parts in 1 vol. stout 8vo. bds. 58

Lips. 1828 Forming Vol. I (all pub.) of the Geographi Græci Minores, published by

G. Bernhardy. 28078

De Situ Orbis, latine, cum commentariis Eustathii, interprete A. Matthæo, sm. 4to. limp vellum, 208 Parisiis (1556) 28079 A.D. 350 Ethicus. ÆThici Istrici Cosmographiam, ab Hiero

nymo ex Græco in Latinum Breviarium redactam, primum ed.

H. Wuttke, 8vo. map and facsimile, hf. calf, 78 60 Lips. 1853 28080 ETHICUS et les ouvrages Cosmographiques intitulés de ce nom;

mémoire contenant la version latine abrégée de S. Jérôme, etc. par D’Avezac, 4to. sd. 15

Paris, 1852 28081 the same, 4to. hf. green morocco, 18s

1852 A.D. 390-400 Itineraria. ANTONINI Itinerarium- see ante

No. 28046. 28082 PEUTINGER, Tabula Itineraria Militaris Romana antiqua Theodo

siana et Peutingeriana nuncupata, quam primus in Italia edidit J. D. Podocatharus Christianopulus, oblong folio, facsimiles of the map on 12 large folding sheets, no text, ods. 108

Æsi in Piceno, 1809 28083

Tabula Itineraria Pentingeriana, primum æri incisa et edita a F. C. de Scheyb, 1753, nova Conr. Mannerti introductione instructa, folio, 12 maps, folded, margins slightly wormed, hf. calf, 218

Lips. 1824 The original is preserved in the public library of Vienna and esteemed its greatest ornament. It is a wide map, about 24 feet long and 14 inches broad: the cities, rivers, etc., are pointed out by their names, and the roads and military routes are traced out by lines : it is supposed to have been made at Constantinople about A.D. 393.

28084 A.D. 400 Notitia, NOTITIA utraque cum Orientis tum

Occidentis ultra Arcadii Honoriique Cæsarum tempora, etc. FIRST EDITION, small folio, numerous woodcuts, coloured by a contemporary artist, calf, £3.

Basilice, Frobenius, 1552 28085

ed. Böcking, cum indice, 2 vols. 8vo. woodcuts, hf. calf, 20s

Bonn, 1839-53 A.D, 450 Vibius Sequester-see ante No. 28046.

A.D. 485 Proclus-see No. 28047. 28086 A.D. 500 Stephanus [Byzantius] de Urbibus, gr. et lat. ed.

J. de Pinedo ; acc. Stephani Fragmentum Collationes J. Gronovii, small folio, old calf, 5s

Amstel. 1678 28087 A.D. 600 Ravenna Cosmographer, RAVENNATIS Anonymi

Cosmographia et Guidonis Geographica, ed. M. Pinder et G.
Parthey, sm. 8vo. map, sd. 6s

Berol. 1860

28088 D'Avezac, Grands et Petits Géographes Grecs et Latins, esquisse bibliographique, 8vo. sd. 3s 6d

1856 28089 BORY DE ST. VINCENT, Essais sur les Isles Fortunées et l'antique Atlantide, 4to. maps and plates, bds. 78 6d

1803 28090 BREDOW (G. G.) über einzelne Gegenstände der alten Geschichte, Geographie und Chronologie, 8vo. 14 maps, hf. calf, 7s 6d

Altona, 1800 28091 BREHMER (N. H.) Entdeckungen im Alterthum, 2 vols. 8vo. maps and plates, bds. 7s 6d

Weimar, 1822 28092 GOSSELIN (P. E. J.) Recherches sur la Géographie des Anciens, 4 vols. 4to. maps, calf neat, 22s

1798-1813 28093 LELEWEL (J.) die Entdeckungen der Carthager und Griechen auf

dem atlantischen Ocean, übersetzt von Ritter, 8vo. 2 maps, sd. 2s

Berlin, 1831

Mediæval Geography (A.D. 700-1500). 28094 Dicuil. Recherches géographiques et critiques sur le livre de

Mensura Orbis Terrce, composé en Irlande au commencement du
IXme siècle, par Dicuil, suivies du texte restitué, par A.
Letronne, 8vo. hf. morocco, 10s

1814 28095 LELEWEL (J.) Géographie du Moyen Age, 4 vols. in 3, 8vo. 10 facsimile maps, sd. 158

Bruxelles, 1852-7 28096 — the same, 4 vols. in 3, 8vo. 10 maps, in hf. green morocco,

gilt tops, 20s 28097 JOMARD, LES MONUMENTS DE LA GÉOGRAPHIE: Recueil

d'anciennes Cartes Européennes et Orientales, accompagnées de Sphères terrestres et célestes, de Mappemondes et Tables Cosmographiques, etc. .... depuis les temps les plus reculés jusqu'à l'époque d'Ortélius et de Mercator, imperial folio, 50 immense maps, facsimiles of the same size as the originals, several COLOURED, hf. red morocco, with 8vo. text, entitled Introduction à l'Atlas (1879)," sd. £15.

Paris (1862) An invaluable series, better digested and less uncertain in its plan than the enormous work of Santarem.



posé de MAPPEMONDES, et PORTULANS, et Cartes hydrographiques et historiques depuis le Vie jusqu'au XVIIe siècle, pour la plupart inédites, devant servir de preuves à l'Histoire de la Cosmographie et de la Cartographie pendant le Moyen-âge et à celle des progrès de la Géographie, atlas folio, containing the 78 maps which constitute a PERFECT set of Santarem's collection, several upon double sheets, and some coloured and illuminated, with title and Index, which have been additionally printed, hf. red morocco, uncut, £60.

Paris, 1842-53 28099

another copy, containing 66 maps, some coloured and gilt, £30.

1842-53 List of missing maps in the second copy; Mappemonde du VIIIe siècle, Bibl. d'Alby; Mappemondes et Systèmes renfermés dans les MSS. de Paris et da la Haye de Floridus (Lambertus); Mappemonde dans un MS. qui contient un commentaire de l’Apocalypse; Mappemonde de Marinus Sanuto du XIVe siècle ; Mappemonde dans le “Rudimentum Nuvitiorum Mappemonde du Musée Borgia ; Mappemonde de la bibl. Medici; 2. of the 6 which form the Portulan de Petrus Vesconte; Carte Catalane de 1375; Globe de J. Schoner de 1520;

Mappemonde de Roselli. 28100

a third copy, containing 63 maps, some coloured, £20. 28101 a fourth copy, containing 57 maps, some coloured, £15.

1842-53 28101*.

Text to the above : Essai sur l'histoire de la Cosmographie et de la Cartographie pendant le Moyen-Age, et sur les progrès de la Géographie après les grandes Decouvertes du XVe Siècle, 3 vols. 8vo. sd. £2. 10s

Paris, 1849-42 The Atlas of Viscount Santarem is extraordinarily rare : few copies contain more than forty to sixty maps, in consequence of the desultory and unequal manner in which the plates were produced-nearly all separately and

with a varying number of impressions. 28102 SANTAREM, Recherches sur la priorité de la découverte des pays

situés sur la cote occidentale d'Afrique, au dela da cap Bojador, et sur les progrès de la Science Géographique au XVe siècle, 8vo. hf. bd. 10s

1842 Inserted here out of its proper place, as having formed a sort of first 1000-1100 Beatus Map of the World, A.D. 1000-1100–

contained in a MS. of BEATI Commentarius in Apocalypsin,

written in Spain, about 1150,---sold 1280-90 Geography of the East-see Marco Polo post, in section of Narratives of Voyagers.

see also BORCHARD, post, in Narratives of Voyagers.

text to the Atlas.

28103 1300 Hereford Mappa Mundi. BANNISTER (S.) Description

of the Map of the ancient World, preserved in the Cathedral Church of Hereford, 4to. facsimile of portion of map, sd. 3s 6d

Hereford, 1849 28104 BEVAN (W. L.) and H. W. Phillott, Mediæval Geography; an

essay in illustration of the Hereford Mappa Mundi, 8vo. 3 photographic facsimiles, hf. bd. 10s

1873 This celebrated Mappa diundi was drawn by Richard of Haldingham

about A.D. 1300. 28105 -- - Terrarum Orbis Tabulam delineavit Ricardus de

Haldingham, A. S. circa 1300-facsimile of the aneient map preserved in Hereford Cathedral, 5 feet 10 inches by 5 feet 3 inches, mounted on canvas with rollers

Bruges, 1872 28106 1325 Sanuto's Maps. GESTA DEI PER FRANCOS, sive Orien

talium Expeditionum et Regni Francorum Hierosolimitani Historia (per BONGARSIUM)--Marini Sanuti Liber Secretorum Fidelium Crucis de Terræ Sanctæ recuperatione, Terræ Sanctæ historia et geographia, 1 vol. - together 2 vols. folio, FINE PAPER, plan and plates, old calf, £3. 16s

Hanovice, 1611 • The above comprise all the contemporary chronicles relative to the Crusades and the History of the Christian Empire of Jerusalem.

The curious plans by Sanuto, which he presented to Pope John XXII and the Cardinals in 1324-25, after having travelled through various countries, one of them being a Map of the then known world, in a circular form, with Jerusalem as its centre-give this work a pecular interest in relation to the

history of early geography 1340-80 Geography of the East-see post LUDOLPHUS and

JOANNES DE HEse in section of Narratives of Voyagers. 28107 1380 Zeno Map of the Arctic and Western Seas. Autotype

facsimile of the rare map which bears date 1380, which was first printed in 1558, usually wanting in copies of the work with which it was issued “ Viaggi in Persia,” 10s

1558-1883 see post in section of Narratives of Voyagers. 28108 NORDENSKIÖLD (A. E.) Facsimiles de Trois Cartes précolombiennes

représentant une partie de l'Amerique (Groenland), 8vo. sd. 78 6d

1883 The maps are : that of the Zeni, 1380 (1558); map of Claudius Clavus, 1427, with facsimile of several leaves of MS. ; and a map of North Europe by

Nic. Donis, taken from the Ptolemy of Ulm, 1482. 28109 NORDENSKIÖLD, Facsimile de la Carte de Nic. Donis, 1482, 8vo. the third map of the preceding, 2s 6d.

1883 1400 Atlantic Islands -see BETHENCOURT in section History

of Discovery. 1420 India-see Conti in section of Voyagers. 1430-80 Africa and the Atlantic-see MAJOR, AZURARA,

Behaim, in section History of Discovery, and CADAMOSTO in that

of Voyagers. 28110 1457 Fra Mauro. Fac-simile del Mappamondo di, dell'anno

1457, illustrato da Teo. Fischer, roy. folio, title, and four sheets

mounted on cardboard, in portfolio, 20s Venez. F. Ongania, 1879 28111 ZURLA, il Mappamundo di Fra Mauro, Camoldolese, impl. 4to.

engraved facsimile of a Globe of the middle of the 15th century, hf. bd. 158

, Venez, 1806 · . With an account of Early Italian Travels to the Far East and Africa,

1470-80 Geography of the East-see CONTARINI, TUCHER,

BRASCHA, BREYDENBACH in section of Voyagers. 28112 1478 Berlinghieri (Francesco) In questo volume si contengono

SEPTE GIORNATE DELLA GEOGRAPHIA di Francesco Berlingeri, large folio, 31 MAPS ENGRAVED ON COPPER, very fine large copy, quite perfect, in red morocco super-extra, gilt edges, by Trautz-Bauzonnet, £42.

Firenze, Nicolo Todescho (circa 1478-80) 28113 - the same, large folio, wanting the map of Palestine, and

the last leaf with the Register, bound in oaken boards, partly covered with hogskin, £12. 12s

The maps afford curious indications, so far as they vary from the old Ptolemæan series, of the knowledge of Eastern geography possessed by Europeans in the fifteenth century.

Francesco Berlinghieri, a Florentine, contributed greatly to the study of Geography by this popular work in Italian verse. It bears no date, but must have been published about the same time as the Roman Ptolemy of 1478, as the Duke of Urbino, to whom it is dedicated, died in 1482. Indeed it is more than probable that the work of Berlinghieri is entitled to claim precedence before the Ptolemy (as the first collection of Maps printed from copperplates), since the two sets of engravings are very much alike, but the Roman book exhibits a very superior technical finish which evinces the improvement of a later hand. In some respects the Berlinghieri approximates nearer to geographical correctness. The added leaf of Register is mounted to the size

of the book in the first of these two copies. 28114 1478 Ptolemy. PTOLEMÆI CosmoGRAPHIA (Latine reddita,

à Jacobo Angelo), folio, 27 large copperplate maps, a very good copy, vellum, £20.

Impressum fuit Rome, arte ac impensis Petri de Turre, 1490 28114* - the same, folio, wanting 11 of the maps of Asia, hf. bd.

some leaves mended, and half last leaf wanting, £3. 10s 1490

The maps are from the identical plates used in the edition of 1478,—the first illustrated edition of Ptolemy's Geography, and also the first dated instance of maps engraved on copper. The work contains a double series of maps, firstly the reproduction of the old Greek ones which belong properly to the text, and next a set of modern maps which represent the geographical knowledge of the time, and which constitute the importance of the volume as

the first dated General Atlas. 28115 1482 Ptolemy, PTOLEMÆI Cosmographia Latine reddita

(a Jacopo Angelo, curam Mapparum gerente Nicolao Donis Germano), folio, THE 32 LARGE WOODCUT MAPS ONLY, UPON VELLUM, coloured, old red morocco extra, rich gold tooling, gilt edges, from the Beckford library, £35.

Ulmce, L. Holl, 1482 The first of these maps is one of the World marked "Insculptum est per Joannem Schnitzer de Armszheim.” At the top of the eighth map, which represents North-West Europe, Greenland (Engronelant) is drawn as a large

peninsula. This is the first map published on which GREENLAND is depicted. 28116 - Geographia Latine reddita (a Jacobo Angelo, curam

Mapparum gerente Nicolao Donis Germano), large folio, 32 large woodcut maps, some leaves stained, old calf, from the Sunderland library, £8. 8s

Ulm, Johann Reger, 1486 The maps are the same as those in the edition of 1482. 28117 1482 Pomponii Mellae Cosmographi Geographia ; Prisciani

Interpretatio ex Dionysio de Orbis situ, sm. 4to. with a modified
Ptolemæan woodcut world-map, calf neat, RARE, £4. 45

Venet. Ratdolt, 1482

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