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28355 GARCIA (Gregorio) Origen de los Indios, 12mo. very fine copy in red morocco extra, gilt edges, from the Court library, £6. 6s

Valencia, 1607 VERY RARE.

Although two copies are here described, no other has appeared in the public sales for the last twenty years, the reprint of 1729 being apparently the only form of the work which was attainable by most of the collectors of Americana. Garcia's opinion, as opposed to the special theories of other writers, was that the American Indians drew their origin from various races of the old world, including Chinese and Tatars. But all his learning on this subject is of less value than the positive facts concerning the native tribes, which he drew partly from his own experiences in the New World, and partly from a MS. work by Juan de Vetanzos (one of the companions of Pizarro, and a man specially skilled in the native languages), which was in the possession of Garcia, and which has never been published. The libro ultimo of Garcia's work contains the native Indian accounts of their origin, and is divided into sections which treat separately the various distinct

tribes of Mexico and Peru. 28356 LANG (J. D.) Origin and Migrations of the Polynesian Nation ;

demonstrating their ancient discovery and progressive settlement of America, sm. 8vo. bds. 5s

1834 28357 LELAND (C. G.) Fusang, or the Discovery of America by Chinese

Buddhist Priests of the fifth century, sm. 8vo. (pub. 78 6d), cloth, 58

1875 28358 ANTIQUITATES AMERICANÆ,sive Scriptores Septentrionales

Rerum ante-Columbianarum, ed. Soc. Reg. Antiquar. Septentr.
Island. Dan. et Latine, 4to. with preface by RAFN, maps and

plates, including facsimiles of old Norse MSS. £2. 16s Hafniæ, 1837 28359 TORFÆI (Thormodi) Historia Vinlandia antiquæ, seu partis

Americæ Septentrionalis ex antiqvitatibus Íslandicis in lucem producta

... sm. 8vo. hif. ud. £5. Havniæ, 1705 28360

the same, sm. 8vo. fine and large copy in blue morocco extra, gilt edges, £8. 8s

1705 28361

another copy, sm. 8vo. the title-page reprinted, otherwise identical with the preceding, fine copy in red morocco, silk linings, gilt edges, £7.78

1715 The first printed authentic ex position of the history of the early Norse Settlements in America, and therefore a book of remarkable interest to the American collector. The Antiquitates Americance in which Rafn has since re-asserted and confirmed the statements of Torfæus, established the fact that Norsemen, about the end of the tenth century, discovered and for about three centuries colonized a portion of the New England States. The colony perished at length for want of immigration, and the occurrences fell into oblivion ; for although they are referred to in the Chronicle of Adam of Bremen (1072), which was first published in 1579, neither the old Chronicler nor bis sixteenth

century readers knew to what part of the world the events had reference. 28362 TORFÆl (Thormodi) GRONLANDIA ANTIQVA, seu veteris Gronlandiæ

descriptio ... 12mo. 5 folding engraved maps, morocco extra, gilt edges, RARE, £4. 48

Havniæ, 1715 This work is the source of everything in modern literature concerning the annals of Greenland during the Middle Ages,--thus involving, likewise, the history of Norse navigation and that of the Norse colonies in America. The first map was designed by Bishop Gudbrand Thorlakssen, in 1606, and shows Labrador; the second by Sigurd Stephansen, in 1570, exhibiting all the Norse-lands in America; the third by Jonas Gudmund, about 1640, is similarly extensive : the fourth is by Theodor Thorlakssen, in 1668 ; and the fisth is by Torfæus himself,

28363 ANDERSON (R. B.) America not discovered by Columbus ; an

historical sketch of the Discovery of America by the Norsemen in the 10th century, with a Bibliography of pre-Columbian discoveries, by P. B.Watson,'sm. 8vo. cloth, 4s 6d Chicago, 1883

28363*HERBERT (Th.) Description of Persia Relation of some yeares Travells begun in 1626, folio, engravings, old calf, £3. 38

1634 Near the end of this book we find the “account and proof” of Prince Madoc's Welsh discovery of Florida in 1170. --- see also Hakluyt's Voyages, post.


28364 Erizzo (F. M.) le Scoperte Artiche, stout 8vo. pp. xvi and 644, with four large maps in a separate impl. 8vo. case, 7s 6d

Venezia, 1855 The maps include facsimiles of Andrea Bianco's map of 1436, and of that

of the Zeni dated 1380. 28363 GRAVIER (Gabriel) Découverte de l'Amérique par les Normands au

Xe siècle, sm. 4to. maps and plate of Inscriptions, sd. 178 1874 28366 GRÖNLANDS historiske Mindesmærker, udgivne af det Kongelige

Nordiske Oldskrift-Selskab, 3 vols. in 4, stout 8vo. THICK PAPER, maps and plates, bds. 24s

Kjöbenhavn, 1838-45 28367 WESTMAN (G. A.) Itinera priscorum Scandianorum in Americam, sm. 4to, sd. 168

Abocc, 1754


Polo, MANDEVILLE, ZENO, CONTI, CONTARINI, and others - see in section, Narratives of Voyagers.

4. Atlantic and African Voyages in the Four

teenth and Fifteenth Century (1300-1490). Sec. XIV-XVI. Azores, Madeira, Canary Islands: 28368 AVEZAC (M. d') Notice des Découvertes faites au moyen-âge dans

l'Océan Atlantique, antérieurement aux grands explorations portugaises du XVe siècle, 8vo. morocco gilt, leather joints, gilt edges, 20s

1845 28369 - - the same, 1845-Sur la première Expedition de

Béthencourt aux Canaries, 1846 –Sur la situation du Mouillage

au sud du Cap de Bugeder, 1846 ; in 1 vol. 8vo. si. 10s 1845-6 28370 BETHENCOURT, Histoire de la première descouverte, et Con

queste des Canaries faite des l'an 1402, par Jean de BETHENCOURT, Chambellan du Roy Charles VI, escrite par P. BONTIER, et J. LE VERRIER, mise en lumière par Galion de Bethencourt, plus un Traicté de la Navigation et des Descouvertes modernes

55 pp.

(par BERGERON), sm. 8vo. FIRST EDITION, with copperplate portrait by Moncornet, a few wormholes in the margins, old calf, £3. 108

Paris, 1629-30 28371

the same, sm. 8vo. fine impression of the portrait, red morocco extra, silk linings and gilt edges, from the Beckford library, £6. 158

1629-30 Bergeron's valuable treatise was the first scientific review of the history

and results of geographical discovery. 28372

the Canarian, or Book of the Conquest and Conversion of the Canarians in 1402, by Bethencourt, composed by Bontier and Le Verrier, translated and edited by Major with notes and introduction, royal 8vo. LARGE PAPER, portrait and 2 plates from the MS. hf. bd. Roxburghe, uncut, 258

1872 The French text is given under the English, printed from the original

illuminated MS. of the 15th century, and preceded by an Introduction of 28373 [ABREU DE GALINEO (Juan de)] History of the Discovery and

Conquest of the Canary Islands, translated from a Spanish MS. with the modern History of the Inhabitants, by Glas, 4to. map, uncut, 108

1764 The original work was written by the Spanish friar, whose name is given above, in the Isle of Palma, in 1632. It has never been printed. “Este fidedigno autor escribia aquellas memorias historicas que siempre citaremos

con aplauso.”—Viera. 28374 AZORES. History of the Azores, demonstrating their importance

to the British Empire, 4to. plates and maps, bds. 78 6d 1813 28375 the same, 4to. plates and maps, calf, 9s

1813 28376 CORDEYRO (A.) Insulano de Terceyra. Historia Insulana das

Ilhas a Portugal sugeytas no Oceano Occidental, sm. folio, fine copy, old calf, 328

Lisbon, 1717 Lord Stuart de Rothesay's copy fetched, 1855, £3. 158. 28377 MOSQUERA DE FIGUEROA (Christoval) Comentario en breve com

pendio de Disciplina Militar, en que se escrive la jornada de las ISLAS de los AçoRES, sm. 4to. without the plate, bd. £2.

Madrid, Luiz Sanches, 1596 At the end is the Elogio del Marques de Santa Cruz, the leader of the Spanish expedition, with a separate title-page. This valuable work is not

mentioned by Brunet, nor contained in the Grenville library. 28378 NUÑEZ DE LA PEÑA (J.) Conquista y Antiguedades de las

Islas de la Gran CANARIA, y su Descripcion, con muchas Advertencias de sus Privilegios, Conquistadores, Pobladores, y otras particularidades en la muy poderosa Isla de Thenerife, sm. 4to. bound, 258

Madrid, 1676 An indispensable supplement to the History by Abreu, and the French account of Bethencourt. Viera says it is a “rico tesoro de noticias para la historia de Canarias," and describes it as "el libro en que [el autor] dejó asegurada su memoria.”

“ The islands are indebted to the immense labours of Nuñez de la Peña for different notices which, but for him,

would perhaps have been already forgotten.” 28379 VIERA Y CLAVIJO (Joseph de) Noticias de la Historia General de

las Islas de CANARIA, el origen y costumbres de sus antiguos habitantes, etc. 4 vols. sm. 4to. map and portrait of Juan de Bethencourt, calf, not uniform, £2.

Madrid, 1772-83 28380 the same, 4 vols, sm. 4to. vellum, £3.


He also says,

28384 T

28381 VIERA Y CLAVIJO, Noticias de Canaria, 4 vols. 4to. calf gilt, £3. 108

1772-83 “ Ce livre est recommandable tant par son merite historique, que parce qu'il fut écrit par un des hommes qui surent le mienx manier la langue castillane à la fin du siècle dernier. L'Histoire des Canaries fut imprimée, a un petit nombre d'exemplaires, tous destinés à des presents ; ce qui explique la grande difficulté à en rencontrer des exemplaires."-Salva.--But everything

comes to London. 1415-86 West African Exploration, to the discovery of the

Cape of Good Hope : 28382 MAJOR'S Prince Henry of Portugal surnamed the Navigator :

his Life and its Results, comprising the discovery, within one Century, of half the World, with new facts in the discovery of the Atlantic Islands, and the History and naming of America, by

H.R. MAJOR, 8vo. portrait, maps, and plates, cloth, 188 1868 28383

second edition, sm. 8vo. portrait, maps, and plates (pub. 158), cloth, 78 6d

1877 Vida do Infante D. Henrique de Portugal, appellidado O Navegador, e seus resultados, vertida do Inglez por J. A. Ferreira Brandão, 8vo. portrait, woodcuts and maps, sd. 108

Lisboa, 1876 28385 AZURARA (Guomes Eanes d') Chronica dos feitos do Conde

Dom Pedro de Meneses primro. Capitao que foi na cidade de Cepta, folio, neatly written MS. on paper, bound in limp vellum, žvith the arms of a Portuguese noble on the sides, £6. 6s About 1620

An important historical work by the royal chronicler of Joam I of Portugal. It was written in 1463, and records the conquest of Ceuta by the Portuguese in 1415 – the first step in that series of expeditions which led to the Voyage round the Cape and the discovery of America. The capture and annexation of Ceuta are events that belong to the biography of “ Prince Henry the Navigator.” The Chronicle was printed for the first time in 1792, by Correa da Serra. The present MS. was transcribed about 1620 from a copy made in 1470, in the house of the Archpriest of Lisbon, by Joam

Gonzalez, scribe and biscuit-baker. 28386 - Chronica do Descobrimento e Conquista de GUINE,

escrita sob a direcção do Infante D. Henrique, com Introducção e notas de Santarem, e com un Glossario, royal 4to. LARGE PAPER, printed within borders, illuminated Portrait in imitation of the MS. and 4 pp.of facsimiles, hf. morocco, gilt tops, 368 Pariz, 1841

First edition.

Very few copies were printed in the sumptuous Large Paper form. 5. Voyages in the Atlantic and Indian Oceans,

1492-1518. 1492 Martin Behaim: 28387 GHILLANY, Geschichte des Seefahrers Ritter Martin Behaim, nach

den ältesten vorhandenen Urkunden bearbeitet; mit HUMBOLDT'S Abhandlung über die ältesten Karten des Neuen Continents und den Namen Amerika, atlas 4to. portrait of Behaim, three large folding facsimiles of Behaim's and Schoner's globes, facsimiles also of the maps of De la Cosa and Ruysch, and plates of Regiomontanus' Astrolabe, bds, 188

Nürnberg, 1853 1492 is the date of Behaim's globe, and is used for placing him in this section rather than the preceding. He was off the coast of Guniea with the Portnguese in 1484.

1492-1516 Christopher Columbus :

LETTERS of Columbus-see post in Narratives of Voyagerg. 28388' BULLAS: Libro en que estan copiladas algunas Bullas de nro muy

Sancto Padre concedidas en fauor de la Juridicion real de sus

y todos los Pragmaticas que estan fechas para la buena Governacion del Reyno, folio, gothic letter, fine copy in blue morocco, excessively rare, see Harrisse's Supplement his Bibliotheca Americana, unknown to Salva and Brunet, £15.

(Alcalá) 8. 1. 1503 On folio cxix we find, in an ordinance of Ferdinand and Isabel, a long passage which begins: "Sepades que nos avemos mandado a don Cristoval Colon nro Almirante de las Yndias del mar oceano que buelva a la ysla Española y a las otras yslas y tierra firme,” etc. It was the decree dated 1496, by which criminals under sentence were to be sent out to Hispaniola to work as

labourers, in commutation of punishment. 28389 STÄMLER, Dyalogus Johannis Stamler de diversarum Gencium

Sectis et Mundi Religionibus, sm. folio, with woodcut title, impressed on both sides, vellum, £12. 128

Auguste, E. Oglin et Jeo. Nadler, 1508 On the reverse of the first leaf, in a letter to Jacobus Philomusus (Locher) dated 20 May, 1506, we find the words of which the following is a translation -"I make however no mention of the discovered islands, but you may examine the two little tracts (which I send you herewith) of Cristofer Colom, the discoverer of the same, and of Albericus Vespucins concerning the new discovered world (to both of whom our age is most largely indebted)." This means that the Epistola of Columbus (1493) and the Epistola of Vespucci (1503), accompanied Stämler's letter ; and its chief significance lies in the apparent assignment of equal eminence to the two Italians

whose names are imperishably associated with the New World. 28390 FULGOSI (Bapt.) de Dictis factisque memorabilibus (illis exceptis

quæ Max. Valerius edidit) collectanea, a Camillo Gilino latina facta, folio, Editio Princeps of one of the early books recording the Discovery of America, with the bookplate of Bilibaldus Pirckheimer, bds. £5.

Mediolani, Jac. Ferrarius, 1509 On the reverse of sig. llii. in lib. vii, the discovery by Christopher Columbus of a way to the Indies, shorter than any known before, is recorded (although with the mistake that the voyage had been accomplished in thirty-one days).

Fulgosus states that this new way was much easier, shorter, and better than the long and dangerous voyage round the Cape and through the Indian Ocean, by which Vasco da Gama had sought the same regions.

In spite of its errors, this constitutes an interesting and very early notice of the two most important voyages in the long annals of Geographical Discovery

The Invention of Typography by "Contembergus Argentinensis" is also related, with an insinuation that the inventor bad been directly inspired by God. By this wonderful art, he says that the great writers of ancient days

may be said to have begun their existence in 1440. 28391 ANGHIERA (Pietro Martire d'). P. MARTYRIS OCEANI DECAS, folio,

Hispali, 1511 First edition of the first decade. 28392

DE ORBE Nouo DECADES, sm. folio, very fine copy in red morocco super extra, gilt marbled edges, by Lortic, £28. Cura et diligentia Antonii Nebrissensis fuerunt tres protonotarii

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