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“De la Vida d'l bueno S. Eustachio," folios i-xxv. There was no copy in the Maximilian (Fischer), Brasseur de Bourbourg, or Andrade Libraries. So far as we know, no other copy of

this valuable work has appeared for sale in England. 30117 SERRA (P. Fr. ANGEL) Manual de Administrar los Santos

Sacramentos a los Españoles, y Naturales de esta Provincia de
los Gloriosos Apostoles S. Pedro, y S. Pablo de Michuacan, con-
forme a la reforma de Paulo V. y Urbano VIII, sm. 4to. vellum,
fine copy, from the Ramirez library, £10. 10s
Mexico, se reimprimio por su original impresso el año de

1697, este presente de 1731 VERY RARE : not known to Brunet, Graesse, Leclerc, Salva, or Vater, nor was there any copy in the Andrade Collection. Title ; 5 prel. ll. ; text, 138 numb. II. (there are no nos. 135 and 136, but it is doubtful whether they were printed); table, 4 ll. A fine clean copy of this rare Manual, which is written in Latin, Castilian, and TARASCA. The original edition was printed in Mexico by Ribera in 1697 under the title of “ Manual

Trilingue, Latino, Castellano y Tarasca,” etc. 30118 BOCABULARIO BREBE y manual de la lengua de Michoacan,

sm. 4to. plainly written is. about 140 pp.; containing u

Dictionary Spanish-Tarasca, red morocco, £15. (Mechoacan) 1647 6. Nahuatl, or Aztec language of Mexico. 30119 ALDAMA Y GUEVARA, Arte de la Lengua Mexicana, 12mo. fine copy

in vellum, £5. Imprenta de la Bibliotheca Mexicana, 1754

Contains 82 upnumbered leaves, including the title. 30120 ARENAS (PEDRO DE) Vocabulario de las Lenguas Castellana y

Mexicana, 12mo. vellum, 30s Mexico, Fr. de Rivera Calderon, 1728

Some copies of this edition have no date. Contains : title, 5 prel. 11. and 140 pp. 30121 Vocabulario, 16mo. vellum, 20s

Puebla, 1793 30122 BUSCHMANN (Hon.) über die aztekischen Ortsnamen erste Abhandl. 4to. 206 pp. sd. 78

(1853) 30123 CAMINO DEL CIELO, en Mexicano, sm. 4to. clearly written . bd. £18.

Mexico, circ. 1670 “ Although this MS. has the title of. Camino del Cielo,' after a most diligent comparison with the printed book of Father Leon which has that title, we have been unable to discover any relation between the one and the other. The contents of this volume can easily be recognized and may be divided into two parts. I. An extensive CONFESSARIO occupies the first part, consisting of thirty

leaves, including six blank leaves. II. A collection of Sermons and religious instructions on different subjects,

occupying one hundred and ninety leaves, of which sixteen are blank


On one of the blank leaves we read “al Pe. Oracio Carochi,' which seems to intimate that the MS. belonged to him.

The greater portion of it is written in an almost microscopic hand

writing, although very clear and legible.” 30124 CHIMALTOPOCATL. Apuntes para una Gramatica Mexicana ó

Nahuatl, por el Lic. Faustino Chimalpopoca Galicia, sm. 4to.
AUTOGRAPH MS. 38 leaves, in a very clear handwriting, sd. €1. 58

W[exico, 1852 The author, a descendant of one of the ancient lords of Mexico, was an excellent scholar in all matters relating to Mexican history and languages.

30124*GALICIA (F. Chimalpopocatl) Silabario de Idioma Mexicano, 12mo. with MS. additions by Icazbalceta, sd. 3s

Mexico, 1849 30125 CARRANZA (Joseph de) Arte donde se contieñen todos aquellos

rudimentos y principios preceptivos que conducen a la lengua Mexicana, sm. 4to. irs. in a neat handwriting, vellum, £3. 168

? Queretaro, about 1790 30126 CAROCHI, Compendio del Arte de lengua Mexicana, dispuesto

por el P. Ign. de PAREDES, sm. 4to. with frontispiece, hf. morocco, £2. 10s

Mexico, 1759 COLLATION: Frontispiece, Title, preliminaries, and Index, 13 leaves ;

text, pp. 1-202. 30127 CATECISMO BREVE, con el Acto de Contricion y el Credo, Mexicano y Español, por el R. P. Bart. Castaño, 2 leaves, folio, bds. 108

(Mexico) Calle del Espiritu Santo, 1817 30128 CATECISMO en Idioma Mixteco (de los dialectos Bajo y Montañez), 2

parts - Manual en Lengua Mixteca de ambos dialectos Bajo y

Montañez; 3 parts in 1 vol. sm. 4to. sd. €2. 16s Puebla, 1837 30129 CORTES Y ZEDENO (Geronymo Thomas de Aquino) Arte,

Vocabulario, y Confessionario, en el idioma Mexicano, sm. 4to. the third preliminary leaf wanting, £3. 10s

Puebla de los Angeles, 1765 VERY RARE. Not mentioned by Brunet, Graesse, Leclerc, Salva, Brasseur de Bourbourg, or Vater, nor was there a copy in the Andrade

Library. The Maximilian copy sold for £7. 30130 Exposicion del pequeño Catecismo, impreso en el Idioma Mexicano,

para la mejor instruccion de los Indios, Mexicano y Español, 12mo. bound, 10s

Puebla, 1819 30132 [GAONA (Juan)] Coloquios de la Paz y tranquilidad christiana

(en lengua mexicana, interlocutores un religioso y un colegial)
12mo. plain MS. with u rude drawing of St. Francis on title, 266
Pp. velvet, 365
At the end : Yninamatlomia, Itla pan ytech colloquios mi
pani ai huisl y huani pani metztl I de nobienbrē Años D.

1683 Nehuatl Lorenço A copy made by an Indian, Lorenco J. . . ., at Tlacoba (Tacuba) in

1683, from the excessively rare original printed by Ugarte at Mexico in 1582. 30133 JOAN BAPTISTA (Fray) Advertencias para los Confessores de

los Naturales, primera (y segunda) parte, 2 vols. in 1, stout 12mo. limp vellum, £9.

Mexico, 1600(-1601) EXCESSIVELY RARE in this perfect condition.

Contents : 18 prel. 11. (including Title and Errata, together 3 11.) ; 11. 1-112 ; Tabla, 56 unnumbered ll. ; blank leaf and Title to part 2 (2 11.) ;

11. 113-443 ; Index, 104 numbered 11. 30134

Advertencias, primera parte, 12mo, wanting 4 prel. ll., and 10 leaves of the Table, hf. bd. £2. 10s

1600 The title of the “ Segunda Parte,” is substituted for the genuine

"Primera." 30135

Advertencias, 12mo. ending with leaf 63 of the first part, vellum, 20s

1600 30136

Confessionario en lengua Mexicana y Castellana, con muchas aduertencias muy necessarias para los Confessores, 12mo. wanting the last leaf of sign. A of the prelim. leaves, but otherwise perfect, in vellum wrapper, £12.

(Mexico), En Sanctiago Tlatilulco, per Melchior Ocharte, 1599

EXTREMELY RARE. Collation : 16 prel. leaves, including Title (one l. wanting) ; 112 numbered leaves ; Errata, 2 ll. The heading of the Errata is printed in italics. The Ramirez copy contained in addition another list of Errata, with the heading printed in Roman letters, but it is doubtful whether both lists belong to this edition. Juan Baptista, or Bautista, was a native Mexican. He became a Franciscan of the province of Santo Evangelio de Mejico. He taught philosophy and theology, and had for his pupil F. Torquemada, the author of “Monarquia Indiana.” He was esteemed the most learned of his time in the Mexican language, which he spoke and wrote with

purity and elegance. 30137 LEON (Martin de) Sermonario del tiempo de todo el año dupli

cado, en Mexicano, sm. 4to. a little wormed, and wanting the title, hf. bd. RARE, £12. 10s

Mexico, 1610 30138 LEON (Martin de) (EL CAMINO DEL CIELO, libro que contiene un

Cathecismo, Oraciones, el Simbolo, el Calendario Mexicano, dos Confessionarios, etc. ò en Nahuatl, ò en Mexicano y Castellano], sm. 4to. wormed, wanting title and a couple of preliminary leaves, and the last leaf defective, vellum, £4.

(Mexico, 1611) 30139 LORRA BAQUIO (FRANCISCO DE) MANUAL MEXICANO de la Adminis

tracion de los Sacramentos, conforme al Manual Toledano, 12mo. wants title and last leaf after p. 104, first 3 leaves of dedication damaged, 308

Mexico, 1634 30140 LUCAS (S.) Evangelio de, del Latin al Mexicano, ò mejor Nahuatl, 12mo. calf, 21s

Londres, 1833 30141 MANUSCRITOS EN MEXICANO. A volume in fol. containing fourteen

original pieces in MS. and three printed ones; the MSS. occupying two hundred and six leaves, hf. bd. £28. 1580-1847

An INTERESTING and VALUABLE COLLECTION chiefly of official papers in cases of legal process, etc., but including also a Miracle Play on the subject of Abraham, in Mexican and Spanish. It comprises further the two following printed documents which we have not seen mentioned by any bibliographer.

The first is--Mota. Alabado en Mexicano, que contiene los principales
Misterios de nuestra Santa Fe, compuesto por el Br. Dn. Jose de la Mota,
de Tepecoacuilco

reimpresso en Mexico por Zuniga, 1809. 2 leaves in 8vo.

The other is a Proclamation in Mexican and Spanish, signed F. S. Tepca, dated Toluca, Sept. 25, 1847, in which he calls upon the Indians to

rise against the North-American invader : a single sheet broadside. 30142 MANUSCRIT DIT MEXICAIN, No. 2 de la Bibl. Imp., photo

graphié (sans réduction) par ordre de S. E. M. Duruy, large folio, 22 photographs, half morocco, £14.

Paris, Commission Scientifique de Mexique, 1864 30143 MAXIMO PAQUIL ... A Religious Tract by an anonymous author,

sm. 4to. Manuscript in Mexican, the text surrounded with Curious Painted Borders, evidently the work of a native Mexican,

19 leaves, £16. 16s 30144 MENDOZA (Eufemio) Apuntes para un Catalogo razonado de las

palabras Mexicanas introducidas al Castellano, sm. folio, 86 pages, sd. 78

Mexico, 1872

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30145 MIJANGOS (Juan de) Espejo Divino en lengua Mexicana, en

que pueden verse los padres, y tomar documento para acerta doctrinar bien a sus hijos, y aficionallos a las virtudes, sm. 4to. with the 2 leaves of Index, red morocco, by Bedford, £16. 168

Mexico, Davalos, 1607 30146

the same, sm. 4to. without the preliminary leaves, and 2 leaves of Index, vellum, the Ramirez copy, £5.

1607 VERY RARE. The Fischer copy is apparently the only other copy-and that a bad one, wanting the two leaves of Index-which has hitherto turned up in the London market. None of the bibliographers has mentioned the book, except Brunet's continuator, and he, having only seen the Fischer copy, omits to mention the two last leaves of Index, which must be extraordinarily rare.

Collation : 8 prel. 11., including title ; 562 numbered pp.; leaf with

imprint ; 2 11. of Index. 30147

Primera parte del Sermonario Dominical y Sanctoral, en

lengua Mexicana, sm. 4to. vellum, VERY RARE, £14. Mexico, 1624 30148

the same, sm. 4to. wanting one preliminary leaf, and page 211-14, £5.

1624 COLLATION : Title ; 8 prel. ll. ; text pp. 564 ; Tabla 37 11. 6 Phrases y modos de hablar elegantes y metaphoricos de los Indios Mexicanos, ” 14 pp. ;

Errata, 3 pp. 30149 MOLINA (Alonso de) Arte de la lengua Mexicana y Castellana,

2 parts in 1 vol. 12mo. First Edition, perfect, fine large copy, red morocco extra, by Bedford, £52. 108

Mexico, 1571 30150

the same, both parts, 12mo. title, folio 5 of part I, and folio 28 and 35 of part II, and small portions of leares made up in facsimile, green morocco, £25.

1571 EXCESSIVELY RARE, perfect or imperfect. The value of this book as a monument of philology is universally recognized ; its interest as the first printed Grammar of the Aztec tongue may also be pointed ont. I have

recently sold a copy, with the title in facsimile, for £40. 30151

Arte de la lengua Mexicana y Castellana, 1571–TAPIA ZENTENO, Noticia de la lengua Huasteca, 1761—2 vols. in 1, sm. 4to. Dr. Burnell's MS. transcript of the rare originals, hf. morocco gilt, £2. 16s

1859, etc. Dr. Burnell also began to transcribe the Gram. Yucateca of J. Ruz, but

did not proceed far. 30152


sm. 4to. First Edition,-thirteen leaves in facsimile (ff. 1-8, 245, 257-260), red morocco extra, gilt edges, by Bedford, £50.

Mexico, Ină Pablos, 1555 30153

the same, sm. 4to. six leaves in facsimile (ff. 146, 147, 197-200), title mended and the lower portion supplied in facsimile; a few leaves shorter than the rest; altogether an exceedingly large and fine copy, in calf gilt, from the Ramirez library, £80.

1555 No perfect copy known ; in fact, the book is of such extraordinary rarity, that only some five copies altogether are believed to be extant ; and so little was known about the existence of the volume, that even the last edition of

Brunet records it only under the false name of Olmos. 30154

Vocabulario en Lengua Castellana y Mexicana (y Vocabulario en Lengua Mexicana y Castellana), both parts in 1 vol. sm. folio, a little stained, hf. bd. £25.

Mexico, en Casa de Antonio de Spinosa, 1571

30155 MOLINA (Alonso de) Vocabulario, 2 parts in 1 vol. sm. folio,

russia extra, leather joints, gilt edges, by C. Lewis, Heber's copy, £30.

1571 Cost Heber £31. 10s in 1832. 30156

the same, 2 parts in 1 vol. sm. folio, very fine clean arge copy, almost uncut, vellum, the Ramirez copy, £42. 1571

Unquestionably the best copy that has occurred for sale in England. At the end are four leaves of MS. in a modern hand, entitled “ Nombres Mexicanos recogidos y. agregados al Diccionario de Molina por Fausto, Chimalpopoca Galicia.

"Cette seconde édition, fort augmentée, a passé longtemps pour le premier livre imprimé en Amérique ; c'est encore un ouvrage très-précieux et de grande valeur ; et c'est aujourd'hui le seul livre à l'aide duquel on puisse étudier avec fruit la langue nahuatl ou mexicaine." —Brunet, Suppl.

An ordinary copy, which had cost Lord Kingsborough £52. 10s, was priced by Thorpe in 1832, £28; another priced by Stargardt, in Berlin, 1858, 150 Thalers ; fetched in 1816, at Puttick's, £16; Mr. Heber paid £31. 108

for a copy in the original parchment cover. 30157

Doctrina Christiana, en Lengua Mexicana muy necessaria: en la qual se contienen todos los principales mysterios de nuestra Sancta Fee catholica, 8vo. FIRST EDITION, PERFECT, numerous woodcuts, hf. red morocco, the Ramirez copy, £60.

Mexico, Pedro Ocharte, 1578 ExcessiVELY RARE : the only other copy known to me is the Fischer copy, which although wanting the title and several leaves, produced the sum of £23.

Collation : 91 nuinbered leaves (including Title), and 4 leaves of Table.

A few inner margins are wormed, but the text is uninjured. 30158 OLMOS (And. de) Grammaire de la langue Nahuatl ou Mexicaine,

composée, en 1547, et publiée avec notes, etc. par R. Siméon, roy. 8vo. sd. 12s

1875 30159 PAREDES (Padre Ignacio de) Catecismo Mexicano, que contiene

toda la Doctrina Christiana : dispusolo primeramente en Castel. lano el P. G. de RIPALDA, 12mo. portrait, wormed, calf, 30s

Mexico, 1758 30160 the same, 12mo. portrait, bd. £2. 2s

1758 30161

Doctrina breve sacada del Catecismo de Paredes, en Mexicano, 12mo. a fragment of 7 leaves, 58

(? 1760) 30162

PROMPTUARIO MANUAL MEXICANO . . . utilissimo à los Parrochos para la enseñanza ... y à los que aprenden la lengua para la expedicion, small 4to. fine copy in limp vellum, RARE, £9.

México, 175.) In Mexican, with Spanish and Latin passages intercalated throughout

for the purpose of explaining the more difficult phrases. 30103 PEREZ (Manuel) ARTE DE EL IDIOMA MEXICANO, sm. 4to. sd. or bd. £4.

Mexico, Fr. de Ribera Calderon, 1713 30164

FAROL INDIANO, y Guia de Curas de Indios, con todos los casos morales que suceden entre Indios, amoldados à los costumbres de los Naturales, sm. 4to. vellum, £3.

Mexico, 1713 Parts of this rare work are in Mexican and Spanish. A copy fetched in 1869, at Puttick's, £8, 58,

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