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2 vols. stout sm. 4to. vellum and Spanish calf, EXCEEDINGLY RARE, £35.

Madrid, Juan Sanchez, 1639-40 Collation. Arte y Bocabulario : Title ; 5 prel. leaves ; Arte, pp. 1-100; Vocabulario, pp. 101-376 and 1-234. Tesoro : Title (defective in this copy); 7 prel. leaves ; 407 leaves (the last 9 wanting to this copy), in which the numbering skips from 271 to 278.

The first part contains a Grammar and a Spanish-Guarani Dictionary, the second a Guarani-Spanish Dictionary ; though the titles differ, the_two volumes are respectively the first and second parts of the same work. Both parts are EXCEEDINGLY RARE, but more especially the first. The second part alone fetched £8 at Sotheby's in 1862, and again in 1864, £11. I can only find one other instance of the first part occurring for sale, when a copy

was priced by a Paris bookseller, in 1867, 240 fr. 30196 CAVALCANTI (A.) The Brazilian Language and its Agglutination, 8vo. cloth, 10s

Rio Janeiro, 1883 30197 DICCIONARIO PORTUGUEZ E BRASILIANO, sm. 4to. 4 and 79 pp. hf. bd. 158

Lisboa, 1795 A useful dictionary of the Brazilian language, –a language which is

praised as being “ melodious, elegant, and copious.” 30198 [FIGUEIRA (Luis)] Arte da Grammatica da Lingua Brasilica, 12mo, no title, old calf, rare, £3. 10s

(Lisboa, 1687) 30199

Arte da Grammatica da Lingua do Brasi), sm. 4to. 103 pp. hf. bd. 163

Lisboa, 1795 30199* PLATZMANN (J.) Grammatik der Brasilianischen Sprache, mit

Zugrundelegung des Anchieta, 8vo. green morocco gilt, gilt edges, with the Imperial arms on side, 158

Leipzig, 1874 30200 VOCABOLARIO NA LINGUA BRASILICA (Portuguez-Brasiliano),

sm. 4to. original MS. 368 pp. clearly written in double columns, old calf gilt, from the Sunderland library, £10. 10s 1621-22-13


The last few leaves which contain lists of the names of parts of the body, etc., in Brazilian-Portuguese, and is dated 1613, were written by “ Padre Pero de Castilho da Companhia de Iesu,” who was probably also the author of he large Vocabolario.

10. Peruvian. Aymara : 30201 BERTONIO (el P. Ludovico) Vocabulario dela

Lengua Aymara, 2 parts in 1 vol. stout 8vo. clean

Copy, £60.

Impresso enla casa de la Compañia de Iesus de
Juli Pueblo enla Prouincia de Chucuito,

Por Francisco del Canto. 1612 EXCEEDINGLY RARE, and of the greatest importance for the study of the Peruvian dialects. The author was a missionary in Peru for 44 years. A Spanish-Aymara and Aymara-Spanish Dictionary. Priced lately by a Paris bookseller, 2000 frs.

Collation: 14 prel. leaves (including title); 474 pages;

and 399 pages. Moxa : 30202 MARBAN (el P. Pedro) Arte de la lengua Moxa, con su

Vocabulario, y Cathecismo, stout 12mo. vellum, £5.

(Lima) En la Imprenta Real de Joseph de Contreras (1701) Collation : 8 prel. leaves (including title); Arte, 1-117 pp. ; Vocabulario MOXA-continued.

(both alphabets) 118-664 pp. ; Cathecismo, pp. 1-142; Algunas Advertencias, il upnumbered leaves ; Declaracion, pp. 163-202 ; and Indice, 1 leaf.

The language of the nation of the province of “los Moxos,'' in Bolivia,

South America. It is related to the Maipure. 30203 LUCAS (San) Evangelio de, en Aymara y Español, traducido por

Pazos-Ranki, y San Miguel, 12mo, bd. 58 Londres, 1829 Quichua : 30204 ELLIS (R.) Peruvia Scythica : the Quichua Language of Peru,

its derivation from Central Asia with the American languages in general, and with the Turanian and Iberian languages of the Old World, etc. 8vo. cloth, 6s

1875 30205 HOLGUIN (el P. Diego Gonçalez) Vocabulario de la lengua

general de todo el Peru llamada lengua Quichua, o del Inca, wanting 12 leaves, Impresso enla Ciudad de los Reyes, por Franc. del Canto, 1608—Grammatica y

Arte nueva

dela lengua general de todo el Peru, llamada lengua Qquichua, o lengua del Inca, compuesta por el Padre Diego Gonçalez Holguin, wanting 6 leaves, ib. 1607—in 1 vol. stout sm. 4to. hf. bd. £25.

1607-8 EXCEEDINGLY RARE. The Vocabulario contains both Quichua-Spanish and Spanish-Quichua alphabets. These two works together were recently priced by a Paris bookseller 2000 frs.

Collation. Vocabulario : 4 prel. leaves (including title); 375 pp. (pp. 17-35 wanting to this copy); 332 pp. (pp. 45-48 and 57-60 wanting); and Sumario, 2 leaves. Grammatica : 4 prel. leaves (including title) ; 143 leaves

(ll. 29, 36, -109, 110, 115 and 116 wanting); and Table, i leaf. 30206 HOLGUIN, Gramatica y Arte nueva de la lengua general de todo

el Peru, llamada lengua Qquichua o lengua del Inca, nueva edicion revista y corregida, 8vo. sd. €2.

(Lima) 1842 30207 NODAL (J. F.) Elementos de Grammatica Quichua, 8vo. over 460

Cuzco (c. 1875) 30208 OLLANTA, an ancient Inca drama, Quichua-English, by C. R. Markham, sm. 8vo. cloth, 4s 6d

1871 : 30209 SERMONES de la Caridad y Limosna, Quichua y Español,

sm. 4to. pp. 317-515, with Manuscript corrections by Joseph Acosta, original limp vellum, £8. 10s

Lima, 1585 This is the press-copy of an excessively rare work. 30210 [TORRES RUBIO] Grammatica y Vocabolario en la lengua

general del Peru, llamada Quichua, y en la lengua Española, el mas copioso y elegante que hasta agora se ha impresso, 12mo. Original Edition, wanting 5 leaves, cut down, calf, £20.

Sevilla, Clemente Hidalgo, 1603 Collation : Title (mended); 3 prel. leaves (1st missing); Arte, 40 numbered leaves (corner of Ist torn off); Vocabolario, sigs. Aa-Ll, in eights, except Ll, which is in fours; Segunda parte del Vocabulario, sigs A-M in eights, except M which is in fours. The missing leaves are, the first prel. leaf, and sigs. Dd3, Dd6, L7 and M3. The Vocabulary contains both Quichua-Spanish and Spanish-Quichua alphabets.

EXCEEDINGLY RARE; not known to Brunet or his continuator, Antonio and De Backer quote the edition of Rome, printed in the same year, but make no mention of this of Seville. Graesse thought that the 1619

pp. bds. 21s

QUICHUA- continued.

edition was the first. Ludewig seems to be the only bibliographer to whom this edition was really known; the few others who mention it, doing so merely on his authority, and with evident doubt of its existence.

I can find no record of the sale of any other copy of this exceedingly rare

work, than the present. 30211 TORRES RUBIO, Arte, y Vocabulario de la lengua Quichua

general de los Indios de el Perú; añadio el P. Juan de Figueredo: ahora nuevamente corregido y aumentado en muchos vocables y varias notas, etc. 12mo. calf extra, gilt edges, by Pratt, rare, £9.

Lima, 1754 The most complete edition.

ll. Creole. 30212 COLLECÇÃo de Vocabulos e Frases usados na provincia de S. Pedro

do Rio Grande do Sul no Brazil, sm. 4to. 32 pp. in CreolePortuguese, sd. 58

Londres, 1856 30213 THOMAS (J. J.) Theory and Practice of Creole Grammar, 8vo. hf. calf, 188

Port-of-Spain, 1869 The first scientific work on the Negro-French patois of Trinidad.


AND OF AMERICAN SUBJECTS. 30214 APPONYI (F..H.) The Libraries of California ; containing descrip

tions of the principal private and public Libraries, 8vo. hf. morocco, gilt tops, 128

San Francisco, 1878 30215 ASHER (A.) Bibliographical Essay on the Collection of Voyages

and Travels, edited and published by Levinus Hulsius and his successors at Nuremberg and Francfort, 1598-1660, sm. 4to. bds. 6s

1839 30216 BARROS ARANA (Diego) Notas para una Bibliografia de obras anonimas i seudonimas sobre la America, 4to. sd. 25s

Santiago de Chile, 1882 30217 BERISTAIN DE SOUZA (José Mariano) Biblioteca Hispano

Americana Septentrional, ó catalogo y noticia de los Literatos que ó nacidos ó educados, ó florecientes en la America Septentrional Española, han dado á luz algun escrito ó lo han dexado preparado para la prensa, 3 vols. sm. folio, numerous highly important Ms. notes, with 14 portraits inserted, hf. bd. from the library of Brasseur de Bourboury, £75. Mexico, 1816-21

EXCESSIVELY RARE. It contains a biography of nearly 4000 writers, with a bibliography of the works of each. Part of the second and third volumes are edited by Rafael Enriquez Trespalacios Beristain, a relative of the author, who died before the work was finished.

“Le catalogue des ouvrages de Beristain est fort nombreux. Il passa toujours pour un ami des lettres, mais d'un servilisme extravagant. Une note manuscrite à son article, dans l'exemplaire de ma collection, dit de lui ces mots : Beristain fué el hombre mas servil que parió madre! Lastima que fuera mi paisano ! L'auteur de cette note, Juan Evangelista Guadalajara, ainsi qu'il se fait connaître dans cet exemplaire qui lui appartint avant moi, en a surchargé les marges, aussi bien que les pages blanches, en tête et en quene des trois volumes, d'un grand nombre d'annotations, de rectifications et d'articles supplémentaires qui seraient des plus utiles pour une seconde édition du Beristain. Ces annotations, faites par un homme parfaitement au courant des hommes et des choses de son pays, en font un exemplaire non seulement précieux, mais unique. Il s'y trouve en outre quatorze portraits gravés ou

lithographiés tirés de différentes publications.”Brasseur de Bourbourg. 30218 BIBLIOTHECA AMERICANA, a chronological Catalogue of the most

curious books, pamphlets, papers, etc. upon America, from the earliest period, in print and MS. 4to. bds. 158

1789 This work, although a mean performance by the side of Bishop Kennett's,

must be found on the shelves of bibliography in any good American library. 30219 BRASSEUR DE BOURBOURG, Bibliothèque Mexico-Guatémalienne,

précédée d'un coup d'oeil sur les Etudes Américaines, roy. 8vo. sd. 7s 6d

1871 30220 CAMUS, Mémoire sur les Grands et Petits Voyages (de De Bry) et les Voyages de Thevenot, 4to. calf, 12s

Paris, 1802 An admirable bibliography of the collection of De Bry and Thevenot, containing a great variety of curious information upon the progress of geographical discovery in the sixteenth century, and upon the books and

editions which record it. 30221 CLARKE (Robert) Bibliotheca Americana: catalogue of a valuable collection of books, 8vo. sd. 2s 6d.

Cincinnati, 1883 30222 EGUIARA Y EGUREN (J. J. de) Bibliotheca Mexicana, sive Erudi.

torum Historia Virorum, qui in America Boreali nati, vel alibi geniti, in ipsam Domicilio aut Studiis asciti, quavis lingua scripto aliquid tradiderunt, Tomus I, exhibens litteras A, B, C (all pub.), sm. folio, slightly wormed, vellum, rare, £10.

Mexici, 1755 30223 the same, sm. folio, Spanish calf, £12. Los

1755 30224 FIELD (T. W.) Essay towards an INDIAN BIBLIOGRAPHY, being

a Catalogue of Books relating to the History, Antiquities, Languages, Customs, Religion, Wars, Literature, and Origin of the American Indians, in the library of Thomas W. Field, with Bibliographical and Historical Notes, 8vo. pp. iv and 430, cloth, uncut, out of print, 30s

New York, 1873 This bibliographical handbook, embracing a collection of about 1800 works, may be considered the chief, if not the only one of its kind. The author's notes are judicious and valuable, and have an interest beyond even the actual subject of the Essay. Collectors of Americana of every kind will derive pleasure and profit from a labour that evinces a wide range of study and experience. The frequent inaccuracies that appear in the transcription

of titles in foreign languages may be merely typographical. 30225 HARRISSE (H.) BIBLIOTHECA AMERICANA VETUSTISSIMA,

Description of Works relating to America, published between 1492 and 1551, impl. 8vo. £3. 10s

New York, 1866 30226

ADDITIONS to the Bibliotheca Americana vetustissima (1492-1551), royal 8vo. a magnificently printed volume, woodcuts and facsimile, sewed, £2.

Paris, 1872 It is easy to find errors in this elaborate work, but it still remains an indispensable book of reference. The arrangement is chrorological, but an alphabetical index is added. “Le supplement donne la description de près de 260 ouvrages ayant rapport à l'Amérique et qui avaient échappés aux recherches des bibliographes spéciaux. C'est un des plus beaux livres publiés de nos jours.”


30227 HARRISSE (H.) Notes pour servir à l'Histoire, à la Bibliographie

et à la Cartographie de la Nouvelle France et des pays adjacents (1545-1700), 8vo. papier vergé, sewed, 88

Paris, 1872 30228 the same, large 8vo. GRAND PAPIER VÉLIN, sewed, 12s 6d

1872 La meilleure Bibliographie canadienne qui ait été imprimée. Les notes historiques contiennent des pièces inédites et une série de documents sur les premiers colonisateurs de ce pays.

Amongst the inedited documents are a series upon François de la Roque,

Sieur de Roberval. 30229

les Cabot; étude d'histoire, suivie d'une Bibliographie, roy. 8vo. sd. 20s

Paris, 1882 30230 LECLERC (Ch.) Bibliotheca Americana : Histoire, Géographie,

Voyages, Archéologie, et Linguistique des deux Amériques et des Iles Philippines, GRAND PAPIER, impl. 8vo. sd. 12s

Paris, 1878 A very extensive catalogue, edited with admirable skill and knowledge. There are 2638 articles topographically classified, with an alphabetical Index. The titles and collations are given with perfect bibliographical accuracy, and the notes appended contain useful information, although there is an occasional

lapsus here and there. 30231 LEON PINELO (Antonio de) Epitome de la Bibliotheca Oriental

y Occidental, nautica y geografica . en que se contienen los Escritores de las Indias . . (aumentada y publicada por Barcia],

3 vols. folio, LARGE AND THICK PAPER, vellum, £10 Madrid, 1737-38 30232 MURPHY (Hon. H. C.) Catalogue of Library; consisting almost

wholly of Americana, large 8vo. 434 pp. sd. 2s 6d N.Y. 1884 30233 O'CALLAGHAN (E. B.) List of Editions of the Holy Scriptures

and parts thereof, printed in America previous to 1860, 4to. with Index, 54 and 415 pp. hf. morocco, gilt top, £2. 16s

Albany, 1861 30234 PLATZMANN's Verzeichniss einer Auswahl amerikanischer Grammatiken, Wörterbücher, etc. 8vo. sd. 6s

Leipzig, 1878 30235 RICH (O.) BIBLIOTHECA AMERICANA Nova: Catalogue of Books in

various languages relating to America, printed since the year 1700 (to 1844), with Supplement, 3 vols. in 2, 8vo. calf gilt, RARE, £7. 10s

1835-(41)-46 30236 SAN FILIPPO (P. A. di) Bibliografia dei Viaggiatori Italiani, roy. 8vo. 22 and 145 pp. sd. 78 6d

Roma, 1874 30237 TIELE, Mémoire bibliographique sur les Journaux des Navigateurs

Néerlandais réimprimés dans les collections de De Bry et de Hulsius, et du 17e Siècle, et sur les anciennes éditions Hollandaises des Journaux de Navigateurs Etrangers, 8vo. facsimile, hf. morocco, 20s

Amsterdam, 1867 30238 TRÜBNER'S (Nic.) Bibliographical Guide to American Literature;

a Classed List of Books published in U.S.A. (1817-57), 8vo. hf. bd. 10s

1859 30239 VICUÑA MACKENNA (B.) Bibliografia Americana : Estudios i

Catalogo completo i razonado de la Biblioteca Americana de Greg. Beéche, stout 8vo. portrait, 802 pp. hf. red morocco, gilt tops, 108

Valparaiso, 1879

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