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31347 Drawings. COURT-FESTIVAL. A scroll mounted on ivory rollers,

on thick parchment paper, about 40 feet in length and 14 inches in depth, representing in highly finished coloured paintings, some court festival of a religious character, under the old Japanese

régime, £2. 28 31348

VIEW OF Kioto. A panoramic view of the outskirts of Kiôto, a paper-parchment scroll, 30 feet in length, about 9 inches wide, mounted on black wood rollers, and backed with yellow. The painting is good, and the grouping of figures and houses artistic; the great bridge is a conspicuous object, and the

crowds passing over it an excellent study of Japanese art, 30s 31319

RIVER PANORAMA. A parchment paper scroll 54 feet in length, 9 inches in width, mounted on polished wood rollers, containing a panoramic view of the great river which flows into the Bay of Kioto (?), for 10 li (about 3 miles in length), and also of the great bridge from which the measurement of miles throughout the empire begins; the painting is spirited and cha

racteristic, and forcibly real in detail, £3. 31350 KWAN-SI-YIN. A scroll or mounted roll, measuring 5 feet by 2 feet,

containing fragments of tinted paper which have been used as religious offerings to Kwan-si-yin (Kanou Pusa); there is, attached to the scroll, a small inscription (printed on yellow paper) relating to the character of this divinity, so much worshipped in Japan and China, beginning thus: “Honour to the greatly loving! greatly merciful one! who delivers from troubles and from dangers ! Kwan-si-yin-Pu-sa !” etc., which plainly indicates the object to whom the fragments of paper are dedi

cated, 15 31351 YAMATO. A magnificent parchment-paper roll, about 42 feet in

length, 16 inches in depth, representing a panoramic view of the province of Yamato. The colouring is superb, and the figures executed with great skill and exactness, the foliage

being of remarkable beauty, £3. 31352 DRESSER (C.) Japan, its Architecture, Art, and Art Manufactures, 8vo. (pub. 31s 6d), cloth, gilt top, 16s

1882 31353 FISSCHER (J. F. Van Overmeer) Bijdrage tot de Kennis van

het Japanische Rijk, 4to. finely coloured plates of the Costumes and Manners of the Japanese (pub. £5.), hf. morocco, 25$

Amsterilam, 1833 31354

the same, 4to. finely coloured plates, calf extra, gilt edges, 30s

1833 31355 Frois (A.) Relatio de Statu Rei Christianæ in Japonia, et de

Quabacundoni, hoc est, Monarchæ Japonici Trucidatione, 1595, 12mo. calf, 78 68

Moguntiæ, 1598 31356 GEERTS (A. J. C.) Produits de la Nature Japonaise et Chinoise :

partie inorganique et minéralogique, contenant la description des minéraux et des substances qui dérivent du Regne Minéral, 2 parts, 8vo. plates of weapons, ornaments, etc. sd. l0s

Yokohama, 1878-83

31357 GOLOVNIN, Voyage, contenant le recit de sa captivité chez les

Japonois, 1811-13, 2 vols. 8vo, map and front. hf. bd. 3s 6d 1818 31357*GUALTIERI (G.) Relationi della venuta di gli Ambasciatori

Giaponesi a Roma sino alla Partita di Lisbona, 12mo. oli gilt calf, 28s

Roma, 1586 31358 — Relationi della venuta de gli Ambasciatori Giaponesi a

Roma, con una descrittione del lor paese, e costumi, 12mo. calf

extra, gilt edges, by C. Lewis, 21s . Venetia, Gioliti, 1586 31359 - the same, 12mo, morocco extra, gilt edges, by C. Smith, £2. 2s

1586 31360 HOUSE (E. H.) Japanese Expedition to Formosa (1871-74), 8vo. map, sd. 6s

Tokio, 1875 31361 HUMBERT (A.) le Japon illustré, 2 vols. impl. 4to, map, plans and numerous woodcut illustrations, hf. red morocco, gilt edges, 28s

1870 31362 KAEMPFER’S History of Japan, translated by Scheuchzer, with

both Appendixes, 45 folding maps and numerous curious engravings, 2 vols. folio, calf, £5.

1727 31363 — the SECOND APPENDIX, separately, large folio, uncut, 10s

Very scarce and often wanting. It will serve to complete either the

Small or Large Paper issue, as it is on Large Paper. 31364 Maps. NIPPON TSI DSYU : General Map of Japan, with the

adjacent islands, also the island of Saghalien, 4 very large sheets, folded into sm. folio, between two thin boards, 36s

cir. 1860 A neatly executed map on a very large scale, published by order of the

Emperor of Japan. 31365 MAP of the Island of SAGHALIEN (a large sheet), folded into sm. folio, between two thin loards, 5s


Volker-kunde Ost-Asiens, from the beginning in May, 1873, to February, 1882, being parts 1-26, royal 4to. numerous maps and plates, sd. £7. 10s

Yokohama, 1873-82 “These Transactions have always held a high rank among the voluminous literature of recent years on Japan, and distinguished themselves by their thoroughly trustworthy information, and the universally recognized ability of

their contributors.”The Chrysanthemum, May, 1883. 31367 MEMOIRS of the Science Department of Tokio University, Japan,

Vol. II: On Mining and Mines in Japan, by C. NETTO, 4to. 6 large plates, sd. 5s

Tokio, 1879 31368 MONTANUS (A.) Gesantschappen der Oost-Indische Maetschappy

in't Vereenigde Nederland, aen de Kaisaren van Japan, LARGE PAPER, map and numerous plates and vignettes, fine copy in vellum, from the Beckford library, £1. 8s

Amst. 1669 31369 -- Atlas Japannensis ; being remarkable addresses by

way of Embassy from the East India Company of the United Provinces to the Emperor of Japan, collected by A. MONTANUS, translated by J. OGILBY, folio, large plates and vignettes illustrating the country, the manners and customs of the Japanese, a few leaves at end a little stained, calf, £1.8s


scarce, 28s

31370 MONTANUS (A.) Ambassades de la Compagnie Hollandoise d'Orient,

vers l'Empereur du Japon (traduit du flamand de Montanus),
2 vols. 12mo. old calf, 20s

Leyde, 1686
31371 Mossman (S.) New Japan, its annals during the past twenty years,
8vo. map (pub. 158), cloth, 108

31372 Pagès (L.) Bibliographie Japonaise ou Catalogue des ouvrages

relatifs au Japon, publiés depuis le XVe siècle, 4to. sd. 58 1859
31373 PERRY (M. C.) American Expedition to the China Seas and

Japan, 1852-54, Narrative by F. L. Hawks, impl. 8vo. maps and
hundreds of engravings, cloth, 7s

New York, 1856
31374 RELACION de una gravissima persecucio, que un tyrano de los

Reynos de Japon, llamado Cãbucodono, là levātado contra los
Christianos, en los anos de 88. y 89. y de las maravillas que no
Señor ha obrado por medio della ; escrita por los padres de la
Compañia de Jesus que residen en el Japon, 12mo. véllum,

Madrid, 1591

31375 RELATION de ce qui s'est passé depuis quelques années, jusqu'à

l'an 1644, au Japon, à la Cochinchine, au Malabar, en l'Isle de

Ceilan, etc. 12mo. portrait, stained and some leaves wormed,

vellum, £2. 28


Partie I, Relation du Japon par Fr. Cardim ; Partie II, Relation de

Malabar par Fr. Barretto.
31376 REPORT of Finance Minister of Japanese Gov., 1880-1 ; Return of

Foreign Commerce and Trade of Japan, 1880-1 ; 2 tracts, impl.
4to. 3s 6d


31377 Rosny (Léon de) Recueil de Textes Japonais, 8vo. 8 and 152 pp.

sd. 3s 6d


31378 St. John (Capt. H. C.) Notes and Sketches from the wild coasts

of Nipon, 8vo. maps and plates, cloth, 6s Edinburgh, 1880

31379 S[ATOW (E.M.)] Japanese Chronological Tables, roy. 8vo. 54 pp.

sd. 7s 6d

Yedo, printed for private distribution by the Nisshusha, 1874

This is a series of ten Tables indispensable to the student of Japanese

History, and to those who are professionally engaged in the far East,

compiled by the most promising member of the Anglo-Japanese Diplomatic,



Table I. The names of the years of the Table VI. Historical Names of all the


II. Two numbers, each denoting a VII. Residences of the earlier Mikados

separate Nengo.

VIII. Historical Aliases of a few

III. The propunciations of the Nengô,



IX. Names of all the Shôguns.

IV. A Synopsis of the Nengô, the

X. List of the nine generations of the

Mikados and the Shôguns.

Hôjô family, Regents under the

V. The names of the Mikados of the

Puppet" Shôguns of Kama

Hukuchô, and their Nengô.


31380 SEISMOLOGICAL Society of Japan, Transactions, Vol. I, pts. 1 and 2,
in 1 vol. 8vo, sd. 5s

Japan Gazette Office, 1880

31381 SIEBOLD (Ph. Fr. von) NIPPON or Description of Japan: Archiv

zur Beschreibung von Japan; the ATLAS, LARGE PAPER, impl. folio, containing 296 plates and 13 maps, a few coloured, with Titles for binding, unbound, £10.

(Leyden, 1832-52) CONTENTS :-DIVISION I. Geography; II. Ethnology, Architecture, Trades, Household Furniture, and Utensils, Tools, Games and Sports ; III. Chronology, Weights, Measures, Numismata ; IV. Metal Work, Musical Instruments ; V. Pantheon and Religion ; VI. Tea Plant and Culture ; VII.

Corea, Jezo and Krafto. 31382

Nippon; or Description of Japan: imperial folio, a series of 93 plates belonging to this learned work, illustrating the Geography and Ethnography of Japan, and the Manners, Customs, Religion and Costume of the Japanese, some coloured, unbound, 368

Leyden, 1832-35 Fauna and Flora of Japan-see ante p. 157. 31383

GESCHICHTE DER ENTDECKUNGEN im Seegebiete von Japan, nebst Erklärung des Atlas von Land-und See-Karten : Atlas of Maps and Charts of the Japanese Empire, and the surrounding Islands and Countries under its protection, edited by Ph. F. de Siebold, with a History of Discoveries in the Japanese Seas and an explanation of the Maps, impl. 4to. text, with Atlas of 20 Maps on 14 very large sheets, very rare, £3. 10s

Leyden, 1851-2 This Atlas contains a Collection of Maps and Charts, originally executed in Japan, adapted for European use ; they are now re-made for the use of Naval Captains, Geographers and Hydrographers. In the text added on cach map are stated a History of the geographical discoveries, and all known places are carefully fixed. One of these Japanese Maps contains a

geographical Dictionary in Japanese and Chinese. 31384

Voyage au Japon, 1823-30, ou description physique, géographique et historique de l'Empire Japonais, Edition française, par Montry et Fraissinet, Tome I et V, 8vo. sd. all published, 7s 6d

1838-40 Vol. V, "Pays dependants du Japon, LA CORÉE,"contains Two celebrated VOCABULARIES, one the Chinese-Corean, French, and Corcan Dictionary, called the Lui Ho; the other a French, Corean, Chinese

Corean, Chinese-Japanese, and Japanese Vocabulary. 31385

Lettre sur l'Utilité des Musées Ethnographiques, 8vo. 2s

Paris, 1843 31386 Open Brieven uit Japan, 8vo. portrait, ls 6d

Desima (Japan), 1861 31387

Staatsverfassung, Verwaltung und Gesetze Japan's, imp. 8vo. pp. 1-32, 28 31388

Isagoge in Bibliothecam Japonicam et studium literarum Japonicarum, sm. folio, sd. 58

1845 31389 TEMMINCK (C. T.) Faune des Iles de la Sonde et de l'Empire du Japon, sm. folio, 2s

1835 31390 TITSINGH, Mémoires et Anecdotes sur la Dynastie régnante des

Djogouns, Souverains de Japon, publié par A. Rémusat, sm. 8vo. plates, hf. calf, 78 6d

18:20 31391

ILLUSTRATIONS of JAPAN, Private Memoirs and Anecdotes of the Djogouns, Feasts and Ceremonies, Marriages, etc. roy. 4to. (pub. at £2. 188), with COLOURED plates after Japanese drawings, one being a large folding plate of a procession, bàs. 20s

1822 31392 TITSINGH, ILLUSTRATIONS of JAPAN, roy. 4to. plates, hf. red morocco gilt, gilt tops, 248

1822 31393 TOKIO UNIVERSITY. Memoirs of the Science Department, no. 7:

Meteorology of Tokio for 1880, by T. C. Mendenhall, 4to. numerous charts, sd. 78 6d

Tokio, 1881 31394 TRACTS. Twelve Tracts on Japan, 8vo. 78 6d

1874-81 Including : a Chronicle of Events in Japan, 1844-63; T. Isono on Shoyu ; J. Milne and Th. Gray on Earthquakes; Japanese, Metric and English weights and measures.


1. The Philippines, Formosa. 31395 ANUARIO Filipino para 1877, Historia, Commercio, por Gonzalez y Moreno, thick 8vo. 2 maps, hf. bd. 68

Manila, 1877 31396 COLECCION de Autos Acordados de la Real Audiencia Chancilleria

DE FILIPINAS, y de las disposiciones que afectan al ramo de Justicia o conviene tengan presentes los Jueces que reunen a la vez el caracter de Gobernadores de Provincia, 3 vols. in 1, thick 8vo. hf. bd. 14s

Manila, 1861 31397 PHILIPPINES. Autos de parte de 1708 a 1725. MS, of the 18th century, sm. folio, 98 leaves, vellum, £2. 2s

Sec. XVIII The Philippine Islands and their government were during a long period under the control of the Viceroy of New Spain. The MS. before us contains copies of all ex parte proceedings relating to them, which came before the Viceroy during the term of years stated, with a copy of the proceedings and

determinations finally taken. An interesting and important collection. 31398 Estado de la Poblacion de Filipinas, correspondiente a el año de

1818, lo da el Ayuntamiento del ciudad de Manila, sm. 4to. maps, vellum, £2. 28

Manila, 1820 31399 GONZALEZ FERNANDEZ (R.) y Moreno y Jerez (F.) Manual del

Viajero en Filipinas, 8vo. maps, hf. bd. 58 Manila, 1875 31400 JAGOR (F.) Reisen in den Philippinen, 8vo. large map, and woodcuts, cloth, 78

Berlin, 1873 31401

Travels in the Philippines, sm. 8vo. 370 pp. with numerous woodcut illustrations and a map (pub. at 16s), cloth, 7s 6d

1875 A small book, but one of considerable interest and importance. There is no other work in the English language, of an exhaustive or comprehensive character, upon the Philippine Islands.

The patient and laborious research of the author, his copious collection of statistics, hiş, additions to our geographical knowledge of the subject, and his sound views regarding Spanish rule and the future of the Philippine Islands, make his book one of singular merit and interest. The ethnologist, the philological scholar, the geographer, the student of the philosophical history of Colonization, the political economist, and the statesman, no less than the votary of Natural History and the acute mercantile man, will all find matter to concern them and provoke reflection in these Travels in the Philippines" -a modest title for a book which must take its place amongst the standard monographs of topographical history.

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