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31681 WILKINSON'S ANCIENT EGYPTIANS, New Edition, revised and

corrected by Samuel Birch, 3 vols. 8vo. 72 plates, 643 woodcuts and some vignettes (sells £4. 4s), cloth, £3. 3s

1878 "Sir Gardner's works, illustrated as they are profusely by his own beautiful and accurate drawings, still remain, and must ever remain, the standard authority on all things relating to Egyptian Art. Indeed, to his patient labour, given as this was wholly to matters of fact, and not to support any theory, however tempting, all later writers gladly refer as evidence on

which they have perfect reliance.”—Atheneum, Nov. 6th, 1875. 31682

Topography of Thebes, and General View of Egypt, 8vo. numerous plates of Hieroglyphics, Views, etc. calf extra, gilt edges, 308

1835 31683

Modern Egypt and Thebes, 2 vols. 8vo. map and woodcuts, calf gilt, 32s

1843 31684

Architecture of Ancient Egypt, 8vo. text, with royal folio Atlas, containing 18 plates on 15 leaves comprising a large number of figures, some of the details beautifully coloured, sd. £2. 10s

1850 Only 100 copies were printed ; all of them dispersed and unprocurable, even by the author himself, in 1856. The plates were engraved in Rome,

and the text printed in London to accompany them. 31685 Wilson (Rob. Th.) History of the British Expedition to Egypt,

4to. port. of Sir R. Abercromby, and plans, calf, 7s 6d 1802 31686 Wilson (Sir E.) Egypt of the Past, sm. 8vo. plates, cloth, 5s 1882 31687 YORKE (Rt. Hon. C.) and W. M. LEAKE, Remarks on

Egyptian Monuments in England, impl. 4to. 20 plates, bds.

6s 60 31688 ZOEGA (G.) de origine et usu Obeliscorum, folio, folding plates and vignettes of Egyptian Monuments, etc. hf. calf, 12s

Romce, 1797 31689

the same, folio, plates, a fine copy in russia, leather joints, 20s

1797 31690 Zodiacs. Roberts (Rev. P.) Origin of Constellations, Dublin,

1802—Le Zodiaque expliqué, Paris, 1809-Testa (Dom.) sopra due Zodiaci scoperti nell'Egitto, Roma, 1802-LEPRINCE, Interpretation du Zodiaque Circulaire, Paris, 1822–in 1 vol.

8vo. plates, hf. calf, 78 6d 31691

Cole (J.) Circular Zodiac of Tentyra, large plate, 1824 -Saint-Martin, le Zodiaque de Denderah, Paris, 1822–Judas, le Zodiaque de Dendera, plate, ib. 1859;-1 vol. 8vo. hf. calf,

7s 6d 31692

Letronne, l'Objet des Représentations Zodiacales, plate, Paris, 1824—Analyse des Recherches de M. Letronne, par E.

Carteron, ib. 1843 ;-in 1 vol. hf. calf, 5s 31693 TRACTS on Chronology, etc. 11 in 1 vol. 8vo. bd. 78 6d

Including : The Parian Chronicle subversive of the common chronology, by F. Parker, 1859—The Athenian Year, and the Eclipses of Thucydides and Ptolemy, 1866–Chronology of the reigns of Tiglath-Pileser, Sargon, Shalmanezer and Sennacherib, by Bosanquet, 1854--Assyrian, Babylonian and Jewish Chronology, by the same, 1856– Assyrian and Hebrew Chronology compared, by the same, 1864-The Egyptian Dynasties of Manetho, 1863, etc.

n. d.

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3. Ethiopia, Abyssinia.
31694 ANGUIANO (M. de) Epitome Historial, y Conquista Espiritual del

Imperio Abyssino, en Etiopia la alta, a cuyo Emperador suelen
llamar Preste Juan, sm. 4to. velluni, 25.s

Madrid, 1706 31695 ABBADIE (A. d') Géodésie d'une Partie de la Haute Éthiopie, revue par R. Radau, 4to. maps and plates, hf. calf, 12s

Paris, 1860-61 31696 BLANFORD (W. T.) Geology and Zoology of Abyssinia, 8vo. coloured geological map, and plates, cloth, 14s

1870 31697 BRUCE'S (J.) Travels to Discover the Source of the Nile, from

1768 to 1773 inclusive, 5 vols. impl. 4to. BEST EDITION, numerous
plates and maps, calf neat, 36s

1790 31698 DAVID, Æthiopiæ Rex. Legatio David ad Clementem Papā VII.

Ejusdem Legatio, ad Emanuelem Portugalliæ Regem. Item
alia legatio ejusdem, ad Joannem Portugalliæ Regem. De
Regno Æthiopiæ, ac populo, deque moribus, etc. sm. 4to.
marbled calf gilt, gilt edges, very rare, £5.58

Bononice, J. Kemolen, 1553 31699 GODIGNO (P. Nic.) de Abassinorum Rebus, deque Æthiopiæ Patri

archis Joanne Nonio Barreto et Andrea Oviedo libb. tres, 8vo.
red morocco, gilt edges, 36s

Lugduni, 1615 31700 HARRIS (W. Č.) Highlands of Æthiopia, 3 vols. 8vo. map and plates, cloth, 78 6d; or, hf. russia gilt, 10s

1844 An extremely interesting book ; very useful during the present Soudan

31701 HOLLAND (Major T. J.) and Capt. H. M. Hozier, Record of the

Expedition to Abyssinia, 2 vols. 4to. maps, views, etc. (pub.
£4. 4s), cloth, 30s

1870 31702 LEFEBVRE (C. T.) Voyage en Abyssinie, 1839-43, par une comunis

sion scientifique composée de T. Lefebvre, A. Petit, Quartin-
Dillon et Vignaud, Vols. I-III, 8vo. with roy. folio Atlas, con-
taining map and 59 plates of Natives, shewing the different types,
with costume and weapons, and views, etc. hf. green morocco gilt,

Paris, 1845
CONTENTS: Relation Historique, 2 vols. with Atlus ; Itinéraire, 1 vol.
31703 LUDOLFI (Iobi) Historia Æthiopica, sive descriptio Regni
Habessinorum, folio, calf gilt, 6s

Francof. 1681 31704

HISTORIA AETHIOPICA sive descriptio regni Habessinorum, cum ejusdem COMMENTARIO, 2 vols. in 1, sm. folio, map and many curious plates, calf, 208

Franc. 1681-91 31704*. the same, 2 vols. calf gilt, 25s

1681-91 31705

the same, 2 vols.-Appendix secunda : Dissertatio de Locustis, etc. 1694–3 vols. folio, not uniform, 18s 1681-94 31706

New History of Ethiopia, a Description of the King.
dom of Abessinia, made English by J. P. Gent, sm. folio, large
folding plates, old calf, 18s

The best work on Abyssinia. It gives an Account of the History,
Literature, Natural History, Antiquities, Religion, Chronology, Language,
Proverbs, and everything else curious relating to that country.

31707 MAYO (Earl of) Sport in Abyssinia ; or, the Mareb and Tackazzee, 8vo. (pub. 12s), plates, cloth, 2s 60

1876 31708 MAP. Large drawing of a map of Abyssinia, about 10 ft. by

9 ft. mounted on linen and roller, from Prof. E. B. Eastwick's

collection, 218 31709 PARKYNS (Mansfield) Life in Abyssinia, 2 vols. 8vo. numerous illustrations, calf extra, gilt edges, 21s

1853 31710 PLOWDEN (W. C.) Travels in Abyssinia and the Galla Country, edited by T. C. Plowden, 8vo. map, cloth, 78 6d

1868 31711 Santos, Histoire de l'Ethiopie Orientale, traduite par G. Charpy, 12mo. hf. morocco, 78

Paris, 1084 31712 TELLEZ (B.) Historia geral de Ethiopia a alta ou Preste Ioam,

composta per Manoel d'Almeyda, abreviada com nova releyçam per Balthazar Tellez, sm. folio, engraved title and two maps, vellum, £10.

Em Coimbra, 1660 Perhaps the most important of all old geographical and historical books relating to Abyssinia. Brunet mentions but one, map. Copies with both are

“On trouve difficilement des exemplaires de cette histoire, laquelle passe

pour fort exacte.”— Brunet. 31713 TELLEZ, Ethiopia, FACSIMILE of the rare MAP (of the Source of the

Nile), sm. folio, 21s 31714 URRETA (L. de) Historia Ecclesiastica y politica de Etiopia, Monarchia de Prestre Juan, small 4to. fine copy in old gilt calf,

Valencia, 1610 31715

la misma, con la Historia de Predicadores remotos Reynos de la Ethiopia, 2 vols. in 1, sm. 4to. old calf neat, 308

1610-11 31716 WADDINGTON (Geo.) and Hanbury (B.) Journal of a Visit to

Ethiopia, 4to. maps and plates of antiquities, bds. 78 60 1822 31717 WINSTANLEY (W.) A Visit to Abyssinia, 2 vols. sm. 8vo. (pub. 218), cloth, 7s 6d



scarce, 218

en los


The Sahra and the Sudan,

31718 COOLEY (W. D.) the Negro Land of the Arabs; early history and

geography of Central Africa, 8vo. map, cloth, 2s 6d 1841 31719 Denham, CLAPPERTON and OUDNEY, Narrative of Travels and Dis

coveries in Northern and Central Africa, 4to. map, Views, and numerous fine plates of the Native Customs, Arms, etc. hf. calf, 158; or, calf gilt, 18s

1826 31720 the same, 4to. the plates on INDIA PAPER, bds. uncut, 35s

1826 31721 another issue, 2 vols. 8vo. map and plates, hf. calf, 68

1826 31722 -- the same, 2 vols. 8vo. calf gilt, 78 61

1828 31722* DUVEYRIER, Exploration du Sabara ; les Touareg du Nord, large

8vo. port. map and 31 plates and woodcuts of the Natural History, Physical Geography, Natives, their Arms, etc. sd. 58

Paris, 1864

rare, 10s

31723 ENSOR (F. Sidney) Incidents on à journey through Nubia to Darfoor, 8vo. map, cloth, 58

1881 31724 GABY (J. B.) Relation de la Nigritie, ses royaumes, leurs

gouvernemens, les moeurs, etc. 18mo. old calf gilt, 10s Paris, 1689

With the bookplate of Le Tellier de Courtanveaux. 31725 HODGSON's (W. B.) Notes on N. Africa, the Sahara, and Soudan,

with Vocabulary, N. York, 1844-Hodgson's Foulahs of Central Africa and the African Slave Trade, 1843-in 1 vol. 8vo. cloth,

1843-4 31726 HORNEMAN'S (Fred.) Journal of Travels from Cairo to Mourzouk (with geographical illustrations by Rennell), 4to. maps, bds. 5s

1802 31727 Lyon's (G. F.) Travels in Northern Africa, with Notices of

Soudan, and the course of the Niger, 4to. coloured plates of
Costume, etc. bds. 9s

1821 31728 MALTE-BRUN, Resumé de l'Exploration de Gerhard Rohlfs au

Touât et à In-Çâlah, 8vo. map of North Africa, sd. 2s 1866 31729 Mission de Ghadamès (1862) Rapports officiels et Documents, 8vo.

maps of the route traversed, and woodcuts, sd. 5s Alger, 1863

Including information on the commerce and products of the Soudan, and on the physical geography of the route froni Tripoli to Ghadamès, and thence

to El Oued. 31730 MOORE (Fr.) Travels into the inland parts of Africa, 600 miles

up the River Gambia, etc. 8vo. map, view and plates of Natural, History, calf, 78 60

1738 31731 NARRATIVE of the expedition to Dongola and Senaar under Ismael Pasha, 8vo. bds. 78 6d

1822 31732 Park (Mungo) Travels in the Interior districts of Africa, with Appendix by Major Rennell, 4to. portrait and maps, bound, 78 6d

1799 31733 RILEX (J.) Loss of the American Brig Commerce on the W. Coast

of Africa, with account of Tombuctoo and Wassanah, 4to. map, bds. 10s


5. Senegambia, Sierra Leone, Guinea Coast. 31734 ADANSON (M.) Histoire Naturelle du Sénégal: Coquillages, avec

la Relation d'un Voyage fait en ce pays, LARGE PAPER, map and plates, old French calf, 10s

Paris, 1757 31735

Voyage to Senegal, the Isle of Goree, and the River Gambia, 8vo. map, calf, 6s

1759 31736 BÉRENGER-FÉRAUD, les Peuplades de la Sénégambie, histoire,

ethnographie, mæurs et coutumes, légendes, etc. roy. 8vo. sd. 4s 60

1879 31737 BOSMAN (William) Description of the Coast of Guinea ; geo

graphical, political and natural history, in English, 8vo. maps and plates, calf, 20s

1705 31738 BOWDICH (T. E.) Mission to Ashantee, 4to. maps, coloured plates and specimens of music, calf neat, 10s


31739 CLARKE (Rob.) Sierra Leone; the manners and customs of the

liberated Africans, the Natural History of the Colony, etc. 8vo. map, cloth, 5s

1843 31740 DEMANET (Abbé) Nouvelle Histoire de l'Afrique Françoise, 2 vols. 12mo. maps, calf neat, 4s

Paris, 1767 31741 DUPUIS (J.) Journal of a Residence in Ashantee, with notes on the

Gold Coast, 4to. map and numerous curious plates, bds. 10s ; or, hf. calf, 128

1824 31742 GOLDEN Coast (the) or a description of Guinney, its commodities, traffick, people, etc. sm. 4to. hf. bd. 258

1665 31743 GURLEY (R. R.) Life of Jehudi Ashmun, late Colonial Agent in Liberia, 8vo. portrait, cioth, 3s 6d

Washington, 1835 31744 HUTTON (Wm.) Voyage to Africa (Ashantee, etc.) 8vo. maps and coloured plates of the natives, bds. 5s

1821 31715 LETTER to King George from the King of Dauhomay and Emperor

of Paupau, who lately conquered Ardah and Whidah, with Lambe's Scheme for Trade, folio, sd. 3s 6d.

1731 31746 LOYER (Pere Godefroy) Voyage du Royaume d'Issyny, Côte d'Or,

Païs de Guinée en Afrique, plates, veau fauve, gilt edges, by
Bozerian Jeune, from the Beckford library, Hamilton Palace, £2.

Paris, 1774 31747 MÜLLER (Wilh. Joh.) die Africanische Landschafft Fetu ; worinnen

viele merckwürdige Seltzamkeiten von Menschen, Thieren, Bäumen, Gewächsen . . . beschrieben, 12mo. plates, with a curious bookplate of J. B. Nack, 1759, hf. bd. 15s Nürnberg, 1675

At the end is “ Vocabula, oder Nenn-Wörter welcher sich die Fetuischen

in ihrer Sprache gebrauchen." 31748 RIBEIRO (M. F.) A Provincia de S. Thomé e Principe, e suas

dependencias, ou a salubridade e insalubridade relativa das provincias do Brazil, etc. stout 8vo. map of the Guinea coast, and plates, sd. 14s

Lisboa, 1877 31749 RAFFENEL (A.) Voyage dans l'Afrique Occidentale, 1843-44, 8vo.

with impl. 4to. Atlas, containing 2 maps of the Gambia and Senegal, and 11 plates of natives, showing costume, ete. in colours, half brown morocco gilt, £2. 2s

Paris, 1846 31750 ROBERTS (Capt. George) Four Years' Voyages, uncommon events

which befell him ... the hardships he endured, 8vo. map of the Cape Verde islands, calf, 15s


6. Equatorial Africa, from Somali land to the mouth of the Congo,

including the Lake Region. 31751 BAKER (Samuel W.) the Albert N’Yanza, Great Basin of the Nile,

and explorations of the Nile sources, 2 vols. 8vo. portraits, map and woodcuts (published at 288), cloth, 158


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