Sidor som bilder

Weekly Price of Stocks, from 20 to 23d January 1819.


Sth. 16th.


783 78


80 pr• 16 18 pr.

79 à

92 93 pr.
19 20 pr.

86 87 pr.
19 20 pr.

87 89 pr. 18 20 pr.

Bank stock,
3 per cent. reduced,


783 3 per cent. consols,mm

774 781

79 783 4 per cent. consols, maar

954 1

96 97 97% 98 5 per cent. navy ann..

1054 106

1064 1071 Imperial 3 per cent. ann. India stock, mansanansaanmaa

Exchequer bills, 2d. p.d.
Consols for acc.


791 American 3 per cent.

67 f. 90 c. new loan, 6 p. Commons French 5 per cents. ananas

Course of Exchange, February 2.- Amsterdam, 11 : 6:2 U. Antwerp, 11:9. Ex. Hamburgh, 33 :7: 2} U. Frankfort, 1 : 10 Ex. Paris, 23 : 80 : 2 U. Bourdeaux, 23: 80. Madrid, 40} effect. Cadiz, 40$ effect. Gibraltar, 34. Leghorn, 52. Genoa, 47. Malta, 50. Naples, 42. Palermo, 127 per oz. Oporto, 58. Rio Janeiro, 65. Dublin, 10. Cork, 104. Agio of the Bank of Holland, 2.

Prices of Gold and Silver, per oz.-Po gal gold, in coin, £0:0:0. Foreiga gold, in bars, £0:0:0. New doubloons, £0:0:0. New dollars, 5s. 9d. Silver, in bart, 5s. 7d.

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per 70 lbs.


63 to




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London, Corn Exchange, Feb. 1.

Liverpool, Feb. 1.

s. Wheat, 8. d. 3. d. Wheat, Red 57 to 62 White Pease

Rice, p.ewt. 0 0 t Fine. 73 to 79 Boilers.

} 52 to 56

English 11 0 to 12 0 Flour, English, Superfine

Scotch . 10 0 to 12 0 p.280lb.fines3 0 to 65 Foreign


42 to 55/ Welch ... 11 0 to 12 0 Seconds. 56 0 to 60 O English Wheat, 57 to 62 Small Beans 65 to 72 Irish ...11 3 to 12 9 Irishp. 240lb. 52 0 to 51 O 75 to 82 Fine

to - New.... to - Ameri. p. bl. 44 0 to 47 Superfine - to --Feed Oats ...28 to 31| Dantzic . 11 6 to 12 6-Sour do.. 34 0 to 38 New - to -Fine

32 to 34|Wismar .. 11 6 to 12 oClover-seed, p. bash. Rye

40 to
-Poland do . 32 to 34|American . 11 0 to 12 0 - White

O to Fine 49 to 50 Fine 36 to 38Quebec ... 96 to 10 3 - Red

0 to Barley

42 to 50 Potato do. 38 to 40 Barley, per 60 libs. Oatmeal, per 240 lb. Fine ... 60 to 64 Fine

to English,grind.6 6 to 6 9 English 40 0 to 43 New ... 68 to 71 Fine Flour, 60 to 65 Malting ...9 0 to 10 6 Scotch 33 0 to 35 Malt,

..... 84 to 90 Seconds. . 55 to 60|Irish • 6 0 to 6 6Irish 36 0 to 40 Fine 95 to -North Country - to


7 6 to go Butter, Beef, gr. Gray Pease . . 53 to 58 Bran, per 4...

Eoreign • 6 9 to 7 6 Butter, per ewt. so
Fine ...... 60 to 68 | Fine Pollard.

Malt p.9gls. 11 0 to 13 0 Belfast 102 to
Oats, per 45 lb.


100 to Seeds, &C.Feb. 5.

Eng. new · 4 6 to 4 9 Drogheda 96 to

Scotch pota. 4 7 to 4 9 Waterford 94 to Mast. Brown, 12 to 20 Hempseed .

65 to 70 Welsh
4 4 to 4 8 Cork, 3d

90 to 0 --White 14 to 20 Linseed, crush. 60 to 66 Irish, 4 6 to 4 92d, pickled . 108 to

0 12 to 17 New, for Seed 80 to 90 Common . 4 0 to 4 7 Beef, p. tierce 95 to 100 Turnips . .;. 12 to 20 Ryegrass, . 10 to 40 Beans, pr qr.

60 to 65 -Red

Clover, Red,
- to 120 English
64 0 to 65 0 Pork, p. br.

95 to 105 -Yellow, new-to- - White .. - to 110 Foreign . . 64 0 to 65 o Hams, dry, . 70 to Carraway

... 70 to 72 Coriander -lo 25 Irish . . . 62 0 to 64 0 Bacon, Canary 130 to New Trefoil. - to 60 Pease, per quar. Short middles 72 to New Rapeseed, £46 to £

Boiling . 60 0 to 65 0 Long

68 to

Rapeseed, per last, £14 to £46. Average Prices of Corn of England and Wales, from the Returns received in the Week

ended 231 January 1819. Wheat, 79s. 50.-Rye, 56s. 7d. --Barley, 61s.15d.-Oats, 34s. 10d.-Beans, 71s. Id.-Pease, 70s. 5d.

Oatmeal, 38s. ld.--Beer or Big, Os. Od. Average Prices of British Corn in Scotland, by the Quarter of Eight Winchester Bushels,

Tares ...

p. barrel

and Oatmeal, per Boll of 128 lbs. Scris Troy, or 140 lbs. Avoirdupois, of the Fous

Weeks immediately preceding the !5th January 1819.
Wheat, 68s. 50.-Rye, 5ls. 8d.-Barley, 188. 7d.-Oats, 29s. 1d.-Beans, 49s. 11d. -Pease, 50s 7d-

Oatmncal, 23s. 10d. Beer or Big, 41s. 6d.

1st,......40s. Ou.
2d, ......37s. 6d.
3d, ......31s. Od.


1st,...... 428. Od. 1st,...... 26s. 6d.

3d, .32s. Od. 3d, ...... 20s. Od.
Average of Wheat, £1 : 17:6 : 8-12ths.

Pease & Beans Ist,......27s. Od. 2d, .......--. Od. 30,...... 208. Odl.

......-8. Od.


......-5. Od.

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Tuesday, February 3. Beef (174 oz. per lb.) Os. 5d. to Os. 8d. Quartern Loaf Os. 11d. to Os. Od. Mutton

Os. 6d. to Os. 8d. Potatoes (28 lb.) Os. 10d. to Os. Od. Lamb, per quarter

Os. Od. to Os. Od. Butter, per lb. Is. 3d. to Is. 5d. Veal

Os. 8d. to 1s. Od. Salt ditto, per stone . 20s. Od. to 24s. Od. Pork Os. 6d. to Os. 8d. Ditto per Mb.

1s. 4d. to 1s. 6d. Tallow, per stone . 125. Od. to Os. Od. | Eggs, per dozen . ls. Od. to Os. Od.


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.....25s. Ode



Beans. Ist...... 40s. Od. 1st,......398. Od. 1st....... 255. 63. Ist,...... 25s. Od. 1st, 2d, .375. Od. | 2d, ......378. Od. 2d, ...... 22s. Od. | 2d, ......21s. Od. | 2d,...... 21s. Od. 3d, ......346. Od. 3d, ......346. Od. 3d, ......19s. Od. 3d, ......188. Od. / 3d.....18s. Od.

Average of Wheat, £0:0:0: 0-Oths. Note.-The boll of wheat, beans, and pease, is about 4 per cent more than half a quarter,

or 4 Winchester bushels ; that of barley and oats nearly 6 Winchester bushels.


31st January 1819, extracted from the London Gazette. Allum, R. Chatham, Kent, builder

Herm, J. Birmingham, screw-maker Andrews, R. Bristol, baker

Hardie, A. Union-court, Broad-street, merchant Atkinson, J. Dalston, Cumberland, cotton-manu- Hudson, W. Upper Thames-street, earthen-ware facturer

man Aubert, N. B. Lloyd's Coffee house, and Harley Hughes, S. Liverpool, liquor-merchant

ford-place, Kennington, insurance-broker Hulme, W. Leek, Staffordshire, grocer Atherton, T. Liverpool, tanner

Harman, G. Norwich, manufacturer Burgis, J. Southampton-street, Covent-Garden, or.

Ingram, L. Cheapside, hatter namental paper-manufacturer

Johnson, R. Plymouth, grocer Barker, J. Stratford-Common, brewer

Jacob, J. Gravel-lane, Houndsditch, tobacconist Bradley, J. St Johns, Worcester, coal-master Jennings, J. C. Catherine-street, dealer Baylin, D. Strand, Gloucestershire, clothier Jay, J. Old-Jewry, wine-merchant Bell, J. Church-street, Spittalfields, bombaseen. Jones, J. and H. Hughes, Liverpool, merchants manufacturer

Jones, E. Great Sutton-street, Clerkenwell, coal. Brown, J. Leeds, straw hat manufacturer

merchant Budden, J. Bristol, liquor-merchant

J. Kernot, Castle-street, Leicester-fields, druggist Booth, J. Oxford-street, grocer

Keats, T. M. Poultry, hat-manufacturer Brocklebank, S. Liverpool, merchant

Kendrick, J. Chaddesley Corbett, Worcestershire, Bryant, W. Greenwich, coach-master

Blomerly, W. Bolton, cotton-manufacturer Longman, F. G. Norwich, malster
Bedells, W. Knight, Vadnorshire, Woolstapler Lumley, W. Jermyn-street, wine-merchant
Bradshaw, R. Manchester, check-inanufacturer Lucy, H. Tupsley, Herefordshire, builder
Brunner, J. Birmingham, patten-manufacturer Lush, E. Sherborne, linen-draper
Blackborn, Witham, Essex, corn-factor

Lloyd, T. and J. Winter, Blue Bell: Yard, St Collins, R. Maidstone, dealer in hops

James-street, wine-merchants Cater, S. and J. Home, Wading-street, warehouse Lutey, T. Wapping, master-mariner man

M'Leod, T. A. Pinners-hall, Winchester-street, Chapman, R. Hammersmith, surgeon

wine-merchants Cassets, R. St. Swithin’s-lane, merchant

Merchant, J. Shepton Mallet, Somersetshire, innChurchill, J. Stanhope-street, Clare-market, com- keeper mon-brewer

Morris, J. Woolwich, cordwainer Collins, F. New-Fishbourne, Sussex

Morgan W. Bristol, victualler Cole, E. Shrewsbury, hop inerchant

Noble, M. Lancaster, chernist Cooper, T. Kennet-wharf, Upper Thames-street, Oulett, J. Charlotte-street, Fitzroy-square, jeweller merchant

Oxenham, J. T. Oxford-street, mangle-maker Carver, J. and W. Peet, Basinghall-street, mer Phillips, Á. Exeter, chemist chants

Perkins, C. Perkins Rents, Peter-street, WestCowley, T. Bolton-le-Moors, Lancashire, ware- minster, victualler houseman

Price, D. Watford, Herts, linen-draper Durham, J. Shadwell-street, carcass-butcher Pidding, J. J. High-Holborn, Stock-broker Davis, N. Gloucester Terrace, New-road, White Parsons, S. Hanover-street, Long-Acre, coachchapel, merchant

plater David, J. Threadneedle-street, merchant

Peet, W. Basinghall-street, merchant Dunn, w. Threadneedle-street, wine-merchant Payton, W. Lincoln's-inn-fields, wine-merchant Daniels, W. jun. Bishop's Stortford, malt-factor Perry, J. sep. Stockport, muslin-manufacturer Davey, J. Foulshamn, Norfolk, ironmonger Phillips, T. Bread-street-hill, merchant Everett, W. Cambridge, corn-merchant

Paterson, M. Halifax, dyer Flinders, J. Nottingham, hosier

Perkins, J. Tiverton, timber-merchant Friday, R. Isles:vorth, barge-master

Power, J. and R. Warwick, Finsbury-square, mer. Flint, W. Old-Bailey, printer

chants Fitzgerald, T. St Catherine-street, ship-owner Ridley, T. Seaton-sluice, Northumberland, brewer Foree, J. Walcot, Somersetshire, dealer

Rogers, J. Old Broad-street, merchant
Greenslade, R. Plymouth, builder

Ritchie, T. Air-street, Piccadilly, merchant
Gleeson, J. Cockhill, Ratcliff, potrto-merchant Robinson, J. Holywell, butcher
Gardner, N. and H. Gloucester, bankers and corn- Reddal, T. Liverpool, merchant

Reddal, w. do. do.
Gittsoon, R. Bawtrey, Yorkshire

Richards, D. Mann'srow, Bow-common, manufacGardiner, D. Chiswell-street, hatter

turing chemist Hort, A. Dean-street, Finsbury-square, merchant Richards, H. Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire, care Hewitt, P. Bold, Lancashire

penter Horrocks, S. Boston, manufacturer

Russell, J. Lambeth, timber-merchant Hogg, J. E. Broad-street, warehouseman

Russell, A. Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, linen. Hayward, H. Great Portland-street, paper-hanger draper Hudson. H. and G. Liverpool, slop-sellers Salter, C. jun. Portsea, grocer

Swan, R. Gainsborough, Lincoln, merchant Vertue, S. Mark-lane, corn-merchant Still, J. South Island-place, Brixton, Surrey, mer- Williams, H. Duke-street, Bloomsbury, wine-nerchant

chant Smith, W. Moffat-street, City.road, cor-dealer Wadley, J. Coventry-street, Hay-market, cheese Sumner, T. Preston, corn-merchant

monger Stiff, W. Borthwick, Hampshire, dealer

Walker, R. Newcastle-upon-Tyne, grocer Tully, F. Bristol, baker

Wardle, G. and T. All-hallows Wharf, UpperThomas, W. Chcapside, draper

Thames-street, oil-crushers Thompson, W. H. Liverpool, merchant

Wattson, J. Gravesend, Kent, coach-master Taylor, w. jun. Liverpool, merchant

White, W. Chalford, Gloucestershire, linen-draper Terral, J. Birminghain, printer

Wheeler, D. Hyde-street, Bloomsbury, colouring Thomson, E. Globe-stairs, Rotherhithe, ship- manufacturer builder

Wilson, J. H, jun, Upper Belgrave-place, Pimlico, Unwin, R. Chapel en le Frith, timber-inerchant picture-dealer Venus, J. Lower Shadwell, vintner

Young, T. Paddington, Mary-le-bone, grocer

ALPHABETICAL List of ScoTCH BANKRUPTCIES, announced between 1st and 31st

January 1819, extracted from the Edinburgh Gazette.

Bourne, John, bookseller and publisher, Hill-place, Gray, David, șhipbuilder, Kincardine ; by James Edinburgh

Teurcum, ship-owner, there Hendry, John, and Co. muslin manufacturers, Johnston, Peter, upholsterer, Port-Glasgow; with

Glasgow; and John Hendry, and John M'Neil, William Millar, clerk to the Port-Glasgow smiththe individual partuers of that company

work company Loudon, George, and Co. merchants, Glasgow; and Johnston, Walter, merchant, Bank hill ; by Martin

George Loudon, merchant there, an individual and Thomson, writers, Lockerby partner of that company

M‘Nicol, Donald, merchant, Inverary; by Claud M Couns, Watson, and Co. merchants, Greenock ; Chessel, accountant, Edinburgh ; a final one, 24th carrying on business there under that firm; and

February at St Thomas, under the firm of James Blair M'Donald, John, timber merchant, Greenock; by and Co.

Morrison and M‘Dowald, writers, Glasgow; a M'Gregor, Alexander, carrier and trader between final one Perth and Aberfeldy

Murray, William, merchant, Forres, by Joha ForMIlquham, James, 'victualler and spirit-dealer, syth, writer there Glasgow

Paterson, Allan, and James, grocers, Edinburgh: Saunders and Melliss, merchants, Aberdeen ; and by Henry Potts, grocer, Catharine-street, Edin

John Saunders, and Peter Melliss, the individual burgh; a final one partners of said company

Russell, David, late merchant and founder, Durie

foundry, near Leven ; by Thomas Dryburgh, DIVIDENDS.

writer, Cupar Anderson, Robert, late merchant, Wick; by John Scott and Balmanno, merchants, Glasgow, and who Kirk, merchant there

carried on business in the West Indies under the Brown, Wiliam, hardware merchant, Edinburgh ; firm of James Jacque and Co; by John M'Garin, by David Brown; 2s, 6d. per pound

accountant there, 3th March Brown, William, jun. merchant, Edinburgh ; by Scott, Allan, and Son, wood-merchants, Glasgow; George Too jun. writer there

by Dugald Bannatyne there Brown, William, late of Longbedholm; by the trus- Turnbull, David, late in Carfrae-mill; by Thomas

Scott, writer, Lauder, 1st March Cublick, William, draper, Greenock ; by David Webster and Finlay, merchants, Montrose; by

Limint, merchant, Glasgow ; 5s. 3d. per pound Charles Barclay, inerchant there Campbell, William, grocer and spirit-dealer, Ar- Wood, James, merchant Lundiemill; by Alexaft gyle-street, Glasgow, 23d March

der Watson, Kirkcaldy, 1s. per pound, ond Fleming, William, merchant, Glasgow; by John

February M'Intosh, merchant there, 94th January





Army. Maj. Hugonin, 4 Dr. to be Lt.-Cl. Jan. 21,19.
Belli, 16 Dr.

do. do.
Hutchins, 3 Dr

do. do. Mitchell, Rifle Brigade do. do. Wemyss, 50 F.

Capt. Pidgeon, 71 F. to be Major. Jan. 91, 19.
Macpherson, 42 F.

do. do. Gray, Rifle Brigade

do. Nickle, 88 F.

do. do. Sandilands, Coldst. Gde.

do Knight, 33 F.

do. do. Barton, 12 Dr.


do. Shedden, 52 r.

do. do. do.



do. Gabriel, 2 Dr. Gds.

do. Thomas, 27 F.

do. Peebles, 9 F.

do. Cameron, 3 F.

do. do. Rowan, 59 F.

do. do. Campbell, 45 F.

do. do. Walsh, 91 F.


do. Clements, 18 Dr.

do. do.
Shaw, h. p. 13 F.

do. do.
Lord C. Fitzroy, Gren. Gds. do. do.
Lord A. Hill, 2 Dr. do. do.
Browne, h. p. 23 F. do.

Fitz Clarence, h. p. 24 Dr. do.

do. Capt. Wilkie, 92 F. to be Major do. Lane, R. Art.

do. do. Wood, 4 F.

do. Shaw, 4 F.

do. do. - Baynes, R. Art.

do. do.


do, Townsend, 14 Dr.


do. Dundas, R. Art.


do. Weyland. 16 Dr.

do. do. Stewart, h. p. 96 F.

do, do Wedderburn, Coldst. Gds.

do. Badcock, 14 Dr.

do Lackay, 68 F.

do. Haperton, 7 F.


do. Toinkinson, 16 Dr.

do. do Napiet, R. Art.

do. do. Webber, do.

do. do. Wells, R. Eng:

do. do Mackworth, 13 Dr.

do. do. Thomson, R. Eng.

do. do Lord Hotham, CSidst, Gds. do. do. Moore, Gren. Gds.

do. do. Freeth, R. Staff Corps do. do. Hon. F. Russell, 52 P., do. do. Hom. C. Gore, 85 F. do. do.

do. do.





Capt. Cameron, 21 F. to be Maj Jan, 21, 19. 71 Quarter Master Coulson, from h. p. to be Orde, h. p. R. Art.

do. do.

Quarter Master, vice Ross, ret. on full
Brereton, R. Art.

do. do.

25 do, Stewart, h. p. Rifle Brigade do. do. 78 Lieut. Cameron to be Capt. by purch. 2 Life Gds. Lieut. Ć. Barton, to be Capt. by purch.

vice Forbes, ret.

31 do. vice Morton, retires 26 Dec. 1818 82 Capt. Montague, to be Major by purch. Cornet and Sub-Lieut. Collins, to be

vice Fitzgerald, ret.

10 do. Lieut. by purch.


Surg. Kell, from 96 F. to be Surg. vico c. Phillips, Gent. to be Cornet and Sub

Flanagan, h. p. 96 F.

17 do. Lieut. by purch.


E. Kirwan to be Ensign by purch. vice Dr. Lieut. Fraser to be Capt. by purch. vice

7 Jan. 1819

Lieut. Soutar to be Adjutant, vice Mit-
Gent. Cadet bir Fra. Vincent, Bt, from

chell, res. Adjutant only 7 Jan. 1819 Mil. Coll. to be Cornet by purch, vice 90 2d Lieut. Peele, from R. Brig. to be Ellis, 20 Dr. 17 Dec. 1818

Lieut. by purch. vice Myddleton 1 Brevet Major Blanckley, from 23 F. to

31 Dec. 1818 be Capt. vice Bowers

50 do. 92 Lieut. Macdonald to be Capt. by purch. Capt. Crawford, from h. p. to be Capt.

vice Maxwell, ret.

do. vice Duberly, cancelled 17 do.

Ensign Macdonald to be Lieut, by purch. Cornet Mallony to be Lieut. by purch.

do. vice Hoskins, 97 F. 6 Jan. 1819

J. Mackintosh to be Ensign by purch. do. A. W. Bishop to be Cornet by purch. 97 Lieut. T. Hoskins, from 11 Dr. to be vice Clark, prom. 17 Dec. 1818

Capt. by purch. vice Hare, ret. 24 do.
C.S. Malet to be Cornet vice Mallory Rifle Brig. 2d Licut. Brownrigg to be Ist Lieut. by

6 Jan. 1819
purch. vice Stewart

25 do. Lieut. A. T. Maclean to be Capt. by W. I. R. Bt. Lt. Col. Torrens to be Lt. Col. by purch. vice Lt. Col. Lawrence, ret.

purch. vice Clifton, ret. 24 do. 23 Dec. 1818

Bt. Major Vyse, from 2 Life G. to be
Cornet Pott to be Lieut. by purch. vice

Major by purch. vice Torrens

14 Jan. 1819 C. Fancourt to be Cornet, vice Brown do

Capt. Mills, from R. York R. to be Capt. N. Nash to be Cornet, vice Cockburn

vice M‘Donald, h. p. 17 Dec. 18 24 do.

Gent. Cadet C. Maclean, from Mil. Coll. Gent. Cadet W. Elton, from Mil. Coll.

to be Ensign, vice Field, cashiered to be Cornet, vice Pott 31 do.

31 do. 14 M. Milligan to be Cornet by purch. vice

Capt. M'Intyre, from 3 W. I. R. to be Petrie

17 do.

Capt, vice Cradock, h. p. 7 Jan. 1819 16 Lieut. Cureton, from 20 Dr. to be Adj. and Lieut. vice Barra 7 Jan. 1819

Staff 18 B. Walrond to be Cornet by purch. vice Hunter 17 Dec. 1818

Major H. B. Harris, 1. p. 86 F. to be D. 20 Cornet C. A. F. Ellis, from 9 Dr. to be

A. Gen. in Nova Scotia, with rank of
Lieut. by purch. vice Atkinson do.

Lieut. Col. vice Duke, dead
S. Cook to be Cornet by purch. vice

17 Dec. 1818 Douglas, prom.

14 Jan, 1819 1 F. Ensign M.Don. Mathews to be Lieut.

Garrison. vice Richardson, dead

7 do.

Lieut. P. Stuart, late Adj. of York Hos William Bellingham to be Ensign do.

pital, to be Town Major of Belfast, 9 S. Bonham to be Ensign by purch. vice

vice Fox, dead

24 do. Scott

17 Dec. 1818 12 Major Verner, from 7 Dr. to be Lieut.

Commissary Department. Col. by purch. vice Carrie, ret. 24 do. 19 Gent. Cadet J. Robinson, from Mil. Coll.

Acting Dep. Com. Gen. W. Booth, to be to be Ensiga, vice Moffat, cash.

Dep. Com. Gen.

18 do 20

Major South to be Lieut, Col. by purch.
vice Steevens, ret.

Medical Department.
Capt. Hogg to be Major by purch. do.
Lieut. Rotton to be Capt. by purch, do.

Hosp. Assist. R. Russell, from h. p. to
Ensign South to be Lieut. by purch. do.

be Hosp. Assist.

25 do. M. Dalrymple to be Ensign by purch. do.

- R. Leslie, from h. p. to be Capt. D. M'Gregor, from 95 F. vice

Hosp. Assist.

do. Waller, h. p.


J. Steele, from h. p. to be Lieut. Creser, from h. p. 7 F. to be Pay.

Hosp. Assist

do. master, vicc Mackay ret. 14 Jan, 1819

C. Ward, from h. p. to be 32 Capt. Diton to be Major by purch. vice

Hosp. Assist.

do. Calvert, prom. 72 F.


- J. Crawford, from h. Lieut. Belcher to be Capt. by purch. do.

be Hosp. Assist.

do. Ensign Birtwistle to be Lieut. by purch.


Exchanges. J. Palk to be Ensign by purch. do. 33 Capt. M'Intyre to be Major, vice Col- Brev. Major Blanckley, from 23 F. with Capt. clough, dead

7 do. Bowers, 13 Dr. Lieut. Baraillier to be Capt.

do. Capt. Meares, from 2 Life Gds. rec. diff. with Capt. Ensign Summers to be Lieut. by purch. Visc. Barnard, 60 F.


Gladwin, from 19 Dr. With Capt. Doherty, Wm. Kelly to be Ensign by purch. do.

13 Dr. 41

E. Warren to be Ensign by purch. vice Pinckney, from h. p. 99 F. with Capt. Ha-

26 Nov. 1818 milton, 5 F.
Alex. Aitken to be Paym. vice Home, Cameron, from h. p. 79 F. with Capt. Dar-

25 Dec.

rah, 21 F. Serj. Major Ring to be Quarter Master, Hay, from 13 P. rec. diff. with Capt. Le

vice M'Intosh, ret. list 31 do. Blanc, Rifle Brig. 16 Enuign Mahon to be Lieut. by purch. Gascoyne, from h. p. 3 Garr. Bn. with Capt. vice M.Pherson, dead

24 do, Campbell, 54 É. Gent. Cadet Campbell, from Mil. Coll. Macworth, from 7 F. with Capt. Major, to be Ensign, více Mahon

do. 13 Dr. 50 Lieut. Johnston, from 58 F. to be Lieut. M'Intyre, from 71 F. rec. diff. with Capt. · vice Jones, h. p.

25 do. Myddleton, h. p. 56 F. 53 Assist. Surg. Dr Mouat, from 91 Dr. to Stack, froin 54 F. with Capt. Fitz Gerald,

be Assist. Surg. vice Pollock, h. p, do. h. p. 88 F. 60

Lieut. Van Batenburg to be Capt. by Lieut. Lang, from h. p. 56 F. rec. diff. with Lieut.

purch. vice Jordan, ret. 24 Dec. Lawrence, 13 Dr. 62

W. Balfour to be Ensign by purch. viee Mackay, from 21 F. rec. diff: with Lieut.
Sayer, ret.

31 de. Ibbotson, h: p. 103 F,



p. to


Licut. Major, from 55 F. with Lt. Craigie, 30 F.

Resignations and Retiremcuts.
O'Halloran, from 30 F. rec. dift. with Lt.
Ramnus, h. p. 92 F.

Lt. Col. Lawrence, 13 Dr.
Shadwell, from 35 F. rec. diff. with Lieut.

Carnie, 12 F.
Rainforth, h. p.

Steevens, 20 F.
Ellis, from 20 Dr. with Lieut. Norris, 9 Dr.

Jordan, 60 F.
Collins, from 4 F. rec. diff. with Lt. Gregg,

Clifton, 1 W. I R. h. p. 6 W. I. R.

Major Fitz Gerald, 82 F.
Bushell, from 4 F. ree. diff. with Lieut.

Maxwell, 92 F.
Irving, h. p. 5 W. I. R.

Capt. Moreton, ? Life Gds.
Sabine, from 21 F. rec. diff. with Lieut.

Forbes, 20 F.
Hammill, R. African Corps

Hare, 97 F. Orme, from 11 Dr. with Lieut. Allingham,

Deaths. 6 Dr.

O'Brien, 89 F. with Lieut. Kelly, 87 F. Major General Wilson, late 4 Ceylon R.
Lloyd, from 88 F. rec. diff. with Lieut. Sou-

18 Jan. 1819 tar, h. p. 71 F.

Col. Earl of Poulett, 1 Somerset Mil. 14 do. Polhill, from 1 Life Gds. with Lt. Bullock, Major Colcough, 33 F. h. p. 23 Dr.

Capt. Carter, 8 Dr.

14 June 1813 Mallory, from 11 Dr. rec. diff. with Lieut, Jones, 19 F. L. M. Cooper, h. p. 20 Dr.

Langton, do.
Hannam, from 7 F. rec. dift. with Lieut. Parker, 53 F.

15 Feb Graves, h. p.

Russell, do.

6 June Reynett, from 45 F. rec. diff. with Lieut. Gray, 1 Ceylon Regt. Schonfeldt, 73 F.

Strattan, Royal Art.

9: Oct Cornet Bonnor, from 3 Dr. Gds. with Ensign and Wynecken, Foreign, h. p. late Germ. Les Lieut. Abercromby, 3 F. G.

18 do Trollope, from 2 Dr. rec. diff. with Cornet Lieut. Richardson, 4 F.

27 de Clark, h. p. 1 Dr. Gds.

D. Campbell, 19 F.

9 Jan. 1819 Ensign Tudor, from 9 F. rith Ensign Mahon, 50 F. D. M.Donald, h. p. 30 F. 8 Feb. 1818 Clandinen, from h. p. 50 F. with Ensign

Taylor, 53 F.

2 May Clarke, 43 F.

J. Mackay, do.

17 June Holland, from 4 F. rec. diff. with Ensign

Holmes 59 F.

22 July Warre, h. p. 83 F.

Nason, 60 F.

97 Dec. Gordon, from 63 F. with Ensiga Stewart,

Curtwell, 83 F. 99 F.

Munden, 81 F.

1 April Young, from 83 F. rec. diff. with 2d Lieut.

Morgan, 1 W. I. R.

22 Oet. Driberg, h. p. 3 Ceylon Regt.

Studdy, R. W. In. Ra.

25 Sept Stewart, from 92 F. with Ensign Gordon, Ensigo Baldwin, 17 F.

1 July 63 F.

Bulkeley, 34 F.

13 June Qua. Mast. Hall, 11 Dr. with Qua. Mast. Hender- Ingleby, 53 F.

4 do son, h. p. 6 W. I. R.

Qua. Mast. Fortesquieu, 21 Dr.

15 do. Assist. Surg. Dr Ducat, from h. p. Meuron's R.

Medical Department.
with Assist. Surg. Napier, Sup. Ass. Surg. in East Staff Surg. Van Malsen

Assist. Surg. Hooper, 19 F.
Lukin, from 55 F. with Assist. Surg. Hosp. Assist. Pickell

8 Nor. Dr Macdonnell, h. p. 50 F.

Chaplain-Rey. R. B. Verchild, at St. Kit's 17 Oct



At Bonmington-place, Edinburgh, Mrs Mori Dec. 11, 1818. At Castlehill, Ireland, the lady son, a daughter. of Major N. Gledstones, 68th regiinent, a son.

21. Right Honourable Lady Janet Buchanan, a - In Townsend-street, Dublin, the wife of W.

daughter. Singleton, beadle of St. Mark's parish, three sons, At Pitt-street, Edinburgh, Mrs J. S. Robert who, with the mother, are doing well.

son, a son, 22. At Tavistock-square, London, the lady of Duncan Campbell, Esq. a daughter. On Christmas Éve, the wife of Mr Saunders,

MARRIAGES. shoemaker, No 1, Bull's-head-court, Snow-hill, was delivered of twins; she is in the 50th year of April 15, 1818. At Calcutta, at the house o her age, and had no children for 35 years before. John Hunter, Esq. James Bathgate, Esq. surgeon,

Jan. 1. At Woodburn, Canaan, the lady of to Eliza, youngest daughter of the late James Scut, George Ross, Esq. advocate, a daughter.

Esq. 3. At Wykham Park, Oxfordshire, the lady of May 50. At Penang, John Anderson, Esq. High Daniel Stuart, Esq. a daughter.

Sherit of Prince of Wales' Island, and second son 5. At Edinburgh, Mrs Irvine, Prince's-street, a of Robert Anderson, Esq. of Stroqunan, to Miss son.

Mary Alison Carnegy, second daughter of James - At Inveresk, the lady of R. D. Horn Elphin. Carnegy, Esq. merchant in Penang stone of Horn and Logie Elphinstone, a son. June 18. At Gurruckpore, in the East Indies,

8. At Abbotrule, the lady of Robert Henderson, Montague Ainslie, eldest son of Dr Ainslie of Esq. a daughter.

Dover-street, Register and Joint Magistrate of - At George-street, Edinburgh, the lady of Cap- Azeemphur, to Sophia, eldest daughter of the late tain Menzies, a son.

George Poyntz Ricketts, and niece to Charles Mil 10. In Maitland-street, Edinburgh, Mrs Callan- ner Ricketts, member of the Supreme Council of der, a daughter

Bengal, and first cousin to the Earl of Liverpool. At Stockbridge, near Edinburgh, Mrs H. Dec. 24. At Stockton, Henry Beck with, Esq. to Currie, a daughter.

Miss Elizabeth Cowan, daughter of Mr Cowan, - Mrs George Robertson, Albany-street, Edin- late schoolmaster, Old Monk land. burgh, a son.

23. At Glasgow, Mr Samuel Cochran, merehant, - Mrs Thomson, Dundas street, Edinburgh, a Dublin, to Elizabeth, daughter of the late David daughter.

Wardrop, Esq. surgeon, royal navy. 12. At Pinkie House, the lady of Sir John Hope 29. At Ford, Path-head, Captain Ronaldson, of Craighall, Bart.

Edinburgh militia, to Frances, daughter of the late 13. Ät Buccleuch-place, Edinburgh, Mrs Clark, Mr James Torrance. a son.

Jan. 5, 1819. At Edinburgh, Mr Joseph Chip - At Gilmour-place, Edinburgh, Mrs Harbourne man, of the Ordnance, to Mary Stanley, daughter Gibbes Straghan, a son.

of the late John Stirling, Esq. merchant, Port Glas 14. At Kilbagie, Mrs Stein, a son.

gow. 16. The lady of James Hunter, Esq. of Thur. 7. At Leith, Captain J. M'Luckie, to Elizabeth, mon, a daughter.

third daughter of the late Captain Andrew Scott et 19. Mrs. Walker, a son.



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