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tion, who cannot indure innocency it felf, when habited in a Rochet. We remember what Seneca faith (and it is in his De Ira too) they are affecti oculi, quos candida veftis obturbat, happy is it for him, that the blackeft Stigma that can be faftned upon him, is that his robes were whiter then his Brethrens, that only the coat of our Jofeph hath drawn their envy upon him, the Man Dr. Hall was not the object of their diftaft, but the Bishop. To fatisfy thefe tender eyes, they have bere this great Aaron Stripped of all his Priestly Ornaments, and laid open to them, only in these few winding sheets, Spunne, and woven, with his own band. In the narrative of his life,his pen breaks off with his outward preffures, wherein all the Loffes and indignities be fuffered did fo little trouble him, as to fome eminent Commiffioners (who defired to know his fuffering condition, and made fair overtures of fome little reparation he replyed that of Seneca, Qui fe habet, nihil perdidit. God had no sooner withdrawn his hand from vifiting him with thofe outward tryals, then he began to exercife him, by fore afflictions of the body, in his continually increafing paines of the Stone and Strangury, which for many years held him, and purfued him to the death, yet could not these great impediments take him off from being active, both in Preffe and Pulpit: His intellectuals and fences continued ftrong, and fresh to the last, his head continned Gold, and his heart of refined Silver, when all the rest of his body was half clay.


His fence of the fad, and divided condition of the Church, was to his end paffionatly tender, profeffing all willingneß to live, though in the midst of his exceeding pains and torments, fo he might be any way inftrumental to the making up of the breaches of it, and putting it in due frame and order; But fince all his endeavours with men fo little prevailed, he never ceased wrestling with God to this purpose, setting apart one day in every weak through the Year, for fafting and humiliation with his Family, not that he fought his own Interefts, to be restored to that Epifcopal height, and greatness of which he had been divefted: All those who truely knew him, can witneß with us, his abundant contentment in his retreat to a private life, as not a mifery, but a bleffing to him, We know, when in the height of all his honors he was ready enough to fuch a feceffion, could he fairly,and handfomly have retired. And now that impetuous forme,which beat him off from the course of his publick employments, though it batter'd his veffel, and tore his failes; yet it did but drive him to the quiet haven where he would be; justly could be take up the words of holy Nazianzen (in this and many other things his parallel) who when hotly oppofed, and thruft from his See of Conftantinople, could fay, A retired life,everwas, and now is dearly affected by me, though they drive me from my chair, they cannot drive me from my God.

Among many worthy men, who received Ordina

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on to the Miniftry from his hands, we cannot but men tion one, in whome he take great comfort,asbeing a notable precedent for the rest of our learned,& religious Gentry to follow; It was Mr. Gipfon Lucas, an Efq;· of good eftate, a great Commiffioner, and Justice of Peace in the County of Suffolk, who found his Spirit and Confcience fo wrought upon, as after good deli beration, and confultation with others, he came to this Reverend Father for Ordination, as refusing to take it from any hands, where his did not precede, which he received, (good proof being given of his abilities) according to his defire, and he who entred Nayoth before this aged Samuel, like Saul in his Scarlet (for that was his habit) returned from him a Sackcloth Prophet, continuing a diligent and zealous preacher of the Gospel. To returne to the Reverend Author; his retreat from the World though be were holy, and conftantly charged with furious onfets of his fharp difcafes, yet was it answerable to his life, folemn, and Staid, with a compofed,and heavenly temper of fpirit. The ftream was deep,which could run clear & calmly,through fo craggy & crooked a Channel,without a murmure. After his prevail ing infirmities had wafted all the ftrengths of nature, and the Arts of his learned and excellent Phyfician D. Brown of Norwich (to whom under God,we and the whole Church are ingaged for many Years prefer ving his life as a blessing to us) after his Fatherly reception of many perfons of Honour, Learning and Piety

Piety, who came to crave his dyeing prayers and be nediction: One of which (A Noble perfon) he faluted with the words of an ancient Votary, Vides "hominem mox pulverem futurum, after many holy prayers, exhortations, and difcourfes, heronzed up his dying Spirits, to a heavenly Confeffion of his Faith, which ere he could finish, his Speech was taken from him, fo that, we cannot here infert it. After fome Struglings of nature, with the agonies of death, he quietly, gradually, and even infenfi bly gave up his last breath.

And now, how can we forbear to cry fadly after him, our Father, our Father, the Chariots of Ifrael, and the Horfemen thereof. Theodorets Lamentation over Chryfoftome may be taken up over Him, ὦ σρατιώτας κ μετα τελευτὴν αρισέως, ὦ λυτηρὸς τοῖς ἐχθροῖς καὶ μετὰ τάφον ὁπλίτες, ὦ παναρμονίας χώρας τελευτὴ λέλυμε βαθύης, διος ευσεβείας ἀνθρώπων ὀφθαλμος ἀνηρπάσθη; ν τέθνηκας μακάριε πατερ ἀλλ' ὡς ἥλιος ἔδυς, εκ ὡς ἀποθανόν]ος ἀλγομεν, ws ἀλλ ̓ ὡς ἡμῖν κεκρυμήνες, εκ ὡς τεθνεώτα ζητάμην, ἀλλ' ὡς εἰς ἔρα νας μετασάντα : Though ye have ten thoufand inftructers in Chrift (faith the Apostle) yet have ye not many Fathers, and if we had many Fathers, yet not many fuch as He.

We finde great Elogies defervedly given to many, eminent in their several Ages, both Philofophers and Divines. For the first fort

Thucidides gives this Character of Pericles, amp και ἐκεῖνον τὸν χρόνον πρώτος ἀθηναίων λεγεῖτε να πράττειν δυνα




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Of Socrates, Eunapius, that he was atõi äɣaλ= μα σοφίας.

Of Pythagoras, Lipfius, Ejus fingula fententiarum frufta gemmas habent.

of Homer, Halycarnaffeus, & S TOTALOL, καὶ πᾶσα θάλασσα και πάσαι κρῆναι.

Of Demofthenes, that he was σαλπιγξ ῥητρης ευκελα διαιο, πατηρ σόφος.

Óf Seneca, Plus aliquid femper dicit, quam dicit. For the fecond fort, those who justly obtained to be honoured with the name of Fathers of the Church Ignatius for his piety was called 9εοφόρος, θεόληπτος, Θεοείκελος

Athanafius for his ftrenuousness in difputation was called πολύαθλος.

Of Chryfoftome it was faid, that he was Theatrum quoddam divinæ eloquentiæ, in quo Deus abunde videri voluit, quid poffet vitæ fanctitas, cum vi dicendi conjuncta,

Of Clemens Alex. that he was Inter eloquentes
fumme doctus, inter doctos fumme eloquens.
Upon S. Bafil the Great, Nazianzen bestowed this
Epitaph βροντὴ σεῖο λόγος, ἀτροπή δε βίος.

Sermo tuus tonitru, vitaq; fulgur erat.
of S. Jerom, Cauffinus, Blandum facundiæ no-
men, & fummus in omnibus artifex.

Of Hilary S. Jerom, Lucifer Ecclefiarum, pretiofuslapis, pulchro fermone univerfa loquitur, & fi femina aliqua fecus viam cecidiffe potuiffent, tamen ab co meffis exorta est magna.


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