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was a prey unto them. The Lord is a God of vengeance. *

821. And Solyman heard the report of the emperor, and that much people were gathered together at Vienna, and he changed his mind and returned back, and turned unto Vienna the back and not the face; and it came to pass, while they were in Terra Nova, that Micalogilit Pasha said unto the king, “ Let thy servant go into the countries of these uncircumcised to make spoil ;' and he said unto him, “ Go in peace.” And the man went, and fifteen thousand horsemen with him. And they ran unto Lientz, which is on the other side of Vienna, and destroyed every goodly part thereof. And it came to pass, when they returned, that about two thousand horsemen went out against them, Hungarians and Croatians, and four thousand Germans, and four hundred Spaniards, raisers of bulwarkst, who shut up their way. And the Spaniards fell upon them first, and set the battle in array against them; and there fell one hundred Spaniards, and five hundred Germans at that time slain unto the ground: and the battle ceased. And Micalogili feared; and he chose two hundred horsemen, and said unto the men of war, “ Be

* Ps. xciv. 1.

+ boarspos. I 075510 '9910, sappers ; comp. 2 Sam. xx. 15.



strong and of good courage *; be not afraid of them, for God hath given them into our hand : and I and my men, we will go on the other side of the river; and we will turn round and take them in the midst, and will fight against them before and behind.” And he passed the river, and they fled before them, and he returned unto the camp; and the rest fought until sunset, and many fell slain to the ground; and many were taken alive on that day.

822. And Solyman returned unto Turkey ; for he could not remain, because of the dreadful cold which is in the north country, and because he heard the report of Coron and Patrast.

823. And when the emperor saw that Solyman was gone from him, he sent the troops, every man unto his own home. And when the Italians returned back, they destroyed, laid waste, and burned with fire all the cities through which they passed in Germany; for Charles had given them no money, and their soul was embittered against them. And the emperor sent to speak to their heart, but they would not hearken, for they were hungry and grieved in soul; and they listened not to the voice of the teachers. $

* Deut. xxxi. 6. Josh. i. 9. + See pages 145, 146. I i. e. The emperor and his subjects.

i . e . they became mutinous against ,ולא שמעו קול מורים 6

their commanders.



824. A Jew-man, whose name was David, came from a distant country of India unto the court* of the king of Portugal in those days, and said unto him, “ I am a Hebrew, and I fear the Lord, the God of heavent; and my brother, the king of the Jews sent me unto thee, O king, for help; and now, be a helper unto us, and we will go to war against the Turk Solyman, and will take the Holy Land from his hand.” And the king said unto him, “ Be thy coming with peace; and now go, I will send thee unto the high priests; and whatsoever he shall say, I will do.” And he went out from him, and abode in Lisbon several days. And the forced Christians believed his words. And each said unto his neighbour. “ He is our deliverer, for God hath sent him ;” and they gathered themselves unto him, and honored him much. And the man departed thence, and passed through Spain; and in all the places through which he passed, many flowed unto him of those who were scattered there; and he was unto them a stumbling-block. And he passed over to France and went unto Avignon. And he departed thence, and came to Italy; and he made banners of * Ww, gate, porte, comp. Ottoman Porte. † Jonah i. 9. # The patriarch of Lisbon.

$ D'DUR7, the compelled ones, i. e. Jews who had been driven by the inquisition into an outward conformity with ecclesiastical rites.



cunning work*, and wrote upon them the names of the Holy; and many believed him in those days. And also unto Bologna, Ferrara, and Mantua, came that man; and he said that he would, with the consent of the kings of the uncircumcised, lead all the Jews who were found in the midst of them, unto his place and into his land. And he spake also unto the pope ; and the children of Israel feared much. And it came to pass, when they spake unto him, saying, “ And what shall we do unto our wives this day, if we shall all go unto the battle, and what unto their children which they have borne ?” That he replied, “ Surely there are many women in our country, like unto these woment: fear not, for there is no restraint with the Lord to savef.” And he invented a writing of his own heart, saying, “My brother, the king, hath sent it unto me written and sealed with the king's rings ;” and it came to pass, one day, that his secret was discovered, and they believed him no more; for he decreed decrees of nothingness ||.

825. And there came forth a rods from Portugal, whose name was Solomon Molcho, of a stem of Israel, which had been scattered there since

* un nwyn, Exod. xxvi. 1. i. e. The work of an embroiderer.

+ 2 Sam. xii. 8. I 1 Sam. xiv. 6. § Esther viii. 8. || Is. x. 1.

Isaiah xi. 1.



the days of destruction*; and he was a lad with the scribes of the king at that time. And when he saw the man David, the Lord touched his heart, and he returned unto the Lord, the God of his ancestors; and he circumcised the flesh of his foreskin. And he knew nothing of the law of the Lord, and of the Holy Scriptures in those days; and it came to pass, when he was circumcised, that the Lord gave wisdom unto Solomon, and he became wiser than all men in a very short time; and many wondered at him; and he went to Italy, and with a daring face he spake of the law of our God in the presence of [83] kings, and hid not his face from them. And he went unto Turkey, and returned unto Rome, and spake with Clement, who extended towards him kind. ness against the desire of all those who knew law and judgments. And he gave him a written privilege signed with his name, to dwell according as it should be pleasing in his sight, and he surnamed himself by the name of Israelf; and he was wise in the wisdom of the Cabala; and he brought forth from his mouth words of grace, for the spirit of the Lord spake in him; and His word was constantly upon his tongue. And he continually drew also from the deep fountain of the Cabala goodly words; and he wrote them * i. e. Baptism.

† Esther i. 13. I i. e. he professed Judaism, - Exodus ii. 19.

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