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a Chronological inder

a Of the Years and Times from Adam unto Christ, proved by the Scriptures, from the collation of divers Authors.


The sum of the years of the first age. Abraham was in Charran five years, and departed | Elon, 10 years.

Jerusalem was re-edited, and built agala, after ROM Adam unto Noah's flood are years 1656. in the 75th year :

Abdon, 8 years.

the captivity of Babylon, 70 years. For Adam being 150 years old, begat Seth. Begat Isaac wben 100 years old, in the 25th year Samson, 20 years.

The captivity continued 70 years.
Seth, heing 105 years, begat Enos.

of his departing
Eli, judge and priest, 44 years.

The children of Israel were delivered the first
Evos, being 90 years, begat Cainan.
Isaac begat Jacob, when 50 years old.
Samuel and Saul reigned 40 years

year of Cyrus. Cainan, being 70 years, Legat Mahalaleel. Israel was in Egypt 220 years.

David was king 40 years.

The temple was begun to be built in the second] Mahata leel, being 65 years, begat Jared. Then deduct 80 years from this ; for so old was Solomon, in the 4th year of his reign, began the year of the said Cyrus, and finished in the 4th Jared, at the age of 162, begat Epoch. Moses when he conducted the Israelites from building of the temple.

year, which was the bih year of Darius. After Enoch, being 65 years, begat Methuselah.


These are the 480 years mentioned in the first that 'Darius had reigned 20 years, Nehemiah Methuselah, at the age of 187, begat Lamech. So the rest of the years, that is to say, 150, are Book of Kings, chapter 6.

was restored to liberty, and went to build the Lamech, being 182 years, begat Noah. divided between Amram and Kobath.

city, wbich was finished in the 32d year of the Doah, at the coming of the flood, was 600 years Then Kobath legat Amram at the age of 67 years. From the first building of the temple, unto the said Darius. old, as appeareth in the 7th chapter of Genesis. | Aidrum, being 65 years, begat Moses, who, in the captivity of Babylon, are 419 years and a half. All the years from the huilding of the temple The whole sum of the years are 1656. 80th year of his age, departed with the Israel. Solomon reigned yet 36 years.

again, are 26 years.
ites from Egypt.
Rehoboam, 17 years.

The whole sum of years amounts to 70.
From the flood of Noah unto Abraham's departing So this chronology is the 430 years mentioned in Abijam, 3 years.
from Chaldea, were 422 years and ten days. the 12th chapter of Exodus, and the Sdgebapter Asa, 41 years.

From the re-edifying of the city, urto the coming For the said food continued one whole year and to the Galatians.

Jehoshaphat, 25 years

of Christ, are 483 years after this chronology. ten days.

Jehoram, 8 years.

It is mentioned in the ninth chapter of Daniel Sliem (wl:o was Noain's son) begat Arphasad two From the going forth of the Israelites from Egypt, Ahaziah, 1 year.

that Jerusalem should be built up again, and years after that. unto the first building of the temple, are 480 Athaliah, the queen, 7 years.

that from that time unto the coming of Christ Arphaxad begat Salah when he was 35 years old. years, after this chronology and account. Jehoash, 40 years.

are 69 weeks, and every week is reckoned for Salah, being 30 years old, begat Eber. Moses remained in the desert or wilderness 40 Amaziah, 29 years.

7 years. So 69 weeks amount to 483 years : for Eber, at the age or 34, begat Peleg.

Uzziah, 52 years.

from the 32d year of Darius unto the 420 year
Peleg, being 30 years, Legat Reu.
Joshua and Othniel ruled 40 years.
Jehoahaz, 16 years.

of Augustus, in wbich year our Saviour Christ Reu, being 32 years, begat Serug. Ehud, 80 years. Ahaz, 16 years.

was born, are just and complete so many years ; Serug, being 30 years, begat Nahor. Deboral, 40 years. Hezekiah, 29 years.

wbereupon we reckon, that from Adam unte Nahor, being 29 years, begat Terah. Gideon, 40 years. Manasseh, 55 years.

Christ are 3974 years, 6 months, and ten days ; Torah, being 130 years, begat Abram. Abimeleci, 3 years. Amon, 2 years.

and from the birth of Christ unto this presen! And Abraham departed from Chaldea when he Tola, 23 years.

Josiah, 31 years.

year, is 1823. was 70 years old. Jair, 2 years. Jehoalaz, 3 months.

Then the whole sum' and number of years, from These, accounted, are 422 years and 10 days. Then they were without a captain, anul the 18th Eliakim, 11 years.

the beginning of the world unto this present year of Jephthah. Jehoiachin, Jechonias, 3 months.

year of our Lord God 1823, are 5797 years, 6 Frons Abraham's departing from Ur in Chaldea, Jephthah, 6 years.

And bere beginneth the captivity of Babylon. months, and the said odd ten days. unto the departing of the children of Israel, are Ibzan, 7 years.

The sum of these years is 419 and 6 months 430 year's, gathered as followeth :

a Table of Time.

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4th day, 5th day, 6th day,



7 Tizri, or Ethanim.
8 Marchesuan, or Bul.

3 Sivan

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Thursday The 1st watch, from run-set to the third

Friday hour of the night.
7th day, or Sabbath, Saturday. The 2d, or middle watch, from the third

hour to the sirth. Hours of the Day.

The Sd watch, or cock-crowing from
The day, reckoning from siin-rise, and the sixth to the ninth.

the night from sun set, were each | The 4th, or morning watch, from the
divided into 12 equal parts, called, ninth hour to non-rusc.
The 1st, 2d, 3d, 4th, &c. Hours.

4 Thammuz.

9 Chisleu.

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10 Thebeth.

3d day,

ATRIARCHS, nr Fathers of Families, such as Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and his sons.

Levites, of the tribe of Levi, but not of Aaron's family; of these were three orders, Gershonites,
Julges, Temporary Supreme Governors, immediately appointed by Gnd over the children of Kohathites, Merarites, several sons of Levi.

Nethinims, inferior servants to the Priests and Levites (not of their tribe) to draw water and cleave Kings, and they either of the whole nation, or aíter the falling off of the ten tribes, of Judah or wood, &c. Israel.

Propheta, anciently called Seers, who foretold future events, and denounced God's judgments. Elders, Senators, the LXX. or Sanhedrim.

Chilaren of the Prophets, their disciples or scbolars. officers, Provosts, Sherifts, or Executirners.

Wise Men, called so in imitatin of the eastern Magi, or Gentile pbilosophers. Judges, Inferior Rulers, such as determined controversies in particular cities.

Scribes, Writers and expounders of the law. Israelites, Hebrews, descendants from Jacob.

Disputers, that raised and determined questions out of the law. A Hebrew of Hebrews, an Israelite by original extraction.

Rabbies, or Doctors, Teachers of Israel. A Proselyle of the Covenant, who was circumcised, and submitted to the whole law.

Libertines, Freedmen of Rome, wbo, being Jews or Proselytes, héd a synagogue of oratory for A Proselyte of the Gate, or Stranger, who worshipped one God, but remained uncircumcised. themselves.

Gaulonites, or Galileans, who pretended it unlawful to obey a beathen magistrate.
Officers under the Assyrian or Persian Monarchs.

Herodians, who shaped iheir religion to the times, and particularly Rattered Herod.
Tirshotha, or Governor appointed by the kings of Assyria or Persia.

Epicureans, who placed all happiness in pleasure. Heads of the captivity, the Chief o each tribe or family, who exercised a precarious Go' ernment Stoicks, who denied the liberty of the will, and pretended all events were determined by faizi during ibe Captivity.

necessity. Under the Grecian Monarchs.

Simon Magus, author of the heresy of the Gnosticks, who tanght that men, however vicious their Superior Officers.

practice was, should be saved by their knowledge. Muccabees, the Successors of Judas Maccabeus, High Priests, who , resident with biogly power.


Nicolaitanes, the disciples of Nicolas, one of the first seven Deacons, who taught the community

or wives. Under the Roman Emperors.

Nazuriles, who, under a vow, abstained from wine, &c. Presidents, or Governors, sent fmm Rome with Imperial power.

Nazarenes, Jews professing Christianity. Tetrarchus, who had kingly pewer in four provinces.

Zelots, Sicarii, or Murderers, who, under pretence of the law, thought themselves authorised to Praconsuls, or Deputies of Provinces.

commit any outrage. Inferior Officers.


, Separatists, who, upon the opinion of their own godliness, despised all others. Publicans, or Tax-gatherers. Centurions, Captains of a bundred me

Sadducecs, who denied the resurrection of the dead, angels, and spirits.

Samaritans, mongrel professors, pårtly Heathen, and partly Jews, the flispring of the Assyrians Ecclesiastical Officers, or Sects of Men.

sent to Samaria. High Priests, who only might enter the Hoiy of Holies.

Apostles, Missionaries, or persons sent; they who were sent our Saviour, from their number se and Priests, or Sagan, who supplied the High Priest's ofice, in case be were disabled.

were called The Twelve. !!h Priests for the war, set apart for the occasion of an expedition.

Bishops, Successors of the Apostles in the government of the Church. Priests, Levites of the sons of Aaron, divided into twenty-four ranks, each ranks serving weekly Deacons, Officers chosen by sbe Apostles to take care of the poor bon the lenple



as re-edified, and built als ity of Babylon, 20 years. continued 10 years

of Israel were delivered de

rus was begun to be built in the par said Cynes, and finished in the was the oth year of Darius

kad reigoed 20 years Nebuie d to liberty, and went so bail was finished in the sid pares

from the building of the top 3 years

of years amounts to 22 ifying of the cits, unto the case 463 yakrs after this ekomiy

in the ninth chapter of a sboald be back up agnit

time unto the wing of Ce and every week is clear

weeks atoast te lyern: var of Danas antes

which year ear Sariar Chi stand complete so many part

recloe, that from Jan yearsé mentis, and teachers rth of Christ unto the pro

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