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30, 35.

The fourth Age.

The fourth ice.
Before y Joshua II. Joshua, being confirmed in his government hy God, sends forth spies from Before

from the top of mount Gerizim expostulates with them the wrong, they had
Shittim to the city of Jericho, who, being harboured by Rahab, are privily sent Christ

done to his father's house; and by way of a parabie furetells their ruin: which
away, when searcb is made for them.


done, he lies, and dwells quietly in Beer.
III. Upon the tenth day of the first month, (April 30) to wit, the same day that the 1233. 22, Abimelech, having reigned three years over Israel. Ganl a Shecbemite con-
Paschal Lamb was io be chosen out of ihe flock, the Israelites under the con-

spires against him; which being discovered to him by Zebul, bcutterly destinys
duct of Joshua, a type of Jesus Christ, go up out of the river Jordan into the

the city of Shechein, and puts all the inliabitants to the sword, abıl Warns the
promised land of Canaan, a type of a more heavenly country. They pass through 1232. 50. temple of their god Berith with fire; from thence he goeth and / Iyeth siege to
IV. the river on dry ground, the waters being for the present divided; for a memo-

2 Samuel | Thebez, where he is knocked on the head with a piece of a millstone, cast upon
rial of which miraculous passage, Joshua sets up i2 stones in the very channel

XI. 21. him by a woman from the walls, and then killed outright by bis armour-bearer.
of Jordan, and taking 12 other stones out of the midst thereof sets them up at 1210. Judges Tola the son of Puah, alter Abimelech, judgeth Israel 233 years.
Gilgal, the place where they next encamp.

1206, X. 1, 2, ,

Jair the Gileadite succeeds Tola, and judgeth Israel 22 years.
Joshua V. The day following, Joshua renews the use of circumcision, which had been 1168. 8, The Israelites, sorsaking again the true Gol, fall to worship the gods of
omitted 40 years.

several nations, and are given up into the hands of the and Ammon-
10, Upon the 14th day of the same month, in the evening, the Israclites celebrate 1187. 15. ites; which fifth thraidom lasteth 18 years. Upon their repeutance, and aban-
their first passover in the land of Canaan.

doning their idols, at length they obtain mercy.
11, 12
Next day after the passover manna ceaseth.

XI. Jephthah the Gileadite, being made captain of the host of Israel, sabdues the
13. Our Lord Jesus, Captain of his Father's host, appears to Joshua, the typical

Ammonites; before the battle he vows his daughter unawares to be offered in
Jesus, before Jericho, with a drawn sword in his hand, and promiseth there

XII. 6, sacrifice, and afterward perforros it. He puts to the sword 42,000 Ephraimitea,
to defend his people.

who had behaved themselves insolently against him, and judgeth Israel 6 years
VI. Jericho, the ark of the Lord having been carried round about it, is taken the 1182.

8, Ibzan the Bethlehemite succeeds Jephthah, and judgeth Israel 7 years.
seventh day, the walls thereof falling down at the sound of the priests' trum- 1175. 11, Elon the Zebulonite succeeds Ihzan, and judgeth Israel 10 years.

pets; all the inhabitants are put to the sword, except Raliab and her family. 1164. 13. Abilon the Ephraimite succeedls Elon, and judgeth Israel 8 years.
VII. The Israelites besiege Ai, and are smitten by their enemies, God having ahan. 1156,

1 Samuel Eli the high priest (in whom the high priestbood was translated from the fan-
doned them for sacrilege committed by Achan : Achan's sin being discovered

IV. 18. ily of Eleazar to Ithamar's) succeeds Abdon, and judgeth Israel 40 years. The
VIII. by the casting of lots, and himself found guilty, he is stuned to death, and, to-

Israelites again provoke the Lord to anger, and he delivers them into the hands
gether with his children and cattle, burned with fire. God being pacified here-

Judges of the Philistines. This sixth thraldom begins sever months after Eli's entering
by, Ai is taken by ambushment and utterly destroyed.

XIII. 1, 2, upon the government, and lasteth 40 years, even till seven months after his
On mount Ebal, according to the law made, is an altar erected, and tbe Ten

death, when the ark was brought back again.
Commandments engraven on it; the blessings and cursings are repeated on 1155. 24. Samson the Nazarite, as an angel had foretold, is born at Zorah.
mount Ebal and mount Gerizim, and the book of the law read in the ears of the 1137. XIV.4. Whilst Eli the high priest executeth the office of a judge in civil causes

under the Philistines, Samson takes an occasion to quarrel with them, by mar.
IX. The kings of Canaan combine against Israel; only the Gibeonites crastily find

rying a woman of Timnath; for having on the day of his betrothing propound-
a way to save their own lives by making a league with them; but are after-

ed a riddle to the Philistines, and laju a wager, his wife tells them the meaning
wards deputed to the servile offices of the house of God.

of it: enraged hereat, he goes and slays 30 nien of Askelon, and gives them the
X. Adoni-zedek, king of Jerusalem, with the kings of Hebron, Jarmuth, Lachish,

suits of raiment which he had stripped off their bodies, in performance of the
and Eglon, bearing that Gibeon is fallen off from them, join their

forces together

wager which he had lost, and returns home to his father.
and besiege it ; but Joshua raisetb the siege, pursueth those five kings, and 1136. XV. Samson again in barvest-time goes to present his wife with a kid at her fath
smitesh them as far as Azekah, the Lord in the meanwhile killing more with

er's house, but finds her given away in marriage to another man; Sainson re
hailstones from heaven, than the Israelites with their swords. Joshua com-

solves to be revenged; he catches Soo foxes, and tying fire-brands to their tails,
mands the sun to stand still over Gibeon, and the moon over the valley of Ajalon,

turns them all into the corn-fields of the Philistines, and into their vineyards,
by the space almost of one whole day, until the Israelites are fully avenged

and olive-gardens, and sets them all on fire. The Philistines take Samson's
of their enemies. The five kings hide themselves in a cave at Makkedah;

wise and father-in-law, and burn them ; Samson in revenge slays a great multi-
from whence they are brought forth, scornfully used, and hanged.

tude of them, and sits down upon the rock Etam, from whence being taken liv
1450. Exodus From the autumn of this year, wherein, after the failing of manna, they began

3000 of the Jews, and by thrm delivered into the hands of the Philistines, !
XXIII. to till the ground, the rise of the sabbatical years is to be taken.

slays of them a thous nd men with the jaw-bone of an ass; in which place le is
1445. 10, 11 Joshua, now grown old, is commanded by God to divide all the land on the

miraculously refreshed, when thirsty and ready to faint.
Joshua west of Jordan among the nine tribes remaining, and the other hall-tribe of 1117.

XVI. Sanson is betrayed by Delilah his concubine, bereaved of the hair of his Naz.
XXIII. Manasseb. The Lord and his sacrifices are the inheritance of Levi.

ariteship, and delivered to the Philistines, who put out his eyes and bind him
XI. The rest of the kings, with whom Joshua had waged war for six years, resolve

with chains of brass. The Philistines gather together to offer sacrifice to Dagen
to set upon him with united forces: but Joshua comes upon them unawares,

their god, and Samson is brought to make them sport; whose hair heing grown,
slays them, and possesseth their countries.

and his strength in a great measure restored, he takes bold of the two chief pil
21. Joshua now roots out those giants, the Anakims, with their cities, out of the

lars whereon the house stood, (wlicrein were the princes of the Philistines, a d
XIV. hill-countries, out of Hebron, Debir, and Anab, and gererally oui of all the

a great multitude of people) and pulls down the house, killing more nien at bis
mountains of Judah and all Israel. And having gotten the whole land into liis

death, than he did in all his life-time. So he died, having judged Israel in the
XV. hands, he divides it among the children of Israel according to their tribes; and 1116 1 Sam. IV. days of the Philistines 20 years.
the land rested from war.

The Israelites take up arms against the Philistines, but with very ill success
The first sabbatical year, or year of rest; from hence the year of Jubilee, or

for they lose 4000 men in one battle. Then they send for tbe ark of the cover
every fifty years' space, is to be reckoned.

nant from Shiloh, and cause it to be brought into the camp. The Philistines,
XVIIL The tabernacle is set up at Shiloh, (thought to be the same with Saleme)

seeing now all lie at stake, encourage one another to behave themselves like
where it continued 928 years.

men that day; and so falling on, they slay of the Israelites 30,000 men. The ark
XXII. The Reubenites, Gadites, and the half-tribe of Manasseh, with a blessing are

of God is taken, and Hophni and Phinehas, priests, and sons of Fili, are slain
sent home to their possessions on the other side of Jordan.

Of all whici, when tidings are brought to old Eu, frighted thereat, he falls from
1449. XXIII. Joshua gathers together all Israel, exhorts them to obedience, briehy recites

V. his chair and breaks his neck, in the 98th year of his age.
XXIV. God's benefits to them, reneweth the covenant between thens and God, and

The Pbilistines, having brought the ark into Ashdod, set it in the house of
dieth 110 years old.

Dagon their god. But when Dagon bad been found twoseveral times fallen gror-
1413. Judges After the decease of Joshua, and the elders who outlived him, and who re-


elling before it, and broken in pieces, and the inhabitants of the place sorris
IL. 7. membered the wonders which God had wrought for Israel, there succeeds a

plagued, they remove it from thence to Gath, and froin thence to Ekron. Pue
III. 6, 7, generation of men which forget God, and mingle themselves with the Canaan-

the same plagues and judgments following wherever it went, after 7 months, hy
ites by marriage, and worship their idols. In this time of Anarchy and confu-

VII. the advice of their priests, they send home the ark again with presents arid
sion, when every man did that which seemed right in his own eyes, ali those

gifts into the land of the Israelites, and it is brought to Betli-shemesh, whe e
disorders were committed, which are reported in the eve last chapters of 1096.

30,070 men are smitten for looking into the ark. From hence it is carried !o the
the Book of Judges; to wit, the idolatry of Micah, and the children of Dan; the

house of Abinabed in Kirjath-jcarim, who sanctifieth his sou. Eleaz: r to keep it.
8, war of the Benjamites, and the cause thereof. God, being highly provoker,

VII. 13. After 20 years tl. Israelites, by Samuel's persuasion, solemnly repent at Vis.
gives them up into the hands or Cusban, king of Mesopotamia; which first ca-

peh, and, upon their conversion, God by thunder from heaven delivers theni
lamity of theirs holds them but eight years.

from the invasion of the Philistines, who are subdued, the hand of the Lord
1405. 9,
Othniel, the son of Kenaz, and son-in-law to Caleb, stirred up by God as a

1095. VIII.

being against them all the days of Samuel.
jmige and avenger of his people, defeats Cashan, and delivers the Israelites

Samuel, being grown old, takes for his assistance in the government hou
10. out ef bondage; and the land rested forty years after the first rest which Joshua

Hosea sons; by whose in management of affairs, the Israelites require a hing bn
procured for them.

XIII. 10. given then : whereupon God gises them a king in his wrath, to wit, Saul the
343. III. 12. Othniel dying, the Israelites fell again to sin against God, and are given over

son of Kish, after Samuel had judged Isracı 21 years. Saul is privately
into the harus of Eglon king of Moab, wbo, joining with the Ammonites and

1 Samnel anointed by Samuel, and afterward publicly proclaimed king at Mizpeh. Abein
the Amalekites, overthrows the Israelites, and takes Jericho; and this second

XI. 12. a month after Jabesh-gilead is besieged by Nahash king of the Amiponites, and
oppression continueib 18 years.

the siege raised by Saul: whereupon the whole congregation of Israel, coming

Ehud the son of Gera is raised up by God to be an avenger of his people; for 1025. XVII. 12. together at Gilgal, again proclaim Saul king:
30, feigning a message to Eglon, he runs him into the belly with his dagger; then

David the son of Jesse the Ephrathite, boro at Beth-lebem.julah 30 years
setting away, he gathers all Israel into a body on mount Epliraim, and slays


XVL 11. before he succeeded Saul in the kingdom. He was his father's youogest soli.
10,000 of the most valiant men of Moab: and the land resteth 40 years after the

God rejects Saul, and sends Samuel to Deth-lehero, there to anoint David
former rest obtained by Othniel.

XXVIII. king, whom Saul ever after extremely persecuteth:
31. After him, Shamgar, the son of Anath, slayeth 600 Philistines with an ox-

Yet Jonathan, Saul's son, loveth him, and oftentimes rescueth him from Sarl's
goad, and he also avengeth Israel.

XXIV. cruelty.
1305. IV. 1, 2, 3. The Israelites, after the death of Ehud, returning to their old sin, are given

1060. XXVI. David, having Saul twice in his power, forbears to hurt him.
up luy God into the hands of Jabin king of Canaan ; and this thraldom of theirs

1056. XXVII. David, fearing he may sonie time or other fall into the hands of Sau, fies to
continueth 20 years.

Gath unto hing Achisli

, carrying with bim 600 men, and havsug obtained or
1285. IV. 4. Deborah, the wife of Lapidoth, a prophetess, who at this time judgeth Israel

him the town of Ziklag to dwell in, he continueth one year and four moms in
in mount Ephraim, and Barak of the tribe of Naphtali, being made captain of

the land of the Philistines; from whence he invadeth the countries of the Gesh.
the bost of Israel, in sight of Megiddo, overcomes Sisera, captain of Jabin's

urites, Gezrites, and Amalekites, and puts to the sword all, both men and women.
army, whom Jael the wite of lieber the Kenite afterward kills'in her own tent.

1055. XXVIH.

not leaving one alive to carry the news thereof to king Achish.
V. 31. For a memorial of which victory Deborah composeth a song; and the land

1 Chron. Achish, proposing to maké war upon the Isrnelites, takrs Darid along with
resteth 40 years after the former rest obtained by Ehud.

XII. him in that expedition, to whon, whilst he is won bis march with his tto inen,
1252 VI. The Israelites sinning again are delivered into the hands of the Midianites;

1 Samuel repair a great many others of the tribe of Manasseh, and join with him.
which fourth thraldom lasteth 7 years. Hereupon they cry unto God for help,

XXVIII. Saul, seeing the army of the Philistines, is in great fear, and (Samuel leing
and are reproved by a prophet. Then Gideon the son of Joash, of Manasseh, is

now dead) goes to En-dor to consult with a witch there, the woman raiseth an
by an angel from God sent to deliver them. He first overturns the altar of

apparition of Samuel, and Saul receives from it that dreadful doom, The Lord
Baal and burns his grove, and is called Jerubbaal. He out of 32,000 men,

XXIX. will deliver Israel, together with thyself, into the hands of the Philistines.
which came unto him, chooscth only (God so commanding) 300: but with

The princes of the Philistines growing jealous of David, he and his company
them he puts to flight all the host of the Midianites, wbom the Ephraimites

XXXI. early the next morning leave the army, and return to Ziklag,
alterwani pursue, and slay their princes Oreb and Zeeb. Gideon having

The armies Join battle, and the Israelites are defeated; the three sons of Saul
parified the Ephraimites, who complain that they were not called to the battle at

2 Sam. I. are slain, and he himselí falls on his own sword.
first, passeth ihe river Jordan, and defeats the remainder of the Midianitish

Three days after, an Amalekite brings Saul's crown, and the bracelet thai
army; he chastiseth also the men of Succoth and Penuel, who had refused

was upon his arm, and presents them to David, prosessing that, finding Mall
him victuals in his journey; and slays the two kings of the Midianites, Zetah

fallen upon his sword, he had killed him outright, and taken the crown frem
and Zalmunna. After which great victories, the Israelites offering to settle

II. off his head : whereupon David causeth kiin to be put to death, for tretching
the kingdom upon him and his posterity, he refuseth'it; but receiving their

forth his hand to slay ihe Lord's anointed, and lamenteth the death of Sati api
golden ear-ring's, he makes thereof an ephod, which afterward proves an occa-

1 Chron. Jonathan bis son in a funeral song. David, having asked counsel of God, g**
sion of idolatry. The Midiarites being thus vanquished, the land enjoys rest

XII. 23. up to Hebron with those that are about laim, where he is anointed king by the
40 years, after the former rest restored to them by Deborah and Barak.

men of Judah, his own tribe, in the 30th year of bis age; and there be reigns
1296. 33. Gideon dieth, and the Israelites, falling back again to idolatry, worship Baal- 2 Samuel seven years and six monils.
berith for their god.

11. 8, Abner, who was captain of the host of Saul, carries Ishbosheth, Saul's son, to
1X. 1,3

Abimeiech the son of Gideon (begotten upon his concubine) purposing to get 10.55. 12. Mahanaim, and there makes him king over the rest of Israel.
&c. i to himself the kingdom which his father bad refused, slayeth 76 of his brothers

After two years there arise frequent and mortal skirmishes between party
ali upon one stone; and having by the help of the Shechemites got to be maile

of men on David's side, headed by Joab, David's nephew, and anotber party u.

king, Jotham the youngest sou of Gideon, who oniy escaped Abimelech's fury,

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T): ffin Agt.

The fifth gre.

Ishbosheth's side, whereof Abner is chief; but the former still grows stronger | Before 1 King® Asa in the twentieth year of Jeroboam succuells his father Abijam, and religro
anul stronger


XV. 8, 41 years.
III. 6,

Abner, afl'ronted by Ishbosheth, revolteth to Davist, and deals with the chief 955. 25, Nadah in the second year of Asa succeedeth his father Jeroboam in the king.
men of Israel 19 lralisfer the whole kingdom unto him, and this in the hearing 951.

dom of Israel, and reigneth not full two years.
oftbe Benjamites.


21. Nadab at the siege of Gibhethon (a town of the Philistines) is slain by Banska
22. He comes to David, and is kindly received; returning, he is treacherously

of the tribe of Issachar in the third year of Am; and the same year haring
murdered by Joub. David much laments his untimely death, and buries him at

made bimself king over Israel, be utterly destroyeth the whole race of Jerobo.

am, and reigneth 24 years. At this time lived the prophets Jehu, Hanani, and
(V.2. Daanah and Rechab murder their lord and master Ishbosheth, as he lieth

resting himself upon his bed. They bring his bead to David, who in detesta. 951. 2 Chron. Asa destroyeth idolatry, and, enjoying ten years of peace, strengthens his
tion of their treason causeth them immediately to be put to death.

XIV. kingdom with forts and a standing arıy.
V. The cap:ains ang elders of all the tribes coming to llebro:), anoint David a 941.

9. Zerah the Ethiopian with an innumerable army invadeth Judah: Asa ofer-
ibird time, and make him king over all Israel.

comes bim, sacrificeth to God of the spoil, and maketh a solemn covenant with
1017. 1 Chron. David with all Israel mareheth in Jerusalem against the Jebusites, and taketh

God. He also depóseth Maachah his grandmother, a great patroness of idol-
XI. the fort of Zion, and calls it the city of David, and making Jerusalem the scat of


atry; bringeth into the temple those things which his father and himself baut
2 Sam. V. his kingdom, reigneth there over all Israel 33 years.

consecreted unto God, and enjoys a long peace.
105. 5, 6, 7, 9. The ark of the covenant, which in the first sabbatical year was brought froin 930.

1 Kings

Elah the son of Baasha sucieeds his father in the kingdom of Israel.
Gilgal to Shiloh, is this year, being also a salbatical year, brought from Kir- 929.

XVI. 6, In the second year of his reign, and the twenty-seventh of Asa's, Zimri, one
I Chron. jath-jearim out of the house of Abinadab), and placed at Zion ; 30,000 choice

of his captains, conspires against hins, kills him, and reigreth in his stead. As
XVI. men of Israel attending it, and singing the 68th I'salin.

soon as he sits in the throne, he destroyeth the whole family of Baasha ; but the
10:1. 2 Chron. David vow dwelling in his bouse of cedar, which he had built, and living in

army which then lay before Gibbethon makes Omri their king, who presently
I. 4.
a full and perfect peace, imparteth to Nathan the prophet his parpose of building

besiegeth Tirzah, and taketh it; which Zimri seting, he sets on fire the king's
2 Sanuel a house for God; but is answered from God, that this was a work which should be

palace, and perisheth in the flamex.
VII. done, not by him, because he was a man of blood, and trained up in war; but

21, The people of Israel are now divided into two factions; one follows Tibai
1 Chron. by his sou Solomon, a man of peace, which should be born unto him. The time 925.

the son of Ginath, and endeavours to make him king; the other adheres to Omri,
XVI. which passeih from hence till the birth of Solomon is spent in wars; wberein

22, but Tibni dying, Omri reigns alone in the 31st year of Asa.
XXII. Davisl subdues the Philistines, Edomites, Amalekites, Moabites, Ammonites, 924 23, 24, Omrı having reigned six years in Tirzah, removes the seat of his kingdom to
2 Samuel and Syrians, and extends his kingdom to the utmost bound of that land which

Samaria, a place which he bimself had built.
VIII. liad been promised to the seed of Abraham, and never possessed by any of them, 918. 29. Abab succeeds his father in the kingdom of Isruel, and reigneth 22 years in
1 Chron. save only by David and his son Solomon.

Samaria. He did evil in the sight of the Lord above all that were before him.
:033. XVIII. At the end of this year Joab, going with the army against the Ammonites, 914. 1 Kings Jehoshaphat succeedeth his father Asa the fourth year of Ahab king of
Genesis besiegeth Rabbah, the metropolis of Ammon, whilst David takes his ease at Je-

XXII. 41. Israel, and reigneth 25 years in Jerusalem.
XV. 18. rusalern, and there commits adultery with Bathsheba the wife of Uriab the Hit, 912. 2 Chron. Jehoshaphai being settled in his kingdom, and baving demolished the high
Deut. tite, who was then in the army, whom he also procures to be slain.

XX. 31. places and groves, in the third year of his reign he sends Levites with the
10541. XI. 24. The child so gotten in adultery is born. David is convicted by Nathan the

XVII. 7. princes to instruct the people in the law. God in the meantime subdued his
1 kings prophet of his sin, and he repents'; in testimony whereof be composeth the 51st

enemies under him.
IV. Psalm. The child dieth.

1 Kings

Ben-hadad king of Syria layeth siege to Samaria, who by the direction of a
1003. 2SAI. XI. Bathsheba beconies now David's wife, and beareth him a sın, unto ybom, as

XX. prophet is beaten off, and a vast number of the Syrians slain.
(hrun. unto one who should prove a man of peace, God gives the name of Solomon;


Ahab, not being able to persuade Naboth to sell him lis vineyard, falls sick
X and, as to one beloved of the Lord, the name of Jedidiah.

upon it; Jezebel his wife, sulorning false witnesses to accuse hini of blasphemy,
1132. 2 Sanuel Amnon, David's eldest son, defloureth his sister Tamar.

cnuseth Naboth to be stoned, and puts the king in possession of the vineyard.
1030. XII. Absalom avengeth his sister Tamar, and killeth his brother Amnon ; for which

Whereupon the prophet Elijah denounceth judgments against Abah and Jez-
25. thing he fleeth to Geshur in Syria, where he cortinues three years with king

ebel; wicked Ahab repenting, God desers the judgment.
1 Chron. Talnai, his grandfather by the mother's side.

898. XXII. 51. Ahab in the seventeenth year of the reign of Jehoshaphat maketh his son
1077. XXII. After three years exile be returns to Jerusalem, where he continues two

2 Kings Ahaziah his associate in the government of his kingdom.
3. years, before the king his father admits bion into his presence, and is reconciled

III. 1. Jehoshapiat also maketh Jehoram his son copartner with hiin; whence it is,
2 Samuel to him.

I. 17. that Jehoram the son of Ahab, who succeeded his brother Ahaziab in the king
1021. XIII This rebel son, having got chariots and horses, and a guard to attend him,

dom of Israel, in the 18th year of Jehoshaphat king of Judah, said to have
1, 23.
insinuntes bonsell into the favour of the people, and steals away their hearts

begun his reign in the second year of Jehoram the son of Jehoshaphat.
XIV. fron bis father David.

897. 1 Kings Ahab having got Jehoshaphat to assist him in the siege of Ramoth-gilea,
XV. The next year following, unier pretence of a vow, he obtaineth leave to go to

XXII. before be goes, he asketh counsel 01 400 false prophets, who promise him vic.
7. illeron, where, by Ahitophel's counsel, he breaks out into open rebellion, and

2 Chron.

tory and success; but by Jehoshaphat's advice Micaiah, a true prophet of Gore
forceth his father to fly from Jerusalem.


is consulted, who foretells his overthrow; and according to his word Abab is
XVII. Abitboplel, because his counsel in all matters is not followed by Absalom,

slain at Ramoth-gilead, and buried at Samaria.
bangs hiniself.

896. 2 Kings Ahab being dead, the Moabites revolt from Israel, who had continued in sub
XVIII. Ansciom, having lost 20,000 men, Neeth, and a lough of an oak catching hold 1. 1. III. 5.jection ever since king David's days.
of him, he there hans, and is run through by Joal).

2 Sam.

Abaziah kivg of Israel, lying ill of a fall, sends to consult Baal-zebub the ged
1017. XXIV. David, icmpted luy Satan, commandith Joab to vimber the people: God,

VIII. 2 of Ekron concerning his recovery. Elijah the prophet meeteth the messenger
offunded thereat, sends a propliet to put three plagues to his choice, viz. the

2 Kings I. and telleth him Abaziah soall surely die; whereupon two captains over fifty
faniine, sword, or pestilence. David chooseth to fall into the hands of a merci.

men apiece are sent to appretend bin, and bring him before the king: Elijah
1 Chron. ful Ciod, rather than into the hands of men. So fioul sends a pestilence, whereof

calleth for fire from heaven, and destroyeth both them and their conipanies. A
XXI. 70,000 men die ir: one day. The angel being about to destruy Jerusalein, God

third captain with his fifty men being sent, and behaving bimself submissively,
bids him lold bis hand; for he beholds Davil repenting in sackcloth, and en:

Elijah goes along with him; the prophet certifies the king that he shall not
treating him to spare the innocent people, and to turn his hand upon binsell,

1 Kings come down from his bed alive. So Ahariah dieth having governed (partly bus
and upon his father's house.

XXII. himself, and partly together with his father) two years.
1016. 1 Kings Rehoboam is born unto Sulumon by Saamah, an Ammonitish woman.

2 Kings Jehorain succcedeth his brother Ahaziah in the kingdom of Israel in the latter
101). XIV. 21. David, being now 70 years of age, ana bruken with continual cares and wars,

III.1. end of the eighteenth year of Jehoshaphat, and reigneth twelve yars.
1 Kings 1. grow's so weak and feeble, that clothes can no longer preserve heat in lum.

11. 11. Elijab is taken up into heaven in a liery chariot.
Therefore Abishag, a young virgin, is appointed to kecp him warm. Adonijah,


2 Chron. Jehoshaphat grown old gives to his sons many gifts with fenced cities to *
seeing his father thus declining, by the assistance of Joab and Abiathar, makes

XXI.2, 3. Judea; bui his eldest son Jchoram be now more absolutely investeth with the
lain self king: which David understanding, he presently commands Zadok the

2 Kings throne of the kingdom in the fiftlı year of Jehoram kirg of Israel
priest, and Nathan the prophet, with other great men, to anoint Solomon king.


VIII. 16. Jehoram now, by the death of his father, has the kingdom of Judah to him-
Arlonijah liearing this, bctakes himself to the sanctuary, and is pardoned.

2 Chron. self, which he holds four years. He is no sooner settled in his thronc, but he
II. David, having given instructious to his son Solomon, dieth; after he had

XXI. 4, 5. puts all his brethren to the sword, with many of the princes of Israel. Al this
reigned in Hebron seven years and six months, and 33 years in Jerusalem over

Genesis iime the Edomites, wbo ever since king David's time had lived in subjection to
all Israel.

XXVII. Judah, revolt, and (as it was foretold by Isaac) they forever shake oft bis ypke.
1014. III.1. Pharaoh, king of Egypt, gives his daughter in marriage to Solomon.

Libnah also, a city of the priests in the tribe of Judah, falls off from him about
2 Chron. The Lord appears to Soloiron in a dream, and biils bim ask what he will, and

2 Chron. this time.
VIII. 11. it shudl be given hiin. Solomon asheth wisdom; God gives him wisdom from 888. XXL. Jehoram following the counsel of his wicked wife Athaliah, the daughter of
1 Kings
above, and acels thereunto riches and honour. Of this divine wisdom Solomon

10, 11, Alab king of Israel, sets up in Judah, and even in Jerusnlem itsell, the idolatrous
III. 5. makes an eminent manifestation in judging between two harlots.

worship of Baal, and compels his subjects thereto; a letter which was left for

12 him by Elijab the opliet comes to his hands, which reproves him, and denoun-
The fifth Age of the World.

ces all tbose calamities and punishments which afterward lefell him.
VI. 1.

OLOMON lavetb the foundation of the temple in the 40th year after the de-

2 Kings Abaziah succeeds luis father in the kingdom of Judah (having bad part of the
2 Chron. parture of the children of Israel out of Egypt.

VIII. 25, government bestowed upon him the year before) in the 12h year of Jehoram
1005. II. 1. Solomon's templo finished in the eleventh year of bis reign ; having been

king of Israel, and reigneth one year in Jerusalem.
1 kings
seven years and a half in building.


Jehoram king of Israel, and Ahaziah king of Judah, lead their armies to
VI. 38. Solomon this year (being the 2012 Jubilee, and opening the fourth Millenary

Ramoth-gilead against Hazael, who had newly succeeded Ben-hadad in the
VIII. of the worid) wiih great magnificence celebrates the dedication of the temple.

kingdom of Syria ; Jehoram is dangerously wounded, and retires himself to
2 Chron. at which time God giveth a visible sign of his favour.

IX Jezreel to be cured. In the meantime Elisha sendech a young prophet with
975. I V, VI, VII. Solomon having, as it is with reason believed, forsaken his lusts and vanities,

instructions to anoint Jebu the son of Jehoshaphat, the son of Ninishi, at Ra
i Kings to which he had been ton intemperately addicteil, and written, as a testimony

moth-gilead, king over Israel, and to open to him the will of God for the moting
XI. of his repentance, his book called, The Preacher, diei's. lle reigned 10 years.

out of the house of Abab; who, being proclaimed king by the soldiers, marcheth
2 Chron. The Israelites assemble at Shechem to crown Rebobcam, Solomon's soll,

straight to Jezreel, killeth Jehoran in the field of Naboth, and careth Jezebel
IX. king over all Israel. The people by Jeroboam sup unto him for a removal of

to be cast cut at a window, where she is eaten hy dogs. Ile despatci eth lettersale
1 Kings
sorre grievances; to whom Rehoboain, by the advice of young men, returning

2 Kings

to Sanaria, and causeth seventy of Ahab's children to be lehealed. Then taking
XII. a harsh answer, alienates the hearts of ten tribes from him, who make Jeroboam

X. with him Jehonadal, the

son of Rechab, he comes himself to Samarin, and de
king over them, and fail at the same time from the house or David, and from

stroys the whole fainily of Ahab, and all the priests of Baal. Nevertheless, have
the true worsbip of God.

ing put down the worship of Baal, he departs not from the worship of Jerina
Jeroboan, in the beginning of his reign, repairs Shechem, destroyed by

boam's golden calves, but maintains that idolatry all the time of his reigt, which
Abimelech 258 years before, and there dwells; afterwarı yoing over Jordan he

was 28 years.
XIV. 17. builds Penuel, and at length makes Tirzah the seat of his kingdom. But searing 664 IX. Jehu proceeds farther, and executes the divine vengeance upon the idola.
XII. 26. lest his new subjects by going to Jerusalem to worship, may be induced 10 revolt

trous house of Judah, he pursues Alvaziah, who fled towards Megiddo, and we
froin bin, he deviseth a new form of religion, setting up two golden calves, the

X. taking him at Gur, canseth him to be killed in his chariot. Going also to Sama-
one at Beth-el, lue oiner at Dan, for the seduced people to bow down unto.

ria, he niectcth with 42 of Ahaziali's kinninen, widm he causrth to be slain:
XIV. From the time of this dismal rent Rehoboam reigned over Judah and Ben-

XI. Athaliah the daughter of Alab, seeing her son Arazinh dend, i serps the king
2 Chron. jamin 17 years, and Jeroboam over Israel, or the other ten tribes, 22 years.

2 Chron. dom, destroying those that haui right to the succession, but Jelio-bohu theo treba
XII. The Priests and Levites, and other Israelites who feared God, stick to Reho- XXII. 10. ter of king Jehoram, and

wife to Jehoiava the high pricst, takes .Jehoasis, being
XI. 17. Doam, and maintain the king.iom of Judah three years; after which umie Reho-

then an infant, and son to her brother Abaziali, and hides bim in the temple
bonm falls to idolayıy, and waiketh no more in the ways of David aud Solomon.

and so saves uim from that massacre

which was made of the rest of the blood
1 Kings Jeroboam sacrificing to his call at Bethal, a prophet is sent urto bir from

XII. 2. Gori, ilo forelells the judgment which should one day he executed upon that 878. 2 Kings Jehoiada the high pries: brings out Jehoash. now seven renars old, and an inte
III. 2. aliar, and th priests (viz. ihose whom: Jerolsam had made of the lowest of the

XI. him king;



causets Athaliah to be stain, and restorein the worship of the time
people) that sourc: at it. Which propisey then and there is confirmed by

2 Chron. God, destroying the bouse of Baal, and commanding wie idolatrous pritzen
signs and wonders upon the king hiniselt, and upon the altar.

XXIII. Natian to be killed before his altars: Jehoazó, now beginning his scigh in the
XI". 23. Slabial king of liyypt spoileth jerusalem and the on.ple; but the king and

seventh year of Jehu, reigneth 40 years in Jerusalemi.
2 (bron. ile princes reperting at the preaching of Shemaiah the prophet, Goud gives 357. 2 Kings

Jehorsh, in the 2341 year of his reign, giveth order for the repair of Ilse fem-
11, then un oier to utter destructiun.

XII. 7. ple, committing the charge thereof to Jehoiarla the high priest.
Alijam the son of Rehoboam succeeds his father in the kingdom of Judah,

XIII. 1.
XV. aid rei us tliree years.

Jehoahaz succeedleth his father Jelu in the kirgiori of Israel, and reigpeth
2 Chron. He obling a great victory uver Jeroboam, killeth 500,000 men in one battle,

VIII. 12,
XIII. laundi taketh Vetli-el.

erciseid all those cruelues upon the Israelites, which Elialia the prophet had


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The fifth Age.

Before XIII. 10. Jehuash, the son of Jehonhar king of Israel, is taken into the consortship of | Before 2 Kings

I ne sirth ige
that kingdom by his father in the 27th year of Jelash king of Judali, and

In the 12th year of his reign, he begins a reformation in Judah and Jerusa.
reigneth 16 years.

Christ XXII. 1. lem, and carries it ou successiully.

840. 2 Chron. Zechariab, the son of Jehoiada the high priest, for reproving the people ci

2 Chron. This year he giveth order for the repair of the temple. Hilkian the high
XXIV. Judah that fail to idolatry after the decease of Jehoiada, is stoned to death in

621. XXXIV. priest, having found a book of the law, sends it to the king, who lieurs it rend
2 Kings the court of the house of the Lord by the commandment of king Jehoash, who

all over to him; and thereupon asketh counsel of Hulall the prophetess, who

2 Kings
XII. 20. the next year after is murdered by some of his servants, as he lay in his bed ;

prophesieth the destruction of Jerusalem, but not in his days. Josiah calling to
and Amaziah his son succeedeth hinr.

XXIII. him the elders of Judah and Jerusalent, with the priesis ind prophets, causeth
833. XIII. Jehoalaz. dieth, and Jehoash his son succeedeth in the kingdom of Israel.

the book of the law to be read over before all the people, ad renewell the cov-
Not loag after his father's funeral be visits Elisha the prophet, then lying sick,

2 Chron. enant between Gou and his people; he burnet! also read men's bones upon

and with many tears asketh counsel of him, who promiseth him victory over the

the altar at Beti-el, as was foretold ; and keepeth a most sulein passoves.

Syrians. A dead man is "rcugbt to life hy being laid in Elisha's grave.

2 Kings At this time a war breaks out between the king of Egypt and the king of As-
836. XV. 1. Jeroboam che second is this year taken into the consortship of the kingdom

XXIII. 29. syria. Josiah unadvisedly engageth in this war against Necho king of Egypt,

of Israel by his father Jehoash, going to war against the Syrians. This is gath-

and is slain in the valley of Megidde. The good king being thus taken out ni

XII. 11.
ered from Azariah king of Judah's beginning his reign in the 27th year of this

the world, whose life only kept of the Rabylonish captivity from that nation,

not only the people then living bewailed his death, but even in after time a pede

2 Chron.
XIV. Amaziah king of Judab, growing proud upon a victory obtained against the

lic mourning for him was kcpr. The prophet Jereiny also in remembrance

2 Chron. Edomites th's 14th year of bis reigu, provoketh Jehoash king of Israel to battle.

thereof composeth his Lamentations; wherein bewailing the calamities which

XXV. Jehoash overcomes bim, and takes him prisoner, breaks down 400 cubits of the

were shortly to befall that people, as present before lis eyes, in a most compas-

wall of Jerusalem, and baving spoiled the temple aud the king's bouse of a vast

sionate manner he points, as it were with his finger, at the death of Josiah as

IV. 20.
treasure, returss to Samaria.

the source and original of all those ensuing miseries.
2 Kings
Jehoash dies fifteen years before Amaziah, and Jeroboam the second, his son,

2 Kings After the death of Josiah, the people anoint Shallum, one of his younger sons

XIV. 23. reigneth in Samaria 41 years.

to be their king. After three months reign he is deposed by Pharaoh Nechu,

2 Caron.

who makes Eliakim, his elder brother, king over Judah and Jerusalem, and
XIV. Amaziah, finding a conspiracy against him at Jerusalem, flies to Lachish,

2 Chron.
where he is murdered; after whom comes his son Uzzia!, or Azariah, in the

changes liis name into Jehoinkin; but Jeboahaz be carries along with bin
XXV. 27th year of Jeroboam the second, and reigneth 52 years in Jerusalem.

captive into Egypt, where he ends his days.


Jehoiakim, at 25 years of age, begins to reign, and he reigneth 11 years.
2 Kings

Now is held the 13th Jubilee under the iwo most flourishing kings; in whose. €09. Jerem.
XV. times live sundry great prophets in both kingdoms; Isa iah and Joel in Judalı;

Uriah and Jeremiah prophesy against Jerusalem; the former is put to deatli,

XIV. 25. Jonas, Hosea, and Amos, in Israel.

the latter is acquitted, and set at liberty. About this time Illabakkuk also
Jonas of Gatshepher, a town belonging to the tribe us Zebulon in Galilee of


807. XXV.1.
IX. 1. the Gentiles, (observe here the blindness of the Pharisees, Jolm vii. 52.) was al-

This year is Nebuchadrezzar the great made by his father Nebopolazzar his

2 Chron.
Jonal lll. terward sent into Nineveh, the metropolis of Assyria, where both king and peo-

associate in the kingdom of Assyria and Babylon; into whose bands God de-

XXXVI. livers up Jeboiakim, who is pui in chains to be carried to Babylon; but upon
Matth. pie at his preaching repented.


liis subinission and promises of obedience is left in bis own house, where he
XII.41. Jeroboam king of Israel (under whom that king.lon came to its full beight

Jerem. lives a servant to Nebuchadnezza: 3 years.
2 Kings
of glory) dieth; after his death all things fall into confusion, and the staie is

From which entering of the king

XXV. 11.
XIV. 29. reduced to a plain anrrchy, which lasteth 11 years and a half; for such an in-

and people of the Jews into the subjection and service of Nebuchadnezzar are

XXIX. 10. the 10 years of the captivity of Babylon to be reckoned, which were foretold ly
terregnum or vacancy the syuchronism of Kings requires, thai the six months
of Zarhariah the son of Jeroboam snay answer the 38 years and one month of

the prophet Jeremy.

Shallum,who murdered him in the 39th year of Azariah, or Uzziah,king of Judah.

Nebuchadnezzar gives order to Ashpenaz, master of the eunuchs, that be

1. S, 7,
773. XV. 8. Zachariah the son of Jeroboam, the 4th and last of the race of Jetu (as was

shall carry from thence of the children of Israel, both of the blood royal (as was

Isaiah foretold by the prophet Isaiah to Hezekiab) and also of the nobility the choiceat
foretoid) begins his reign over Israel in the Sath year of Azariah, or Uzziah,

XXXIX. youths both for beauy and wit that he can find; who, being educated 3 years
king of Judah, and reigneth 6 months.


in the language and sciences of the Chaldeans, may afterward be fit to serve

Shallum the son of Jabesh, at the end of 6 months, murders bim in the sigut
of the people, and reigns one month in the 38th year of Uzziah king of Judah.

the king in his palace; among whom, of the tribe of Judah, are Daniel, called
After Zachariah's death follow those direful calamities furetol'l by Amos the

Belteshazzar; llananiah, called Shadrach ; Mishael, called Meshach ; ani!.iz-

ariah, called Abeci-nego; their names being thus changed by the master oi'ihe
VII. 9.

2 Kings
Menahem the son of Gadi going from Tirzah to Samaria, killeth Shallum,


Whilst Nebuchadnezzar pursues his victories over the king of Egypt, his
XV. 14,
wasteth Tiphsal and the borders thereof; and because the town would not open

father dies; which coming to his know ledge, be gires crder for the bringing
to him, he takes it, and rips up all the women with child.

Dan. I. 2.

away of the captives, and posts with a small company the nearest way to liabro
While Menaheni in these broils iabours to get the possession of the kingilom,

2 Chron. lon, where he is received as the lawful successor io his father's dominions.
Pul king of Assyria invadeth luis country, to whom Menaben giveth 1000 tal-

ents of silver, and afterward reigueth quietly 10 years.

canseth to be brought to Babylon what he :hinks fit of the vessels and furniture


of the temple, and placeth them in the house of his god, viz. Belus.
Pekahiah succeedeth his father Menahem in the 50th year of Uzziah king of


2 Kings
Judah, and reigneth 2 years,

Jehoiahim, having lived S years in subjection to the king of Babylon, falls oft.

XXIV.L and rebels against him.
25, 27,
Pekah, one of his captains, kills him in his own palacc at Samaria, and reign-

Dan. II. This year (being the second of Nebuchadnezzar's reign, taking it as it l,
etb 20 years.


at his father's death,) Daniel recovers Nebuchadnezzar's dream, and interports
Jotham succeedeth his father Uzziah in the kingdom of Judah at the age of

it tu betoken the four chief monarchies; whereupon he and his companions
25 years, and reignetb 16 years in Jerusalem.

are highly advanced.
2 Chron
Josham subdues the Ammonites, and makes them tributary for 3 years. Un- 600.

2 Kings Nebuchadnezzar sends an army, consisting of Chaldeans, Syrians, Moabites,
XXVII. 5. der him and his two successors the prophets Micah and Hosea erecute their

XXIV. 2. and Ammonites, against Johoiakim; these waste the whole country of Judea,
Mic. II.

prophetical office. About this time lived the prophet Nahun, and prophesied 599. Jerem. and carry away from thence :023 captives: Jehoiakim also is taken prieoret;
the destruction of Nineveh.

XXII. 18. whom they put to death, cause bis carcass to be drawn out at the gate of Jer's
742. 2 Kings
Ahaz succeedetb his father Jotham in the 17th year of Pekab king of Israel,

XXXVI. salem (as was foretold by the prophet Jeremiah) and leave it without the rails
and reigneth 16 years.

SO. unburied.
2 Chron. This year Rezin king of Syria and Pekah king of Israel are confederate

2 Kings Jehoiachin (called also Conias and Jeconias) at 18 years of age succeeds his
XXVIII. against Judah, which strikes a great terror into that nation; but unto Abaz,

XXIV. 8. fatber Jeboiakim, and reigns 3 months in Jerusalem.
God, by the prophet Isaiah, sends a gracious message, with a promise of deliver-

2 Chron.

Against him Nebuchadnezzar leads an army, and hesiegeth Jerusalem; Jebun
Isa. VII.
ance; for a sign whereof (wben the incredulous king, being bid to ask a sign,

XXXVI. iachin with all his kindred and courtiers come out to meet him. Nebuchainez.
refused to do it) God gives him the promise of Immanuel to be born of a virgin.

zar makes them all prisoners, enters Jerusalem, and takes all tbe treasure h: cat
Rezin and Pekah now lay siege to Jerusalem, and therein to Ahaz, but are beat-

Isaiah find in the temple and the king's palace, breaking in pieces all the vessels of
en off; Ahaz is no sooner dellvered for his enemies, but he forsakes God his

XXXIX. oli and furniture which Solomon had made for the temple; be carrieth away
deliverer, and falls to idolatry. Wherefore God gives him over into the hands

6. captive to Babylon the king, his mother, wives, courtiers, magistrates, and
of the king of Israel, who slays of the men of Judah 120,000 in one day, with a

Jerein. 10,000 able men out of Jerusalem, leaving none behind but the poorer sort of
great inany of the nobility, and carrieth away 200,000 captives; but these, by XXIV: 1. people; ard

out of the country round about he carried also nway 2000 artificers; - T
the advice of the prophet Oded, are released and sent honie.

Ezekic! among the captives are Mordecai, and Ezekiel the priest; Ezekiel therefore in
2 Kings
Hoshea the son of Elab murders Pekah king of Israel, and gets the kingdom

XVII. 12. his prophecy reckons the time all along from the beginning of this captivity
XV. 30.
into his own hands; it is said, in the 20th year of Jotham, that is, from the time

I. 2, 3 An epistle, said to be Jeremiah's, is now sent to the captives, admonishing them
thut Jotham first began to reign, which is the same with the 4th of Abaz bis

Baruch to beware of the idolatry which they shall see in Babylon.
son. Hoshea, by reason of the tumuits and disorders which ensued, cannot be

VI. Nebuchadoeizar before his departure from Jerusale in makes Mattaniah, Jeho
said to have reigned till 9 years after, the state continuing all that time in great

2 Kings iachin's father's brother, king, changing his name into Zedekind.
confusion, without auy form of government.

XXIV. 17. Zedekiah, begirning his reign at 21 years of age, reigneth 11 years; he, luy re
XVII. 3. Shalmaneser, king of Assyria, comes up against Hoshea, and makes him to

2 Chron. lielling against Nebuchadnezzar, or rather by continuing is an open relellion
serve him, and pay him tribute.

XXXVI. (as his fathers had done) against God, brought tipon Jerusalem and the whole
726. XVIII. 1. Hezekiah succeedeth his father Ahaz in the kingdom of Judat: he destroyeth

nation of the Jews those long deserved calamities which Gou lad so often fores
2 Chron. idolatry and prospers: be also celebrates a solemn passover, and reignetb 29

warned them or by his prophets; for, in the latter end of the 11th year of Zve.
XXIX. years in Jerusalem; his father had made him in the last year of his reign, his

kiah, Jerusalem, after a long siege, is taken by Nebuchadnezzar, and his Chale
assistant in the government.

2 Kings deans enter it. Zerlekial flees away by night, but, being pursued, is taken, and

Hoshea king of Israel, having consulted with Su king of Egypt, refuseth to pay

XXV. brought prisoner to Riblah, Nebuchadnezzar's head quarters, there having tirst
tribute to Shalmaneser; provoked hereby, and jealous of some farther design 583.
2 Kings

Jer. I. 3. seen his children slaughtered before his eyes, he has afterward those eye pui
4. in that consejeracy of Hoshea with the king of Egypi, Shalmaneser layetb siege

XXXIX. out, and being loaden with chains, is carried away captive to Babylon. Abouta
to Samaria, and toward the latter end of the third year taketh it, and carrieth


month after ile taning of the city, Nebuzar-adan, captain of the guard, sent by
away tbe Israelites captive into his own country. This was the end of the king.

Nebuchadnezzar, makes his entry into it, sets are to the temple, the king's palace,
dom of Israel, wlien it had stood divided from the kingdom of Judah 254 years.

and some uoblemen's houses, and so layeth the whole city in ashes; the walls of
XVIII. Sennacherib king of Assyria, coming up against Judah, besiegeth their fen-

Jerusalem being razed to the ground, all that were left in the city, and those this
ced cities, and taketh many of them, but is pacified by a tribute.

a little before had fallen to the Chaldeans, with what treasure he can fivd, doth
About this time Hezekiah falls sick, and is told by Isaiab that he shall die;

Nebuzar-ndan carry with him into Babylon.
but pouring out his tears and prayers unto God, he recovereth his bealth, and


And thus was Judah carried out of her own land 460 years after brevid begon
XXXVIII obtaineth a prolongation of his life and kingdom for 15 years. For a sign where-

2 Kings to reign over it, 388 years after the falling off of the ten tribes, and 134 years
of the sun goos ten degrees backward.

XXV. 21. after the destruction of the kingdom of Israel.

Sennacherib, not observing tbe articles of peace, layeth siege to Jerusalem, and

Obadiah the pr bet denounceth God's judgments against the Edomites, who
2 Kings
sendeth a blasphemous letter to Hezekiab; which he opening, and spreading

XLIX. 7.

now insult over the calamity of the Jews. The sume do Jeremy and rze.

Isaiah before the Lord in the temple with many tears, craves assistance from God

kiel, and the author of the 75th and 1371h Psalnıs, who wrote all about the

XXV.12. same time.
XXXVII. against the Assyrians.. Whereupon the prophet Isaiah assures bim that God
will deliver biin, and defend that city. The self-same night an angel of the Lord

The sixth Age of the World.
slays 125,000 men in the Assyrian army; and the next piorning Sennacherib de-

569. Dan. IV.
parteth, and returns to Nineveh; where not long after, whilst he is worslaipping
in the house of Nisroch bis god, he is slain by his own sons.

The 29, 33, of Judea and other countries, and boasting the magnificence of bis Livilla
2 Kings
Manasseh at 12 years of age succeedeth his rather Hezekiah, and reigneth 55

ings, falls distracted, and is driven from the society of men.

lopian 34
years. lle setteth up idolatry, and sheddeth much innocent bloud. Wherefore

After seven yeurs spent among the beasts of the field, bis understanding re.


turning to bim, he humbly acknowledgeth the power of God, and his goodness
2 Chron God delivers liim up into the hands of the Assyrians, who in the 22d year of his
XXXIII. reign carry bim away captive to Babylon: but upon his repentance God restores pire

toward bim: and is restored to his kingdom. A few days after he dies, having
him to his liberty and kingdom.

reigned about 20 months together with this father, and 43 years by hiniself.

2 Kings
This year Nabuchodonosor king of Assyria, purposing to make himself uni-

Evil-merodach his son succeeds him in the 57th year of the captivity on.
XIII. versal monarch, sends Holofernes his general against Judea, who layeth siege XXV. 27. hoiachin, or Jeconiah, who presently gives order for the enlargement of bohir
to Bethulia, and there hath his head taken off by Judith, a woman of the tribe Jer. LII. Fachin, and two days after changetli bis prison-clothes, sets hin alive all the


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princes of his court, and causeth him to eat at his own table. Jehviar hin slics
of Simeon.


about two years after.
2 Kings
Amon, aged 22 years, succeedeth his father Manasseh, and reigneth 2 years.


VII. 1. Belsbazzar, haring removed some persons who had murdered his father Evil.
XXI. 19. An idolater indeed, as his father, but no penitent: be is murdered by his own

merodach, and usurped his throne, sueceeds in the kingdom of Babylon. In the
2 Chror.

first year of this king's reign Daniel has tbe vision of the four beasts, signiu?
XXXIIL Josiah, a child of 8 years old, succeedeth his father Amon, and reigneth 31

the four monarchies of the world, and of God delivering over all power and
yoars. In his time lived Jeremiah and Zephaniah the prophets, and Huldah

sovereignty to the Sou of man.
(ile proplictens.

21, 22,




The spa:: 132.

The sixth Age

Daniel In the third year of Belshazzar, Daniel receives the visi in of the rim and he- || Before (Neh. V.14. Nehemiah having gorerned Judea 12 years, returns to the king of Persia.
Cins: VII. 1. goat, betokening the destruction of the Persian monarchy, and the great misery | Christ XIII. 6. This year is the 21st Jubilee, the last that ever the prophets of the Old Testa
which Aptiochus should bring upon the people of God.


ment saw: for that place in Nehemiah, chap. xii. 22, is not to be understoord of
53e. V. This year Belshazzar makes a great feast for all his nobles, and causeth to 415.

the last Darius, but of Darius Nothus, who now reigns in Persia; the full histo
Jerem. le brought forth all the vessels of the house of the Lord, which Nebuchadnezzar

ty of Nehemiah ending with the time of Artaxerxes Longimanus father of this
XXVII. 7. his grandfather had brought away from Jerusalem, to the glory of his idols,

Darius Nothus.
and dishonour of the true God. In the midst of all this joility a land appears

Hitherto (saith Eusebius in his Chronicle, to the 32d year of Artaxerxes) tho
writing on the wall of the room in which the king and his numerous guests sit

Divine Scriptures of the Hebrews contain the annals of the times. But those
Dan. V. rrinking. The king, greatly terrified hereat, sends for his Chaidean astrologers

things wbich were done among them afterward we must deliver out of the
and wizards, and commands them to read the writing and give him the imer-

books of the Maccabees, and out of the writings of Joseplius, who have deliv-
pretatinn of it; but they not being able to do either, Daniel is sent for, who

ered a general history of the Jewish affairs from thence down to the times of
Is. XIII. reads the writing, and gives the king the interpretation of it: whereupon Dan-

the Ronians.
Kab. II. iel is publicly proclaimed the third man in the kingdom. The same night Bel-

That Malachi, the last of the prophets, was conteraporary with Nehemiah,
Jerem. shazzar is slain, Babylon taken by Cyrus, and the empire translated to the

appears from hence, that he nowhere exhorts the people to the building of the
XXV. 12. Medes and Persians, as had been sundry times foretold by the prophets.

tomaple, as Haggai and Zachary did; but, the temple heing now built, he reproves
L. LI. Cyrus having giver: the kingdom of Babylon to Darius the Mede, reserving

XIII. those disorders, which Nehemiah at his second return with a new commission
Dan. V. 31. some palaces in the city for himself, he returns throngh Media into Persia.

from Babylon saith he found in bis absence to bave crept in among the Jews;
VI.6. Daniel's greamiess raising envy in some principal courtiers and officers, these


as marriage with strange women, withholding of tithes, and abuses in the wor-
contrive bis ruin: but finding nothing in his managemer.t of affairs whereof to

IV. 4. ship of God. And because a succession of propbets was not to be expected, as
accuse hin, they resolve to order matters so, ilaf Danini's piety toward God

Luke I. 17. before, he exhorteth the people constantly to adhere to the law of Nases, all
shall become an offence worthy of death. They move the king to roake a de-

Matth. Christ the chief Prophet should appear; whose forerunner John the Baptist
cree, that for 30 days no petition shall be made to any gou or man but to him-

XI. 14. should come in the spirit and puwer of Elias, to turn the hearts of the fathers
self only. Which decree Daniel breaks by making supplication to his God, and

XVII. 12. unto their children, and the disobedient to the wisdom of the just. See 1 Mac
is for icing so cast into a den of lions : but being found to have received no

iv. 46, and ix. 17.
hurt there, Darius commands the conspirators to be cast into the same den, who
are presently devoured; and the king publisbeth a decree, that all persons $35. Jos. Ant.
throughout bis donjinions shall reverence and fear the God of Daniel.


LEXANDER the Great, king of Macedonia, passeth out of Europe into

I. 11. c. 8. Asia, and begins to lay waste the Persian Empire. Manasses, brother to
337. IX. Towards the end of the first year of the reign of Darius the Medie, to be reck- 332. Id. ibid. Jaddus the high priest, refusing to put away his strange wise, is driven frora
Jerein. onet! from the cubversion of the Babylonish empire, begins the 70th year of the

the sactifice: Sanaballarh bis father-in-law, governor of Samaria, revolteth
XXIX. 10. captivity of the Jews, which, hy Jeremial's prophecy, was to be the last year of

from Darius, obtains leave of Alexander to build a temple on mouni Gerizim,
Dan. IX. their calamity. L'pon consideration of which time so near at hand, Daniel

ard makes Manasses high priest thereof; to which resort all such as are entan.
pour out most servent prayers 10 God for the rcmission of his owo sins, and

gled in unlawful marriage, with all such offenders as think themselves not safe
those of his people; and for that promised Jeliverance out of their captivity.

at Jerusalem. This was the rise of that schismatical conventicle of the Sama
To whom the angel Gabriel brings an answer not only of this, but also of the

ritans. See John iv. 20.-
spiritaal deliverance of the church by the death of the Messiah ; uttering that

Jos. Apt. Alexander marcheth toward Jerusalem, intending to besiege it. Jaddus tire
memorable prophecy of the seventy weeks.

1. 11. c. &. | high priest, hearing of it, putteth on his priestly ornamems, and accompanied
Cyrus, his father Camlöses, ansi his father-in-law Cyaxares both dying, Persia

with the people all in white, goeth out to dieet him. Alexander, seeing his
falls to him by inheritauce, and Media by contract of marriage : an so be is

babit, falls prostrate before him, saying that, whilst be was in Macedonia, a
bossessed of the whole rastern empire; from which time both Xenophon (Inst.

man appeared unto him in the very sanie habit, who invited him to come into
lil). 6.) reckons the 7 vears of his reign, and the Holy Seripture out of the rec-

Asia, and promised to deliver the Persian Empire into his hands. After this
Em. Ezr. I.2. ords of the Medes and Persians, rechons this lis. first year; for it teacheth ns,

he goes to tlie temple, and offers sacrifice according to the high priest's direz
that in this year came forth that renowned edict of his, Thus saith Cyrus king

Daniel tion. They shew him thc prophecy of Daniel, That a Grecian should come
of Persia, The Lord God of heaven hath given me all the kingdoms of the earth,

VIII. 7. and destroy the Persians ; whereby he is mightily confirmed in his persuasion
Isaiah and hath charged me to build him a house at Jerusalem which is in Judah, &c.

XI. 13. that he himself is the man. Lastly, he bestowetb on the Jer's whatever favours
XLIV... which time the 70 years of the Labylopish captivity being expired, (as was

they desire, and departeth.
XLIV. foretold by Isaiah and Jeremiah, the former making inention of Cyrus by name) 330.

The Persians are overcome, Darius slain, and Alexander remains universal
1, 13. Le gives leare to all the Jews, dwelling in all parts of his dominions, to return The

monarch of the eastern world.
.110 ileir owu couriry, and commands them immediately w tall in hand with Mace- Jos. Ant. Alexander, having reigned six years and ten months cieth; his army and do
rebuilding of the temple.

doni- I. 12. c. 1. minions are divided among his captains. Antigonus makes himself governor of
le re toreth also all the vessels of the love of God, which Nebuchadnezzar

1 Mac. I. Asia; Seleucus of Babylon and the bordering nations; Lysimachus hath the Heb
had brought from thence; and contributes toward the building.


lespont; Cassander, Macedon; and Ptolemeus, the son of Lagus, gets Egypt.
Ezra I. The Jews therefore rewrn into their own country; the poorer sort having pire Jos. Ant. Ptolemeus, surnamed Soter, makes himself master of Jerusalem by a strata-

allowance made them to defray their charges upon the way. The number of 323. 1. 12. c. 1. gem; for he enters the city on a sabbath-day under pretence of offering sacri
11. The obilaren of the province, or Hebrews born in Chakies, which with their 320.

rice; and whilst the Jews suspect nothing, but spend the day in ease and iala
Nehem. captain Zerubhabel, and their high priest Jeshua, return out of captivity, is

ness, he surpriseth the city without resistance, and maketh the citizens captives
VIL 12,350, besides proselytes, inea-servants, and maid-servants, to the number of

lle sendeth several colonies of Jews into Egypt, and puts great confidence in
7,397. ' Now the particular surns of Ezra's catalogue !,eing cast up amount only

tv 29, 18; and those in Nelsemiah's account make but 31,081, both which come 277. 1. 12. c. 2. Ptolemeus Philadelphus, son of Ptolenicus Soter, being a great favourer of
far sl.ort of that iniversal sum of 42,360, which at the bottom of each catalogue

learning, builds a most magnificent library at Alexandria. Demetrius Pbale
is said to be the number of the whole congregation. Wherefore the He-

rius, to whom he had committed the care of procuring all sorts of books, and
brews in tbc xxixth chapter of their great chronicie tell us, that to complete the

out of all countries, persuades him to employ 72 Jews in translating the Holy
full sun 14,340, we must cast in those of the other fep tribes of Israel, who came

Scriptures out of the original Hebrew into the Greek tongue, which was done
Acts upout of the captivity with the Jews. For even till the last extirpation of the Jew-

in the seventh year of his reign. The king also aismisseth many captive Jews
XXVI.7. ish state there remained some relics of the other ten tribes, not only in the dis-

and dedicates many presents to the teirple of God at Jerusalem.
Lam. I. 1. persion, and at Jerusalem, and other cities of Judah ; but also of those who kept 177. 2 Mac. III.) One Sinon, a man of the tribe of Benjamin, governor of the temple, falling
Luke Il. spill in their own seats; for Shalmaneser swept not away all out of the whole ten

out with Onias, the high priest, goes to Apollonius the governor of Celosyria, and
tribes, hut left a remnant of them in tbeir own country, wbo were afterward,

informs him that there is a vast treasure in the temple: Apollonius acquainte
toreiher with the Jews, Benjamites, and Levites, carried away by Nebuchad-

king Seleucus his master with it, wbo presently sends his treasurer Heliodorus
nezzar into Babylon, and are now dismissed and sent back again by Cyrus.

to Jerusalem, to bring this money away. Heliodorus entering the temple, is by
535. Ezra III. In the second year aller their renurn froin Balıylon, in the second month, they

angels struck down in the very place, and carried from thence half dead; buu
8, 13.
appoiou Levites to oversee the work of the house of God, and lay the foundation

by the prayers of Onias he is soon after restored to his health. Returning to
of the temple; the old men lamenting, who 53 years before had seen the old tem-

Seleucus that sent bim, he magnifies the holiness of the temple, and the powes
ple standing, and the younger sort rejoicing to see the new one going up.

of God dwelling in it.
534 IV. 5, The Samaritan; by the means of certain courtiers about Cyrus, whom they 176.

1 Mac. I. Antiochus Epiphanes succeeds Seleucus in the kingdom of Syria, and reigo
had bribed for that purpose, disturb the Jews in their work of the temple.

10. eth 11 years, and some months.

In the beginning of the reign of Artaxerxes (called in profane story Camby- 175. 2 Mac. Jason, hy corrupting king Antiochus, obtaineth the office of high priest.
ses) the Samaritans, who, whilst Cyrus lived, had secretly undermined the Jews, 172. IV. 7. Menelaus, brother to Simon the traitor, being employed by Jason to carry the
now openly name a direct accusation in writing against the inhabitants of Ju-

23, 24, money to the king, promiseth 300 talents of silver above what Jason bad seas
dal ani Jerusalem, and present it to the king, who presently forbids the Jews

and geneth the priesthood to himself.
to proceed in the building:


Menelaus, not paying the money he had promised the king at his admission,
520. V.I. In the second year of King Darius Ryaaspes (the same with Ahasuerus) Ze-

is summoned to appear before Antiochus ; he substitutetb Lysimachus his brother
rubbabel and Jeshua, incited by the prophets Haggai and Zechariah, set for-

in his place.
warel the building of the temple.

1 Mac. I. Antiochus taketh Jerusalem, and sacking it, pillageth the teruple, destroyeth
Hag. I. Haggai prophesieth that the glory of this second temple shall be greater than

21, 22.

40,000 of the inhabitants, and selleth as many more. He endeavoureth also a
1, 9. that of the former; pot as being a more piagnificent structure, but in regard the

2 Mac. V. aholish the worship of God, and forceth miny Jews to forsake their religion
blessed Messiah shall one day honour it with his presence, and from thence

Jos. Ant. The Samaritans now disown their relation to ibe Jews, to wbom in prosperity
propagate peace tu adl nations.

I. 12. c. 7. they pretended alliance, and consecrate the temple on mount Gerizim io Jupiter.
513. Zech. I. About this liine Zechariah the prophet exhorterh the Jews to repentance. 168. Daniel Perseus, having made war upon the Romaus, is this year overcome by them,
1,6. Ahasuerus puts away queen Vashti his wife, and not long after espouseth Es-

XI. 28. and the kingdom of the Macedonians ends, when from Carauus it had stood
Est. I. II. tber, the niece of Mordecai the Jew.

1 Mac. 626 vears. Nevertheless the relics of the Macedoniar. empire, wbile that of the
515. Ezra VI. In the sixtli vear of Barius, or Aliasnerus, the temple is finished; the dedica-

VIII. 5. Roman was rising, did yet survive in the Ptolemies of Egypt, and the kings of
tion wbereof is celebrated with great joy and abundance of sacrifices, the Priests

and Levites, every ore in his place, attending on the ministry of the temple. 167. I. 45. King Antiochus, by a public edict, commands all nations that are subject unto
The passover also is celebrated.

him to observe the same way of divine worship, and laying aside their peculiaz
510. Est. III. Haman an Agagite, of the race of the Amalekites, a great favourite of king

customs, to prosess the same religion with the Grecians; the punishment of
Ahasucrus, olendied at Mordecai, becanse he falls not down and adores him, as

death being threatened unto such as shall be disobedient; and he appoints over
Deut. others do, resolves to be revenged of the whole nation of the Jews, (which was

seers over every people and nation who shall compel them hereunto. Of the
XXV. 19. ever averse to his) and to root it out; for the executing of which purpose, that

Jews, many choose rather to undergo the most crue torments, than to offer sacri-
he may find a successful time, he causeth Pur, that is, the lot, to be cast before

fice unto idols; all which martyrines, with those glorious safierings of the ser
him, for to know the day and month wherei the Jews shall be destroyed, anul

II. en Maccabean brethren, are recorded in the two Books of Maccabees.
the lot falls on the 12th month Adar.

2 Mac. VI. Mattathias, a priest, with his five sons, slay those that are sent by king Antio
Est. IV. Haman obtains an edict from the king, that all Jews, without respect to sex

Jos. Ant. chus to compel them to offer abominable sacrifices, and after betake themselves
or age, upon the thirteenth day of the month Adar, be put to death in all the

1. 12. 8. to the desert. They are followed by many others, cf whom a great number are
provinces of the king's dominions. Hereupon Mordecai, Esther, and all the

1 Mac. IIL stified in their caves, because they would not defend themselves on the sab.
Jews, humble themselves before the Lord by fasting and prayer.

2 Mac, beth-day. Mattathias abolisheth that superstition, and exhorts his sons to assert
VI. Ahasuerus nearing it read in the chronicles, that a conspiracy had been discov-

VIII. their privileges, and deltver their country from bondage.
ered to bim by Mordecai, cuminandetb that he be publicly logoured, and that 166. Jos. Ant. Mailathias dies, and Judas Maccabees takes upon him the management of
by Haman himself, his vieadly enemy.

1. 12. c. 9. this affair. He delivers his country, and purgeth it from the abominations
VII. Esther, entertaining the king ond Haman at the banquet, maketh suit for her

1 Mac. III. which had been committed in it.
own life, and her people's, and accuseth Haman. The king, understanding that

Jos. Ant. Appoklonius, governor of Samaria, having raised an army among the Gentiles
IX. ilaman bac provided a gallows for Mordecai, causeth hiru to be hanged thereon. 1. 12. c. 10. and Samaritans, falls upon the Jews; but is discomfited and slain hy Judas
In memory of this great leliverance the two days of Purim are made festival.

1 Mac. Maccabeus.
467. Ezra VIL. Ezra the priesl, a man skilled in the law of Moses, obtains a large commission

III. 13. Seron also, governor of the lower Syria, musters up all the forces under lils
from king Aridiaries, to settle the Jewish commonwealth, and to reform the

Joseph. command, and invades Judea; him Judas Maccabeus encounters, slays 800 of
church atlerusaleu.

ui supra. his men on the place, and puts the rest to flight.
VITT. In the seventh year of Artaxerses, Ezra, with a great multitude of Jews, sets 165. 1 Mac. Judas Macerbeus defeats a great army, which Antiocbus sent against the
out from Babylon.

III. 27. Jews. Lysias returns with a greater power; Judas kills 5600 or his men, and
IX. X. Erra obligett: those who Ind takey strangers to wife to send them back,

Jos. Ant. causeth him to retreat. He purifeth the temple, and setteth it in order, after it
Xch. Il. In the twentieth year of king Artaxerxes, Nehemiah a Jew, one of his cun-

I. 12. c. 11. bad lain desolate three years; and buildeth a wall about Sion.
bearers, being made guvernor of Judea, oulains leave to build the walls of Je. 164. 1 Mac. VI. Antiochus is taken with a violent pain in his bowels, and such a rottemes
Dan. IX. rusalem, and finish that great work. Here begin Daniel's 70 weeks to be ful-

2 Mac. seizeth his flesh, that worms breed in it; he confesseth that be is plagued for
filerl before the passion of our Saviour

IX. 3. the wrong done to Jerusalem, and dieth in the 140th year of the kingrun of the





32101 079831796


1:17. Due





ubi supra.

Mat. m.

21, 23.
Luke II. and the

Josephus, called

Valerius Gratus, thé.
Jos. Ant. Toward the end
1. 18. c. 3. in the place of Vali
Mat III.1. John the Baptist
Mark 1. 2. by preparing the
Luke III. after bin may be

3. by he may knop
John L. 7. scending and re
Isa. XLI. Holy Ghost.

Jesus, entering u;
Mat. III. dan, and is baptized

13. made of the blessed To
Mark 1. 9. praving, the heavens are
Luke III. descends upon him; and to

22. This is my beloved Son, in wli
John I. 34. Job sees it and bears recorta
Mat. IV.1. Jesus, full of the lloly Ghost, re
Mark 1.12. the wilderness, where he fasteih fort
Luke IV. the slevil.

After this our Lord returns into Galilee.
John I. John gives testimony to our Saviour passing op
35, 47.

and Nathaniel, acknowledge him to be the Messias, a
II. 1. Christ at a marriage in Cana of Galilce, turneth water into

liis first miracle.


1, 14.

I. 12. c. 17.
1 Mac. IX. abstract
Jos. Ant. King Demetrit
1. 12. c.

against Judas Maccat
13, 19. engage him, andi is sle!
1 Xiac. Jonathan enters inevith the
VIII. 19.

this was the first learvas known to us
Jos. Ant. the Jews.
I. 13. c. 17.

Whilst Alcimus omall of the inner court
1 Mac.
IX. 55,

pulled down, fəd stenly with a palsy, so that

a word he dies in grebides by war, compelleth him w
70. Jonathan, having

Jos. Ant. league, and draw off
I. 13. c. 2,

Alexander Balas, 8 Antiochus Epiphanes, enters with an army
1 Mac.

into Syria; the garrais set open their gates to him, by reason of
X. 1.
Jos. Ant.

their !atreil to king 'bo. Frepart's himself for war.

Demetrius desireirith Jonathan, who makes use of this occasion
I. 13. c. 3.

to repair the fortificalem.
1 Nac. Alexander Balas jul to obtain the friendship of Jonathan, and,
X. 3, 10.

to oblige bim, conierigte priesthood.
Jos. Ant.

Jonathan puts on ment on the seventh month of the 100th year
I. 13. c. 4.

of the kingiloni of at the feast of tabernacles. He was the arst

Mac. high priest oi' the prily.
150, X. 15.

Demetrius ard Ar to a battle, Demetrius is slain.
Jos. Ant.

Alexander Balas, elf in the pe possession of the kingilom
I. 13. c. 5.

of Syria, espouse ble daughter Semeus P!:ilometor king of
1 Mac.

Egypt. Alexanderirs Jonathan ch priest at his naptials.
X. 21.

Demetrius Nican, of Demetrii Tr, enters into Cilicia with an
Id. ibid.

army. King Alexgives the con la of Syria to Apollonius, who
1 Mac.

sets upon Jonathaust; Jonathan defeats him, and takes Joppe and X. 49,50

Azotus, and hurns Dagon. 146, Joseph. Ptolemeus Philof Egypt, comes to the relief of king Alexander

his son-in-law; Alaterally sets Alunonius to lie in ambush to kill 1 Mac. him. The treachecovered, Ptolemeus takes away his daughter X. 51.

from Alexander, arter to Demetrius. Alexander having been driven Jos. c. 7.

from Antioch, the is that place make offer of the king lom to Ptole1 Mac. meus; but he refuscrsuadeth them to accept of Denetrius for their

X 75. king.
Jos. Ant.

Alexander retur at army. Ptolemeus and Demetrius unite their
I. 13. c. 8. forces, and overcopitched battle; but Ptolemeus dies of the wounds
1 Mac. XI. which he received scen the head of Alexander sent to him by
Jos. loc.

Zabdiel an Arabia onathan besiegeth the citadel at Jerusalem, held

by a garrison of Complaint hereof being made to Demetrius,
1 Mac. XI. Jonathan appeaseresents, and obtaineth new favours for the Jews.

Demetrius incurred of bis soldiers by abridging their pay in tine

of peace.
54. I'ryphon, with is that revolted from Demetrius, undertakes to

Jos. Ant. establish Antiochu Alexander Balas, in the kingdom of Syria.
L 13. c 9.

Demetrius is va young Antiochus, and made to fly into Seleucia. 1 Mac. Great honours arsius conferred on Jonathan, who assists bim against XI. 35. Demetrius.

XII. Jonathan renewce with the Romans and Lacedemonians, and for.

Jos. Ant ufies Jerusalem. 138

I. 13. C. Tryphon contri may quit himself of Antiochus, and reign in his
8. G. 10. stead: but fearing opposition, be invites him to come to Prolemais,

and bring with hor his soldiers, promising to deliver that city into
his hands. Jonartiug no treacbery, comes only with 1000 men to
Tryphon at Ptoleas soon as he is entered the city Tryphon com-
mands the gates (Jonathan is taken prisoner, and all his men put to

the sword.
1 M&c. The Jews here choice of Simon Maccabeus for their general in

XIII. the place of his bithan. Tryphon leads an army against Slinon. He
Jos. Ant. promiseth for 100siiver to release Jonathan; the money being paid

lib. 13. him, he broaks hiand puts Jonathan to derth. Simon erects a state-
c. 10. 11. ly monument for ind his brethren.
1 Mac. Tryphon murdersing Antiochus, and puts the crown on his own bend.
XIII. The Romans awnians renew their leagues with Simon, and write

them in tables of I
Jos. Ant. Simon has the ç and high priesthood settled on him and his heirs :
1. 13. c. 12. the Jews are by hscharged from all manter of tribute to any foreign

1 Mac. prince. He takes rtress of Jerusalem, drives out of the city all idola-
XIV.18. iers, clears the hor idols, and placeth in the city such as are true

Jos. Ant. worshippers of Ge 139.

I. 13. c. 13. Tryphun's vices so odious to his soldiers, that they submit them.

I. 13. c. 12. selves to Cleopatras's relict. She marrieth Antiochus Socer, Dewe138

trius's brother, anem to be crowned king. Antiochus drives Tryphon
out of Syria, besie Dora, whence he flies to Apamea, where he is ta-

ken and slain.
1 Mac. Siinon the high rsing the cities of Judea, and taking care for their

XVI. orderly governmenwn with his two sons, Mattathias and Judas, to
Jos. Ant. Jericho, Pelemeuf Abubus, Simon's son-in-law, invites them to a
L. 13. c. 14. castle which he he called Dochus, and there, whilst he entertains

thein at a banquet,y murders them. Jobn Hircanus succeeds his fa-
ther in the high pr

Here ends the firsaccabees, containing the history of forty years.
130. Jos. Ant. John Hircanus tam, and demolisheth the temple on mount Gerizim

I. 13. c. 17. 200 years after it bli by Sanaballar. 107.

Jos. I, 1. Juhlas, eldest sorus, otherwise called Aristobulus, and surnamed
Bell. c. 3. Philellen, succeedsin the government and the high priesthood: he
Ant. lib. was the first of an the return from the captivity of Babylon, set a
13. c. 19. crown upon his heaged the state into a monarchy.
& lib. 20. Anna the prophater of Pianuel, of the tribe of Asher, this year

becoming a widown from the temple, hut serveth God with fasting Luke II. and prayer night a 34 years together, until such time as she sees

$7. Christ in the empl 63.

Jos. Jerusalem this by Pompey; who meddles not with any of the Bell. c. 5. treasure which wasple, but makes the Jews tributary lo the Romans.

Apt. lib. 49. 14. c. 8. Hire begin the er Roman Cesars, when Julius Cesar, having over'The

throux Fompa; at t/ Pharsalia, was made perpetra! dictator. Re)- Jos. 1. 14. Herol, ihrson ofr Antipacer, an Idumcan, is this year by the Roan

mans declare king EM- Id. ibid. Herod, asked Sye Roman general, lays siege in Jerusalem, and oire c. 28. I. 1. takes it ; the folderrners of the city with blood, rapine, and cruelty. 40. Bell. c. 13. Antigonus, princh priest, ia by Sosius carried away prisoner to 58.

Rome, am! rol possession of the kingdom. 97.

About thifine tylonian, descendent from David, finurished at Je31.

rusalens or of whiles was Jonathan, the son of Uzziel, the famous
author of ulchadcase.


31, 32.



1, 15.


The first passorer of Christ's preblic ministry, from uhich the first year of the
11. 13. tieth and Inst of Daniel's werk's begins: In which the vienant is a
Matthew with many, Dan. ix. 27. remparud uriik Niat:h. xxvi. 28.
XIV. 3. CESUS cometh to jerusalem at the time of the passorer, and entering,

VI. 17. a sign of his authority: Christ bids them destroy that temple, (understandi

Luke. temple of his body) and in three days he will raise it ap.
III. 19. Hered the tetrarch casteth John ile Baptist into prison for reprehendi og

John incest with his brother Philip's wise, and other evils done by bini.
IV, 7, 42. Christ discovers himself to the woman of Samarin.

Luke He goes throughout all Galilee, teaching in the synagogues, and working
IV. 43.

John V.1. Matthew called to be a disciple.

VI. 13. The second passeer of Christ's ministry, John v. 1. computred with iv. 3. £. from
Matt. V,

which the second year of the seventieth weck of Daniel begins. VI, VII


ESU'S comes up to Jerusalem at the time of the feast, and heals on the sab. Luke bath-day a mali that had an infirmity 38 years, lying at the pool of Brobesdk. VI, 20. He makes a most divine apology to the Jews that so:ight to kill hiin, beca ise le Mark said, that God was his Faiher.

VJ. 7. Christ out of the multitude of his disciples chooseth 12, whom he alleth
Mat. X. 1. Apostles: namely, Peter, Andrew, James, John, Philip, Bartholomew, Matthew.

Mark Thomas, James the son of Alpbeus, Simon called Zelotes, Judas tie bro her of
VI. 35.

James, and Joias Iscariot. To these our Saviour chiefly direcis his di' course
Luke in tbat glorious, full, and admirable sermon on the mount.
IX. 12. Jesus sends bis 12 aposties by two and two to preach, and heal the siel..
John VI. Johu the Baptist is beheaded in prison by Heroii's command.

Jesus feeds 2000 men, besides women and children, with five barley louves
Matth. and two little fishes. He refuses to be maile a ling.
Mark The third passover of Christ's ministry, John iv. 4. from which the third

yerr of the IX. 1.

seventieth week of Daniel begins. Luke

with IX. 28. him; and a voice from heaven is heard a second time, saying, Thi is niy

Maith. beloved Son; bear him.
XVII. 24. Christ payeth tribute to Cesar,

Luke A certain village of the Samaritans resuseth our Saviour entertainnie it in his
IX. 51, way to Jerusalem : the disciples, desiring to call for fire from heaven to cop.

sume them, are severely reprehended.
John XI. The seventy disciples are sent out by two and two to work miracle, anul 19

1. plench.
Luke Cbrist teacheth bis disciples to pray.
XIX. 1. Christ raistih Lazarus, that had been buried four days.

Mark Caiaplas, high priest of the Jews, prophesieth concerning the death of Christ.
X. 46. Zaccheus a publican converted.
Jolin Christ restoreth to blind Bartimeus his siglit.
Xil.3. Mary the sister of Lizarus anoints our Saviour's feet with costly spikenari,
Mat. XXI. and wipeth thein with the hair of her head.
Mark X1. Christ rideth in triumph into Jerusalem; the multitude sprearitheir garnients
Luke XIX. in the way, and cry, Hosanna to the Son of David. Coming rear the city he
John XII. weens over it, and forcells its destruction. He enters the temple. and cisterin

Isa. LII. out ihase that bought and suld there; and beals the blind and iame.
Zrch.IX.9. lle curseth the fruitless fig-tree, and the next moining it is found dried to

Math. withered. Thence he tabes occasion to shew the power of faith.
XXI. 19.
XXVI. 7'he fourth passaver, in to Christ our passover na sirena fiesta 1 Con
Mark *o anerud is put to o legut sacrifices, ipek guring this great expiotaxi
XIV. or middlr year of Dureri's last wek begin lapis
Luke N the first day of unleavened bread, when the

he slain, 4 April 2.) ir the evenin..."
PohnXIII. ples, and insututes the saritime
XVIII. Christ wasini, ha

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C. 8.

c. 25.

4 V

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