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shall be committed to the same committee of the whole, unless such bills shall be analogus in their nature, which analogy shall be de. termined by the President."

Which motion was lost.

The report of the committee was then adopted.

On motion of Mr. Arndt,

Ordered, That one hundred copies of the standing rules, as amended, be printed for the use of the Council.

The President announced the appointment of the several se. lect committees to whom portions of the Governor's address were referred, viz :

So much as relates to the memorializing Congress to amend the organic law of the Territory-Messrs. Martin, Upham and Bullen; So much as relates to Rock river canal-Messrs. Arnold, Learned and Arndt ;

So much as relates to pre-emptions to mineral lots and reserva. tions-Messrs. Rountree, Collins and Brigham;

So much as relates to the appointment of a Territorial Geologist-Messrs. Janes, Vineyard and Sterling. On Motion of Mr. Sterling the Council adjourned.

Friday, December 11, 1840.

Mr. Arnold presented a petition from inhabitants of Milwau. kee county, requesting the Legislative Assembly to memorialize Congress to confirm the title to certain lots of land in said county; and moved its reference to a select committee;

Which was agreed to, and Messrs. Arnold, Bullen and Martin' were appointed the committee.

Mr. Bullen gave notice that he would, on some future day, ask leave to introduce a bill creating a Board of Education,

and the office of Superintendent of Public Instruction, and prescribing their duties.

Mr. Collins from the joint committee to which the subject was referred, made the following report:-The committee on the part of the Council, appointed to act in conjunction with a similar committee appointed by the House of Representatives, to report joint rules and orders for the government of the Legis. lative Assembly, during its present session, have directed me to report, that the committee recommend the adoption of the joint rules of the last annual session, with the following amendments, to wit: Strike out the last two rules, and add the following as the XIV. rule, viz:

"Whenever any report of a joint committee, or other docu. ment, shall be presented to both Houses of the Legislative Assembly, the House first acting on the same, if it shall be thought necessary to have it printed, shall order a sufficient number of copies for both branches, and shall immediately inform the other House of its action upon the subject."

Which was read and adopted.

On motion of Mr. Collins,

Ordered, That the joint rules and orders, as adopted by the Council, together with the standing committees, and the select committees to which were referred portions of the Governor's address be printed in the same pamphlet form with the standing rules.

Mr. Janes, in accordance to notice given, obtained leave to introduce bill

No. 4. A bill supplemental to the act concerning testimony and depositions,

Mr. Arndt, in accordance with notice given, obtained leave to introduce bill

No. 5. A bill to amend an act, entitled an act for assessing and collecting county revenue.

Which bills were severally read the first and second time, and ordered to be laid on the table to be printed.

On motion of Mr. Collins, the report of the committee ap. pointed to investigate the state and condition of the Mineral Point Bank, was taken up; and the accompanying documents having been read,

Ordered, That 1200 copies of the report and documents be printed.

On motion of Mr. Martin,

Resolved, That the Committee on Territorial Affairs enquire what provision if any, is necessary to be made, for furnishing at the seat of government or elsewhere, suitable buildings in which may be held the sessions of the Legislative Assembly, and the offices of the Governor, Secretary, Auditor, Treasurer, and other public officers of said Territory.

On motion of Mr. Arnold,

Ordered, That the report of the Directors of the Milwaukee and Rock River Canal Company, be referred to the select committee to whom was referred that portion of the Governor's message upon the subject.

The resolution from the House of Representatives, entitled "A resolution concerning the election of Chaplains," was ta. ken up and read a first and second time; and

On motion of Mr. Bullen,

The Council resolved itself into committee of the whole, Mr. Bullen in the chair, for the consideration of the said resolution. After some time the committee rose, and, by their chairman, reported the resolution with an amendment.

The amendment was concurred in, and the resolution ordered to a third reading.

On motion of Mr. Arndt.

Ordered, That so much of rule 27, as requires that resolu tions be read the second and third times on different days, be

suspended, in order that this resolution may be read the third

time now.

The resolution was thereupon read the third time, passed, and the title agreed to.

Mr. Arndt gave notice that he would at some future day, ask leave to introduce a bill to provide for the support of illegit. imate children.

The following message was received from the House of Representatives by the clerk thereof, viz :

"Mr. President-The House of Representatives have adopted the report of the joint committee, appointed to prepare joint rules and orders for the government of the two Houses during the present session."

On motion of Mr. Sterling,

The Council adjourned until Monday morning.

Monday, December 14, 1840.

Mr. Bullen presented three petitions from citizens of Walworth county, and one from citizens of Racine county, praying for the passage of an act explanatory of the law to regulate toll for grinding.

Read and referred to Messrs. Bullen, Rountree and Martin. Mr. Collins presented the petition of Moses M. Strong, for the appointment of a committee to investigate his accounts as late Fiscal Agent of the Territory, and moved that the prayer of the petitioner be granted.

Which was agreed to, and Messrs. Collins, Upham and Learn. ed were appointed a committee.

Mr. Upham presented the petition of inhabitants of Milwau

kee county, praying the passage of a law to remit the interest upon canal lands.

Read and laid on the table.

The President laid before the Council a communication from the Governor on executive business.

Which was read and laid on the table.

On motion of Mr. Martin,

Resolved, That the Judiciary committee enquire into the expediency of memorializing Congress for the appointinent of an additional Judge of the Supreme Court, and for such amendment of the act organizing the Territory, that no Judge trying a cause in any of the District Courts, shall sit on the argument of the same cause in the Supreme Court of the Territory.

On motion of Mr. Upham,

Resolved, That the Librarian furnish to each member of the Council, a copy of the revised statutes of Wisconsin Territory, and the subsequent statutes, to be returned to the Librarian, after the expiration of the present session.

The following message was received from the House of Representatives, by the clerk thereof, viz :

"Mr. President-I am directed to inform you that the amend. ment, made by this House to a resolution concerning chaplains, has been concurred in by the House of Representatives; and that Messrs. Hacket and Rockwell have been appointed of the joint committee on enrolment under the 6th of the joint rules, on the part of the House."

On motion of Mr. Brigham,

Resolved, That the Librarian be instructed to provide for the use of the committee on claims, a blank book, in which it shall be the duty of said committee to register at length, all claims against this Council or the Legislative Assembly, together with the testimony in relation thereto, and also the result of their deliberations thereon.

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