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of Iowa, in said Territory, for the sum of one thousand five hun. dred and eighty-five dollars and fifty-eight cents damagages, and eighty-six dollars and fifty-three and a half cents, costs of suit; and whereas, by virtue of said writ of fieri facias, I did, on the same 25th day of April, levy upon all the right, title and interest of James D. Doty, in the stock, property and effects of the Bank of Mineral Point; and did on the same day fasten up witten notices in three public places in the town of Mineral Point, specifying that I should on this 16th day of May, at the court-house in Mineral Point, sell at public auction to the high. est bidder, the said right, title and interest of the said Doty in the said stock, property and effects of the Bank of Mineral Point, to satisfy the said writ of fieri facias; and whereas, I did, on this 16th day of May, 1840, at the court-house in Mineral Point aforesaid, expose the said right, title and interest to sale at public auction to the highest bidder; and whereas, Moses M. Strong, of Iowa county aforesaid, having bid the sum of six dollars for the same, and being the highest bidder for the same, it was struck off to him.

: Now therefore, know all men by these presents, that I, James H. Gentry, sheriff of said county of Iowa, by virtue of the premises, have sold and transferred, and do hereby sell and transfer to the said Moses M. Strong, all the right, title and interest of James D. Doty in the stock, property and effects of the Bank of Mineral Point, be the same more or less.

Witness my hand this 16th day of May, A. D. 1840.


MINERAL POINT, May 16, 1840.

I, Stephen Taylor, do hereby certify, that the foregoing is a true copy of the original assignment which was delivered by Moses M. Strong, in my presence, to Samuel B. Knapp, cashier of the Bank of Mineral Point, with a request that he would re

cord the same upon the book containing transfers of stock in said bank, which original assignment said Knapp retained for the purpose of taking advice upon the same.

In witness whereof, I have hereunto set my hand and seal this 16th day of May, A. D. 1840.

[L. S.]

S. TAYLOR, Notary Public.

Document No. 7.

REPORT of the Select Committee for the revision of the Joint Rules and Orders of the two Houses.

The Committee on the part of the Council appointed to act in conjunction with a similar committee appointed by the House of Representatives to report joint rules and orders for the gov ernment of the Legislative Assembly during its present session, have directed me to report, that the committee recommend the adoption of the joint rules of the last annual session with the following amendments, (to wit:)

Strike out the last two rules and add the following as the rule 14:

14. Whenever any report of a joint committee, or other document, shall be presented to both Houses of the Legislative As. sembly, the House first acting on the same, if it shall be thought necessary to have it printed, shall order a sufficient number of copies for both branches, and shall immediately inform the other House of its action upon the subject.


REPORT of Select Committee on Standing Rules of the Council.

The Commmittee to which was referred the revision of the Standing Rules of the Council, beg leave to suggest the following amendments, and recommend their adoption by the Council:

In the 6th division of the seventh rule after the word "consid. ered," insert," also Executive business," so as to read :

Reports and resolutions may on motion be considered; also, Executive business.

Strike out rule 14th, and insert new to wit: In presenting a petition, memorial, remonstrance, or other communi. cation, addressed to the Council or Legislative Assembly, the member shall only state the general purport of it.

Insert, next after rule 14th, an additional rule, to wit: A member offering a resolution or an amendment to a bill, resolution or memorial, shall first read the same in his place before presenting it to the President.

In rule 28th, after the words, "Council and," insert, "those originating in the Council," so as to read:

All bills and joint resolutions shall on a second reading be considered in committee of the whole before they shall be acted upon by the Council, and those originating in the Council, before being considered in committee of the whole, shall be printed unless otherwise ordered by the Council.

Insert additional rule next after rule 28:

Sixty copies of every bill, joint resolution or memorial shall be printed after the second reading, unless otherwise ordered.

Insert additional rule next after rule 35:

Immediately after the passage of any bill, resolution or other paper, to which the concurrence of the House of Representatives is to be asked, it shall be the duty of the Secretary to transmit the same to that House, and on the concurrence in any bill or other paper of the House of Representatives by the Council

or on the concurrence or disagreement in any vote of the House, it shall also be the duty of the Secretary to notify the House thereof.

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Insert additional rule after rule 28th:

No more than three bills originating in the Council shall be committed to the same committee of the whole, and such bills shall be analagous in their nature; which analogy shall be determined by the President.

All which is respectfully submitted,

CHAS. C. P. ARNDT, Chairman.

Document No. 8.

To His Excellency, HENRY DODGE,

Governor of Wisconsin Territory:

SIR-The undersigned having been appointed Chief Engi. neer of the Territory, for the Milwaukee and Rock River Canal, begs leave, in pursuance of law, to submit the following


Contracts were entered into by the Canal Company on the 8th day of September last, for a portion of the Canal (embracing sections No. 55 and 56, near the town of Milwaukee) which were approved by the Acting Commissioner, and the work placed under my supervision. These sections were subdivided into ten smaller jobs, and were let as follows:

Subdivision No. 102, consisting chiefly of excavation, to Michael Ward.

Subdivisions Nos. 3, 4, 5 and 8; and the protection wall, consisting mostly of embankment and a wall of stone, where the

outer edge of the bank falls into the current of the river, Griffith, Culley & Cotton, Contractors.

Subdivision No. 6, consisting of embankment, Mullen, Bra. min & Dailey, Contractors.

Subdivision No. 9, consisting of excavation, Joseph Gass, Contractor.

Subdivisions Nos. 7 and 10, consisting of embankment, Joseph Walster, Contractor.

These contracts were made at such prices as to confirm the opinion expressed in the first annual report of the Chief Engineer, that the cost of the canal will not exceed twelve hundred thousand dollars; and to justify the opinion that it will fall considerably below one million.

This work, as represented on the accompanying map, extends from the upper part of the town, to the site of the last dam across the Milwaukee River, which is to have a head or lift of 12 feet.

No funds having been obtained upon the loan authorized by Congress and by the Legislature of Wisconsin, up to the first day of September, the money now on hand belonging to the "Canal Fund," and the semi-annual interest to become due from purchasers of canal lands, are appropriated by law for the payment of work done under these contracts. The contractors commenced operations immediately, and the amount of work certified to be done up to the 31st day of October, was $1,897 00.

The dimensions of this part of the canal, as established by the canal company, are as follows: Depth of water, five feet; width at bottom of canal, twenty-six feet; width at surface of water, forty-three and a half feet; height of tow path, eight feet.

It is believed that it would promote the best interests of the

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