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Dive into the groundbreaking world of Ulysses by James Joyce. This towering work of modernist literature takes readers on a single day in Dublin, unraveling the complexities of human existence through vivid prose, intricate symbolism, and unparalleled linguistic experimentation.

A modernist masterpiece of literary genius!

  • James Joyce's revolutionary and challenging magnum opus
  • A stream-of-consciousness narrative exploring the depths of human experience
  • Complex characters and intricate storytelling that push the boundaries of conventional literature
  • Unparalleled linguistic innovation and wordplay that captivate the mind
  • A masterpiece that rewards dedicated readers with profound insights and intellectual stimulation

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Om författaren (2017)

James Joyce (1882 - 1941) was born in Dublin, Ireland, to a well-meaning but financially inept father and a solemn, pious mother. One of the most revered writers of the 20th century, he was noted for his experimental use of language in his works. His first publication, an essay on Ibsen' s play, appeared in the Fortnightly Review in 1900. In 1904, he made his first attempt at a novel, Stephen Hero, and also attempted to publish A Portrait of the Artist, an essay-story dealing with aesthetics, only to have it rejected. At the outset of the First World War, Joyce moved to Zurich, where he wrote Exiles, reworked on the early chapters of Ulysses, and published A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man in a serial form. It appeared in twenty-five instalments in The Egoist. Almost a complete rewrite of the abandoned Stephen Hero, it is heavily autobiographical incorporating the techniques of stream of consciousness and interior monologue.

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