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cir. 510.

f ver. 2. eh. 5. 9. & Dan. 3. 19.

fere hia.


cir. 514 h oh. 1.3.

k ver. 10.

1 See Esther 12. 1.

Esther made queen.


Haman seeketh to destroy the Jews. c Beforest daughter, was come to go in unto the spake daily unto him, and he hearkened cir. 515.' king, she required nothing but what He not unto them, that they told Haman, to gai the king's chamberlain, the

keeper of see whether Mordecai's matters would
the women, appointed. And Esther ob- stand: for he had told them that he was
tained favour in the sight of all them that a Jew.
looked upon her.

5 And when Haman saw that Morde-
16 So Esther was taken unto king cai "bowed not, nor did him reverence,
Ahasuerus into his house royal in the then was Haman full of wrath.
tenth month, which is the month Tebeth, 6 And he thought scorn to lay hands
in the seventh year of his reign.

on Mordecai alone; for they had shewed
17 And the king loved Esther above him the people of Mordecai: wherefore

all the women, and she obtained grace Haman sought to destroy all the Jews • Ps. 83.4 1. Or, kind and || favour tin his sight more than all that were throughout the whole king+ Heb. be' the virgins; so that he set the royal crown dom of Ahasuerus, even the people of

upon her head, and made her queen in- Mordecai.
stead of Vashti.

7 9 In the first month, that is, the
18 Then the king made a great feast month Nisan, in the twelfth year of king

unto all his princes and his servants, even Ahasuerus, i they cast Pur, that is, the lot, i ch.9. 24. + Heb. rest. Esther's feast; and he made a trelease before Haman from day to day, and from

to the provinces, and gave gifts, accord-month to month, to the twelfth month,
ing to the state of the king.

that is, the month Adar.
19 And when the virgins were gathered 8And Haman said unto king Aha-

together the second time, then Mordecai suerus, There is a certain people scatter1 ver. 21. ch. sat 'in the king's gate.

ed abroad and dispersed among the peo-
20 * Esther had not yet shewed her kin- ple in all the provinces of thy kingdom;
dred nor her people; as Mordecai had and their laws are diverse from all peo-klizne?
charged her: for Esther did the com- ple; neither keep they the king's laws:
mandment of Mordecai, like as when she therefore it is not +for the king's profit the parties,
was brought up with him.

to suffer them.
21 f 'In those days, while Mordecai 9 If it please the king, let it be writ-

sat in the king's gate, two of the king's ten that they may be destroyed: and I tell hede; ** Or, Bize chamberlains, || Bigthan and Teresh, of will † pay ten thousand talents of silver them.

those which kept fthe door, were wroth, to the hands of those that have the weigh. and sought to lay hand on the king charge of the business, to bring it into Ahasuerus.

the king's treasuries. 22 And the thing was known to Mor 10 And the king 'took ► his ring from Gen. &1.42. - eh. 6.2. decai, “who told it unto Esther the his hand, and gave it unto Haman the

queen; and Esther certified the king son of Hammedatha the Agagite, the
thereof in Mordecai's name.

Jews']) enemy.
27 And when inquisition was made of 11 And the king said unto Haman, 5.6.
the matter, it was found out; therefore The silver is given to thee, the people
they were both hanged on a tree: and it also, to do with them as it seemeth good
was written in the book of the chroni- to thee.
cles before the king.

12 "Then were the king's || scribes

called on the thirteenth day of the first laries.
Haman, advanced by the king, and despised to all that Haman had commanded unto

month, and there was written according
by Mordecai, seeketh revenge upon all the
Jews. 7 He casteth lots. % He obtaineth the king's lieutenants, and to the gover-
by calumniation a decree of the king to put nors that were over every province, and
the Jews to death.

to the rulers of every people of every FTER these things did king Aha- province oaccording to the writing there-.. 92. amb. . Hammedatha the Agagite, and advanced guage; Pin the name of king Ahasuerus !! sa is him, and set his seat above all the princes was it written, and sealed with the king's that were with him.

ring. 2 And all the king's servants, that were 13 And the letters were 'sent by posts 9 ch. 8. 10. « ch. 2. 19 'in the king's gate, bowed, and rever- into all the king's provinces, to destroy,

enced Haman: for the king had so com to kill, and to cause to perish, all Jews,

manded concerning him. But Mordecai both young and old, little children and & Ph. bowed not, nor did him reverence. women, "in one day, even upon 'the thir- ch. 8, 12,

3 Then the king's servants, which were teenth day of the twelfth month, which is 22 Mac. 15. in the king's gate, said unto Mordecai, the month Adar, and + to take the spoil of Why transgressest thou the king's com- them for a prey. mandment?

14 "The copy of the writing for a 4 ch.8. 13, 4 Now it came to pass, when they commandment to be given in every pro

thana, ch. 6.

+ Heb. the Chreshold,

m ch.8.2,8.

i Or, op

pressor, ch.

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cb. 8. 9. 1 Or, sacre

Cir. 510.

Father € 19, 13.

1 Kings 21.

ch, 6.8 10.

tch. 8. 11.



cir. 510.

15. Prov. 29.

+ Heb reepi

ration, Jab


cir. 510. a Sam. 1.11.



ashes were laid under

many, Isai.

Ilordecai's advice to Esther.


Esther inviteth the king, &c. vince was published unto all people, that to put him to death, except such 5to cir. 510. they should be ready against that day. whom the king shall hold out the golden

15 The posts went out, being hastened sceptre, that he may live: but I have not h ch.5.2.8 by the king's commandment, and the de- been called to come in unto the king cree was given in Shushan the palace. these thirty days.

And the king and Haman sat down to 12 And they told to Mordecai Esther's Sec ch.8. drink; but the city Shushan was per- words. plexed.

13 Then Mordecai commanded to anCHAP. IV.

swer Esther, Think not with thyself that
1 The great mourning of Mordecai and the thou shalt escape in the king's house,

Jews. 4 Esther, understanding it, sendeth more than all the Jews.
to Mordecai, who sheweth the cause, and 14 For if thou altogether holdest
adviseth her to undertake the suit, 10 She thy peace at this time, then shall there
15 She appointing a fast undertaketh the enlargement and deliverance arise to

the Jews from another place; but thou g. 18
CHEN Mordecai perceived all that and thy father's house shall be destroyed:
Josh. 7.6. clothes, and put on sackcloth with ashes, to the kingdom for such a time as this?
Ezek. 27. 30. and went out into the midst of the city, 15 | Then Esther bade them return
cGen. 97.34. and cried with a loud and a bitter cry;

Mordecai this answer, 2 And came even before the king's 16 Go, gather together all the Jews gate: for none might enter into the king's that are tpresent in Shushan, and fast +Hebfound. gate clothed with sackcloth.

ye for me, and neither eat nor drink 3 And in every province, whitherso- 'three days, night or day: I also and my i See ch. 51. ever the king's commandment and his maidens will fast likewise; and so will Í decree came, there was great mourning go in unto the king, which is not accord

among the Jews, and fasting, and weep- ing to the law: *and if I perish, I perish. She Gen. *Heb.sack. ing, and wailing; and † many lay in sack 17 So Mordecai + went his way, and Heb. pesscloth and ashes.

did according to all that Esther had com-
41 So Esther's maids and her + cham- manded him.
58. 5. Dan. berlains came and told it her. Then was

the queen exceedingly grieved; and she 1 Esther, adventuring on the king's favour,
sent raiment to clothe Mordecai, and to obtaineth the grace of the golden sceptre,
take away his sackcloth from him: but and inviteth the king and Haman to a ban.
he received it not.

quet. 6 She, being encouraged by the king
5 Then called Esther for Hatach, one

in her suit, inviteth them to another banquet

the next day. 9 Haman, proud of his adtheby whom of the king's chamberlains, † whom he vancement, repineth at the contempt of fore her. had appointed to attend upon her, and Mordecai. 14 By the counsel of Zeresh he

gave him a commandment to Mordecai, buildeth for him a pair of gallows.
to know what it was, and why it was.

6 So Hatach went forth to Mordecai day, that Esther put on her royal
unto the street of the city, which was be- apparel, and stood in the inner court of Sresh
fore the king's gate

the king's house, over against the king's
7 And Mordecai told him of all that house: and the king sat upon his royal
had happened unto him, and of the sum throne in the royal house, over against
of the money that Haman had promised the gate of the house.
to pay to the king's treasuries for the 2 And it was so, when the king saw
Jews, to destroy them.

Esther the queen standing in the court,
8. Also he gave him the copy of the that she obtained favour in his sight:
writing of the decree that was given at and the king held out to Esther the gol- Pro 24....
Shushan to destroy them, to shew it unto den sceptre that was in his hand. So &&**
Esther, and to declare it unto her, and to Esther drew near, and touched the top of
charge her that she should go in unto the the sceptre.
king, to make supplication unto him, and 3 Then said the king unto her, What
to make request before him for her people. wilt thou, queen Esther? and what is thy

9 And Hatach came and told 'Esther request ? it shall be even given thee to S. Nark & the words of Mordecai.

the half of the kingdom.
10 Again Esther spake unto Hatach, 4 And Esther answered, If it seem

gave him commandment unto Mor- good unto the king, let the king and Ha-

man come this day unto the banquet that
11 All the king's servants, and the peo- I have prepared for him.
ple of the king's provinces, do know, that 5 Then the king said, Cause Haman to
whosoever, whether man or woman, shall make haste, that he may do as Esther hath

come unto the king into the inner court, said. So the king and Haman came to « Dan. 2 9. who is not called, there is one law of his the banquet that Esther had prepared.

9. 3.

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dch. 3. 9.

ech. 3. 14,

e See Esther


cir. 510.


feb. 7. 2.


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the king de

I ch.3.1.

She obtaineth the king's favour.


Mordecai honoured. 69'And the king said unto Esther at | this? Then said the king's servants that the banquet of wine, What is thy peti- ministered unto him, There is nothing cir. 510.

tion? and it shall be granted thee: and done for him. 5 ch.9. 12. what is thy request ? even to the half 4 | And the king said, Who is in the

of the kingdom it shall be performed. court? Now Haman was come into the See ch. 5.

7 Then answered Esther, and said, outward court of the king's house, to ch.5. 14. My petition and my request is;

speak unto the king to hang Mordecai & 'If I have found favour in the sight on the gallows that he had prepared

of the king, and if it please the king to for him.
tlleb. to do. grant my petition, and tto perform my 5 And the king's servants said unto

request, let the king and Haman come him, Behold, Haman standeth in the court.
to the banquet that I shall prepare for And the king said, Let him come in.
them, and I will do to morrow as the king 6 So Haman came in. And the king
hath said.

said unto him, What shall be done unto
99 Then went Haman forth that day the man + whom the king delighteth to those honour
joyful and with a glad heart: but when honour?' Now Haman thought in his the king de

Haman saw Mordecai in the king's gate, heart, To whom would the king delight rach35 " that he stood not up, nor moved for to do honour more than to myself?

him, he was full of indignation against 7 And Haman answered the king, For

the man t whom the king delighteth to those honour 10 Nevertheless Haman.refrained him- honour,

lightech. self: and when he came home, he sent 8 +Let the royal apparel be brought Heb. Let Heb.caused and † called for his friends, and Zeresh + which the king useth to wear, and the the room in ons his wife.

horse that the king rideth upon, and the parel. 11 And Haman told them of the glory crown royal which is set upon his head: with the hing ch. 9.76 of his riches, and “the multitude of his 9. And let this apparel and horse be sell.

children, and all the things wherein the delivered to the hand of one of the king's di Kings a.
king had promoted him, and how he had most noble princes, that they may array
l advanced him above the princes and the man withal whom the king delighteth
servants of the king.

to honour, and + bring him on horseback f. Heto cause
12 Haman said moreover, Yea, Esther through the street of the city, and pro- eGen.41.43.
the queen did let no man come in with claim before him, Thus shall it be done
the king unto the banquet that she had to the man whom the king delighteth to
prepared but myself; and to morrow am honour.
I invited unto her also with the king. 10 Then the king said to Haman, Make

13 Yet all this availeth me nothing, 60 haste, and take the apparel and the horse, long as I see Mordecai the Jew sitting as thou hast said, and do even so to at the king's gate.

Mordecai the Jew, that sitteth at the 14 I Then said Zeresh his wife and king's gate: + let nothing fail of all that had a lot more than + Heb. tree. all his friends unto him, Let at "gallows thou hast spoken. - ch.7.9 be made of fifty cubits high, and to mor 11 Then took Haman the apparel and Ed. &. 4 rowspeak thou unto the king that Mor- the horse, and arrayed Mordecai, and

decai may be hanged thereon: then go brought him on horseback through the
thou in merrily with the king unto the street of the city, and proclaimed before

banquet. And the thing pleased Ha- him, Thus shall it be done unto the man • eks. 7. 14 man; and he caused °the gallows to be whom the king delighteth to honour. made.

12 And Mordecai came again to the CHAP. VI.

king's gate. But Haman 'hasted to his 22 | Ahasuerus, reading in the chronicles of the house mourning, and having his head g 2 Sam. 15. good service done by Mordecai, taketh care

for his reward. 4 Haman, coming to sue

13 And Haman told Zeresh his wife
that Mordecai might be hanged, unawares
giveth counsel that he might do him honour. and all his friends every thing that had
12 Complaining of his misfortune, his friends befallen him. Then said his wise men
tell him of his final destiny.

and Zeresh his wife unto him, If Mor-
N that night tcould not the king decai be of the seed of the Jews, before

sleep, and he commanded to bring whom thou hast begun to fall, thou shalt the book of records of the chronicles; not prevail against him, but shalt surely and they were read before the king. fall before him.

2 And it was found written, that Mor 14 And while they were yet talking . Or, Biça decai had told of || Bigthana and Teresh, with him, came the king's chamberlains,

two of the king's chamberlains, the keep- and hasted to bring Haman unto the
lleb.tkser ers of the door, who sought to lay hand banquet that Esther had prepared.
on the king Ahasuerus.

3 And the king said, What honour and 1 Esther, entertaining the king and Haman,
dignity hath been done to Mordecai for maketh suit for her own life and her people's.


f Chron.

30 Jer

.. 3, 4

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beh. 5.8.



cir. 510.

cir. 510

+ Heb. to drink.

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a ch.5.6.

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bch. 3.9. & 4. 7.

kill, and cause to perish.

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+ Heb. ehuse heart

+ Heb. The

Prof. 13. 12.

presence of the queen.

Haman hanged.


The Jews defend themselves. 5 She accuseth Haman. 7 The king in his , Esther had told what he was unto her.

CHRIST anger, understanding of the gallows which

2 And the king took off his ring, Haman had made for Mordecai, causeth

which he had taken from Haman, and cha; him to be hanged thereon.

gave it unto Mordecai. And Esther set bch. 3. 10. O the king and Haman came + to Mordecai over the house of Haman.

banquet with Esther the queen. 3 And Esther spake yet again before 2 And the king said again unto Esther the king, and fell down at his feet, 7 and 1 Heb. end on the second day at the banquet of besought him with tears to put away the and besong ke wine, What is thy petition, queen Esther? mischief of Haman the Agagite, and his and it shall be granted thee: and what is device that he had devised against the thy request ? and it shall be performed, Jews. even to the half of the kingdom.

4 Then the king held out the golden ch.4. 11. & 3 Then Esther the queen answered sceptre toward Esther. So Esther arose, and said, If I have found favour in thy and stood before the king, sight, o king, and if it please the king, 5 And said, If it please the king, and let my life be given me at my petition, if I have found favour in his sight, and and my people at my request:

the thing seem right before the king, and 4 For we are sold, I and my people, I be pleasing in his eyes, let it be written Heb. that tto be destroyed, to be slain, and to to reverse + the letters devised by Haman Heb, the destroy, and perish. But if we had been 'sold for the son of Hammedatha the Agagite,

bondmen and bondwomen, I had held || which he wrote to destroy the Jews ! Or, vko
my tongue, although the enemy could which are in all the king's provinces:
not countervail the king's damage.

6 For how can I tendure to see the + Heb.ber 5f Then the king Ahasuerus answered evil that shall come unto my people? or may see. and said unto Esther the queen, Who is how can I endure to see the destruction de

he, and where is he, † that durst presume of my kindred ? Aalh filled in his heart to do so ?

7 Then the king Ahasuerus said unto 6 And Esther said, † The adversary Esther the queen and to Mordecai the man adver- and enemy is this wicked Haman. Then Jew, Behold, °I have given Esther the 1 Or, alipe Haman was afraid || before the king and house of Haman, and him they have

hanged upon the gallows, because he laid
7° And the king arising from the ban- his hand upon the Jews.
quet of wine in his wrath went into the 8 Write ye also for the Jews, as it
palace garden: and Haman stood up to liketh you, in the king's name, and seal
make request for his life to Esther the it with the king's ring; for the writing
queen: for he saw that there was evil which is written in the king's name, and
determined against him by the king. sealed with the king's ring, 'may no man

8 Then the king returned out of the reverse.
palace garden into the place of the ban 9 % Then were the king's scribes called ch. 3. 12.
quet of wine; and Haman was fallen at that time in the third month, that is,
upon the bed whereon Esther was. the month Sivan, on the three and twen-

Then said the king, Will he force the tieth day thereof; and it was written acHeb.with queen also + before me in the house? cording to all that Mordecai commanded

Ås the word went out of the king's unto the Jews, and to the lieutenants, a Job g. 24. mouth, they covered Haman's face. and the deputies and rulers of the pro

9 And Harbonah, one of the cham- vinces which are from India unto Ethi-ch. I. de

berlains, said before the king, Behold opia, an hundred twenty and seven proCch.524 also, the tgallows fifty cubits high, which vinces, unto every province 'according ich. 1.2 & Prov. 11.5,6. Haman had made for Mordecai, who had to the writing thereof, and unto every

spoken good for the king, standeth in the people after their language, and to the
house of Haman. Then the king said, Jews according to their writing, and ac-
Hang him thereon.

cording to their language.
10 So 8 they hanged Haman on the gal 10 And he wrote in the king Ahasu- ki Kingii

. lows that he had prepared for Mordecai. erus's name, and sealed it with the king's is Then was the king's wrath pacified. ring, and sent letters by posts on horseCHAP. VIII.

back, and riders on mules, camels, and
1 Mordecai is advanced. 3 Esther maketh young dromedaries:

suit to reverse Haman's letters. 7 Aha 11 Wherein the king granted the Jews
suerus granteth to the Jews to defend them which were in every city to gather them-
selves. 15 Mordecai's homour, and the selves together, and to stand for their
Jews' joy.

life, to destroy, to slay, and to cause to

N that day did the king Ahasuerus perish, all the power of the people and

give the house of Haman the Jews' province that would assault them, both enemy unto Esther the queen. And little ones and women, and to take the sun Mordecai came before the king; for spoil of them for a prey,

See ch.1.

ech. 1. 6.

e ch. 1. 10.

+ Heb.tree.

gDan. 6. 24. Ps. 37.35, 36.


eir. 510.


nch. 3. 14, 15.

i See ch.8. 11.

Heb. cume.

15. . . 2.

7. 2.

men hang.
m 2 Sam. 91.

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Deut. 2,25 & 11.25. ch.


The Jews slay their enemies,


with the ten sons of Haman. 12 "Upon one day in all the provinces slew and destroyed five hundred men.

of king Ahasuerus, namely, upon the 7 And Parshandatha, and Dalphon, cir. 509. mch: 3. 13, thirteenth day of the twelfth month, and Aspatha, &e. &qi, which is the month Adar.

8 And Poratha, and Adalia, and Ari13 "The copy of the writing for a datha,

commandment to be given in every pro 9 And Parmashta, and Arisai, and to Hotellitevince was published unto all people, Aridai, and Vajezatha,

and that the Jews should be ready against 10 The ten sons of Haman the son h ch.5. 11.
that day to avenge themselves on their of Hammedatha, the enemy of the Jews, & 7. 13, 14,

slew they; but on the spoil laid they not 18.
14 So the posts that rode upon mules | their hand.
and camels went out, being hastened and 11 On that day the number of those
pressed on by the king's commandment that were slain in Shushan the palace
And the decree was given at Shushan + was brought before the king.
the palace.

12 | And the king said unto Esther
15 And Mordecai went out from the the queen, The Jews have slain and des-

presence of the king in royal apparel of troyed five hundred men in Shushan the ( Or, violet. Il blue and white, and with a great crown palace, and the ten sons of Haman; what

of gold, and with a garment of fine linen have they done in the rest of the king's • See ch.3 and purple: and the city of Shushan provinces? now " what is thy petition ? k ch.5.6. & rejoiced and was glad.

and it shall be granted thee: or what is + P. 9. 11. 16 The Jews had Plight, and gladness, thy request further? and it shall be done. and joy, and honour.

13 Then said Esther, If it please the 17 And in every province, and in every king, let it be granted to the Jews which city, whithersoever the king's command- are in Shushan to do to morrow also lac. 1 ch. 8. 11.

ment and his decree came, the Jews had cording unto this day's decree, and †let Mehalet So joy and gladness, a feast and a good Haman’s ten sons " be hanged upon the

day. And many of the people of the gallows. Ps. 18. 43. land 'became Jews; for Sthe fear of the 14 And the king commanded it so to Exod. 15 & Jews fell upon them.

be done: and the decree was given at CHAP. IX.

Shushan; and they hanged Haman's ten
1 The Jews (the rulers, for fear of Mordecai,

helping them) slay their enemies, with the 15 For the Jews that were in Shushan
ten sons of Haman. 12. Ahasuerus, at the gathered themselves together on the cha: 1.8
request of Esther, granteth another day of fourteenth day also of the month Adar,
20 The two days of Purim are made festi- and slew three hundred men at Shushan;

°but on the prey they laid not their hand. o ver. 10. TOW

16 But the other Jews that were in the month Adar, on the thirteenth the king's provinces gathered themselves 2. * bct 3 13 day of the same, when the king's com- together, and stood for their lives, and

mandment and his decree drew near to had rest from their enemies, and slew of
be put in execution, in the day that the their foes seventy and five thousand," but . See ch. 8.
enemies of the Jews hoped to have power they laid not their hands on the prey,

over them, (though it was turned to the 17 On the thirteenth day of the month Sam. He contrary, that the Jews had rule over Adar; and on the fourteenth day tof the + Heb. in il. them that hated them ;)

same rested they, and made it a day of
2 The Jews gathered themselves to- feasting and gladness.
gether in their cities throughout all the 18 But the Jews that were at Shu-

provinces of the king Ahasuerus, to lay shan assembled together' on the thirteenth rver. 11, 13. :P71, 13. hand on such as sought their hurt: and day thereof, and on the fourteenth there

no man could withstand them; for 'the of; and on the fifteenth day of the same
fear of them fell upon all people. they rested, and made it a day of feasting

3 And all the rulers of the provinces, and gladness.

and the lieutenants, and the deputies, and 19 Therefore the Jews of the villages, Helse fofficers of the king, helped the Jews; be that dwelt in the unwalled towns, made

cause the fear of Mordecai fell upon them. the fourteenth day of the month Adar

4 For Mordecai was great in the king's 'a day of gladness and feasting, and a house, and his fame went out throughout good day, and of sending portions one e ch. 8. 17.

all the provinces: for this man Mordecai to another. Sam.31. Swaxed greater and greater.

20 ( And Mordecai wrote these things, 5 Thus the Jews smote all their ene- and sent letters unto all the Jews that mies with the stroke of the sword, and were in all the provinces of the king Ahaslaughter, and destruction, and did + what suerus, both nigh and far, they would unto those that hated them. 21 To stablish this among them, that 6 And in Shushan the palace the Jews they should keep *the fourteenth day of 13.30


cie. 503 • cb. 8. 12.

Nowe mio the twelfth month, that is,


Jch 8. 11. &

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* Heb. Lhase

* Deut. 16. 11, 14.

u ver. 22. Nob. 8. 10, 12.

x See 2 Mac.

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