Henry Hudson's reize onder Nederlandsche vlag van Amsterdam naar Nova Zembla, Amerika en terug naar Dartmouth in Engeland, 1609, volgens het journaal van Robert Juet


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Sida 137 - Our boat went to fish, and caught great store of very good fish. The sixteenth, faire and very hot weather. In the morning our boat went againe to fishing, but could catch but few, by reason their canoes had beene there all night. This morning the people came aboord, and brought us eares of Indian corne, and pompions, and tabacco : which wee bought for trifles.
Sida 143 - We continued our course toward England, without seeing any land by the way, all the rest of this moneth of October: and on the seventh day of November, stilo novo, being Saturday, by the grace of God we safely arrived in the range of Dartmouth, in Devonshire, in the yeere 1609.
Sida 143 - ... and got downe sixe leagues. The old man came aboord, and would have had us anchor, and goe on Land to eate with him : but the wind being faire, we would not yeeld to his request ; So hee left us, being very sorrowfull for our departure. At five of the clocke in the after-noone, the wind came to the South South-west. So wee made a boord or two, and anchored in fourteene fathomes water.
Sida 143 - Whereupon all the rest fled away, some in their canoes, and so leapt out of them into the water. We manned our boat, and got our things againe. Then one of them that swamme got hold of our boat, thinking to overthrow it. But our cooke tooke a sword, and cut off one of his hands, and he was drowned.
Sida 123 - The foure and twentieth, very hot weather, the winde at South out of the sea. The fore-part of the day wee brought to our sayles. In the morning, our Scute went to take Fish, and in two houres they brought with them twentie great Coddes, and a great Holibut, the night was faire also. We kept good watch for feare of being betrayed by the people, and perceived where they layd their Shallops.
Sida 128 - We had seven and twentie fathomes within two miles of the shoare; and we found a floud come from the south-east, and an ebbe from the northwest, with a very strong streame, and a great hurling and noyses. At eight of the clocke at night the wind began to blow a fresh gale, and continued all night but variable.
Sida 135 - They had red copper tabacco pipes, and other things of copper they did weare about their neckes. At night they went on land againe, so wee rode very quiet, but durst not trust them.
Sida 142 - Then wee had a little gale of wind at the west. So wee got our ship into deepe water, and rode all night very well. The foure and twentieth was faire weather: the winde at the north-west, wee weighed, and went downe the river seven or eight leagues; and at halfe ebbe wee came on ground on a banke of oze in the middle of the river, and sate there till the floud. Then wee went on land, and gathered good store of chest-nuts. At ten of the clocke wee came off into deepe water, and anchored.
Sida 143 - Our Masters Mate and Boat-swaine, and three more of the companie went on land to fish, but could not finde a good place. They tooke foure or five and twentie Mullets, Breames, Bases, and Barbils ; and returned in an houre. We rode still all night. The eight and twentieth, being faire weather, as soone as the day was light, wee weighed at halfe ebbe, and turned downe two leagues belowe water ; for, the streame doth runne the last quarter ebbe : then we anchored till high water. At three of the clocke...

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