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kindle in the Minds of many the Love of Truth and sacred Liberty.- At length it reached this highly-favoured Illand, warmed the Hearts of the most learned and most judicious of its Inhabitants, till, in Process of Time, it blazed forth in its meridian Lustre, amongst all Ranks and Orders of People.To this, I must again say, we owe our Liturgy and Articles—those faithful Mirrors of divine Truththose scriptural Interpreters of the divine Will.-The Doctrines therein contained, are not the Doctrines of dark * and ignorant Ages of the Church,but of the enlightened Age of the Reformation, and of the most Pious, Zealous, and Learned amongst the Reformers. In Point of Compofition and Style, they are exquisitely fine, short without Obscurity, explicit without Tediousness.-Let but an impartial Mind compare our modern Compositions with them, and the Balance of Darkness and Ignorance will incline very greatly on the side of much later Writer's.

After all, I am perfe&tly convinced that all the Objections above taken Notice of, are but Pretences, mere Pretences to cover the sole Cause of Discontent, I mean Infidelity—This is the Worm that lays at the Root, and endeavours to destroy our apoftolical Confessions, Creeds,

Liturgy, * Appendix, F.

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Liturgy, and Articles. The Complaints

, if we may judge from some * Publications previous to this Attempt, are a motley Mixture of Infidels of various Denominations, such as Deists, Arians, Socinians, and Pelagians; the grand Point they want to be rid of, is the Doctrine of the TRINITY IN UNITY, and its Consequences, such as the Godhead.of Christ, and the Personality and Godhead of the holy Ghost; if these could be struck out of the Liturgy and Articles, they would be content.-Dr.Clarke's of




* Since this work went to the Press, the Author has seen a small Pamphlet, containing a pretended Refutation of all the Doctrines of the Church of England, as set forth in her Articles, under the artful Insinuation of disprovo ing what “ certain Divines have faid," which said Pamphlet is sold very cheap, and has been given away in great Numbers; by which Circumstances, as well as from its Contents, it appears to be a wicked Contrivance, to corrupt the Minds of the People, and seduce them on the side of the present Faction, against the great Truths of Christianity, as contained in the Liturgy and Articles of the established Church: It is hoped that a careful Perusal of the following Comment, may counterwork the Poison, which the laid Pamphlet may have infused into the Minds of the Ignorant and Unwary, where the Grossness of the Dose has failed to prove its own Antidote.

+ There appeared in the London Evening Port of the 23d of May last, the following Letter, which, in Justice to the Memory of Dr. Clarke, and for the Good of those whose Principles have been injured by his Writings, I puft infert in this place.

66 For

Being-Mahomet's ALLA-any but the TRUD God, will serve their Turne--and if there is a Man amongst them who will declare publicly that be believes the TRINITY; I will give up


“ For the LONDON EVENING Post.

« Mr. Miller, 6 Will


be so kind as to favour the Public with er these two little Anecdotes! They are seasonable, they

may be entertaining to some, and as profitable to every “ Body, as the Dispute between Wilkes and Horne. Día Clarke revived the Arian Heresy-his Writings are the « Arian's Bible-his Word is their Oracle.—But is it not “ surprising that they should attend so religiously to his " Errors, and yet pay no Regard to his retracting them? “ For it is certain he gave up his Principles a long Time “ before he died. Here are two Witnessesgood Men


" and true.

“ The Rev. Mr. Jackson, Minister of Torrington, lives near Mr. Foley in Herefordshire, but now refides chiefly

at Bath. He told me that Dr. Samuel Clarke, on his “ Death-bed, faid, Nothing grieved him so much as * writing his Book on the Trinity, and wilhed he could " see all his Books on that Subject burning before him. Mr. Jackson said he had it from Dr. Clarke's Son.

« Biographia Britannica, Vol. V. Pag. 3489, under the “ Life of the Chevalier Ramsey, in a Letter of his to Mr. Racine Mr. le Chevalier Newton, grand Geometre, et « nullement Metaphysicien, etoit persuadé de la verite de “Ja Religion, mais il voulu rafiner sur les Erreurs anci. “ ennes Orientales, et renouveller l'Arianisme par l'Organ " de fon fameux Disciple et Interprete Mr. Clarke, qui " m'avoua quelque tems avant que de mourir apres plu“ fieurs Conferences que j'avois eues avec lui, combien il " fe repentit d'avoir fait imprimer fon Ouvrage. Je fus « temoin il y a douze Ans a Londres de derniers Sentimens de modeste et vertueux Docteur."



the Accusation. I except the Papists, who may have joined in the Scheme of Petitioning; they are in general found as to the Doctrine of the TRINITY; but as the Merit of Works--Purgatorythe Mass-Works of Supererogation -five of their Sacraments-the Adoration of Saints, Images, and Reliques, together with the Pope's Infallibility and Power, are expressly condemned by the Articles, I do not think any Papist will venture to attempt taking Orders, unless, amongst other convenient Alterations, the Law for Subscriptions

should be repealed. The Points above mentioned, concerning the TRINITY, are at the Foundation of all true Religion, and are essential to its very Being ; they are therefore acknowledged by every Chrif


a 2

In ENGLISH thus : " The Chevalier Newton, a great Geometrician, but " no Metaphysician, was persuaded of the Truth of Re« ligion, but would refine on the old Eastern Errors, and « revive Arianism by the Means of his famous Disciple 66 and Interpreter Mr. Clarke, who avowed to me, some 6. time before his Death, after several Conferences which

I had with him, how much he repented of having printed " bis Work. I was Witness, twelve years ago, at Lon«ç don, of the last Sentiments of this modest and virtuous * Doctor.”

" Are not these good Authorities ? Dr. Clarke retract“ed his Errors long before he died. Should not this « stagger the Arians a little? Should it not put them

upon enquiring, why they believe that to be true, ( which Dr. Clarke himself believed to be false?”

tian Church upon Earth. In these, the Ar. ticles, as they totally agree with all other Christian Churches, so they perfečily barmonize with the Scriptures, and consequently subfcribing the one, is attended with no more. Hardship than subscribing the other : I confess it must be hard to subscribe either, if we do not believe them, but no Hardship if we do:Then we shall acknowledge the Fitness of such Barriers against Popish or Infidel Teachers, wio ought no more to be trusted with Offices in the Church, than Persons who refuse to subscribe the Declaration, and take the Qaths to the Government, with Offices of Trust and Profit in the State.

Įhe Petitioners indeed profess their Readiness to give any Security which the Parliament

may require, against Popery; but who is to secure us against Infidelity? How are tbe Mouths of Deists, Arians, and all the rest of the Infidel Tribe to be stopped, if they are at Liberty to pray and preach as they please in the Church? Now indeed they are' muzzled, the Liturgy must be read, therefore wholfome Words of fund Doctrine must be pronounced in the Ears of the People ; and as for their Preaching, though it be not for the Truth, yet they dare


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