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Thousands Rally At Capitol For Immediate Aid To Darfur
Genocide, Darfur (Sudan) (Ethnic relations), Sudan (History, Atrocities, Darfur Conflict, 2003-, Foreign relations, United States), United States (Foreign relations, Sudan)
Former President Clinton Receives Louis E. Martin Great American Award At Joint Center's Annual Dinner
Bill Clinton (American president); 1946- (Awards), Louis E. Martin Great American Award
TV's Greatest Black Moms
Diahann Carroll (American singer and actress.), Esther Rolle (American actress.); 1920-1998, Theresa Merritt (American actress.); 1924-1998, Mabel King (American actress.); 1932-1999, Phylicia Rashad (American actress.), Marla Gibbs (American actress.), Tichina Arnold (American actress.); 1971-, Julia (Television program), Good times (Television program), What's happening!! (Television program), Cosby show (Television program), 227 (Television program), Everybody hates Chris (Television program), Black mothers in television, Black television performers
This Week In Black History
Nelson Mandela (South African president.), Valerie Amos (Baroness, British cabinet member) (Selection and appointment)
Five-Year-Old 'Killer Bee' Awaits Her Big Day in the Boxing Ring
Mia Ellis (American child boxer.), Boxing (Children)
Kimberly Oliver Named National Teacher Of The Year
Kimberly Oliver (American kindergarten teacher) (Awards), National Teacher of the Year
Denied Law School Applicant Receives Historical Posthumous Degree
Lloyd Lionel Gaines (American college student and civil rights activist.); 1911-1939?, University of Missouri--Columbia School of Law, Blacks (Education), Discrimination in education, Race discrimination

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