Sidor som bilder

• Sometimes a dropping from the sky

• I heard the Lavrock sing; • Sometimes all little birds that are • How they seem'd to fill the sea and air

• With their sweer jargoning.

And now 'twas like all instruments,

• Now like a lonely flute; 6 And now it is an Angel's song

« That makes the Heavens be mute.

• It ceas'd; yet still the sails made on

• A pleasant noise till noon. A noise like of a hidden brook

• In the leafy month of June, · That to the sleeping woods all night

• Singeth a quiet tune.

Listen, O listen, thou wedding-guest!'

“ Marinere! thou hast thy will; “ For that, which comes out of thine eye,

doth make
My body and soul to be still."


Never sadder tale was told

• To a man of woman born; • Sadder and wiser thou wedding-guest!

« Thou’lt rise to-morrow morn.


Never sadder tale was heard

By a man of woman born: • The marineres all return'd to work

" As silent as beforne.

• The marineres all 'gan pull the ropes,

• But look at me they n'old: • Thought I, I am as thin as air,

They cannot me behold.

« Till noon we silently sailid on

" Yet never a breeze did breathe, • Slowly and smoothly went the ship

• Moy'd onward from beneath.

• Under the keel nine fathom deep

- From the land of inist and snow * The Spirit slid; and it was He

« That made the ship to go. • The sails at noon left off their túne

. And the ship stood still also.

• The sun right up above the mast

Had fixt her to the ocean: • But in a minute she 'gan stir

• With a short uneasy motion;• Backwards and forwards half her length

• With a short uneasy motion.

• Then, like a pawing horse let go,

• She made a sudden bound: It flung the blood into my head, • And I fell into a swound.


• How long in that same fit I lay,

• I have not to declare; * But ere my living life return'a, • I heard and in my soul discern’d

• Two Voices in the air.

“ Is it he? (quoth one) Is this the man?

“ By him who died on Cross, “ With his cruel bow he lay'd full low

66 The harmless Albatross.

“ The Spirit who bideth by himself

6. In the land of mist and snow, “ He lov'd the bird that lov'd the man

" Who shot him with his bow."

• The other was a softer voice,

* As soft as honey-dew: Quoth he, “ The man hath penance done, And penance more will do."



• FIRST Voice. “ But tell me, tell me! speak again,

Thy soft response renewing “What makes that ship drive on so fast!

• What is the Ocean doing?"

• SECOND Voice. “ Still as a slave before his lord,

" The Ocean hath no blast: “ His great bright eye most silently

• Up to the moon is cast,-


"If he may know which way to go,

“ For she guides him smooth or griiri. " See, brother, see! how graciously

" She looketh down on him.'

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FIRST VOICE. " But why drives on that ship so fast

• Withouten wave or wind?”

SECOND VOICE. “ The air is cut away before,

“ And closes from behind.

Fly, brother, fly! more high, more high,

" Or we shall be belated: " For slow and slow that ship will go,

“ When the Marinere's trance is abated,”

I woke, and we were sailing on

• As in a gentle weather: 'Twas night, calm night, the moon was high;

• The dead men stood together.

• All stood together on the deck,

For a charnel dungeon fitter : All fix'd on me their stony eyes • That in the moon did glitter.

• The pang, the curse, with which they died

Had never pass'd away: I could not draw my een from theirs • Ne turn them up to pray.

5 And in its time the spell was 'snapt,

• And I could move my een: • I look'd far-forth, but little saw

• Of what might else be seen.

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