Sidor som bilder

* Like one, that on a lonely road

• Doth walk in fear and dread, * And having once turn'd round, walks on,

And turns no more his head: Because he knows, a frightful fiend • Doth close behind him tread.

• But soon there breath'd a wind on me,

• Ne sound ne motion made: • Its path was not upon

the sea * In ripple or in shade.

• It rais'd my hair, it fann'd my cheek

• Like a meadow-gale of spring• It mingled strangely with my fears,

" Yet it felt like a welcoming.

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Swiftly, swiftly, flew the ship,

• Yer she sail'd softly too: Sweetly, sweetly blew the breeze • On me alone it blew.

• dream of joy! is this indeed

• The light-house top I see! • Is this the hill? Is this the kirk?

• Is this mine own countrée?

• We drifted o'er the harbour bar,

And I with sobs did pray• Olet me be awake, my God!

• Or let me sleep alway!

• The harbour bay was clear as glass,

. So smoothly it was strewn! • And on the bay the moonlight lay,

6 And the shadow of the moon.

• The moonlight bay was white all o'er,

• Till rising from the same, • Full many shapes, that shadows were,

· Like as of torches came. ,

A little distance from the prow

« Those dark-red shadows were; < But soon

- Was red as in a glare.

saw that

my own fesh

• I turn'd my head in fear and dread,

• And by the holy rood, The bodies had advanc'd, and now * Before the mast they stood.

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• They lifted up their stiff right-arms,

They held them straight and tight;
• And each right-arm burnt like a torch,

• A torch that's borne upright.
• Their stony eye-balls glittered on

• In the red and smokey light.

* I pray'd and turn’d my head away

• Forth looking as before,
• There was no breeze upon the bay,

• No wave against the shore.

* The rock shone bright, the kirk no less

• That stands above the rock:
• The moonlight steep'd in silentness

• The steady weathercock.

• And the bay was white with silent light,

• Till rising from the same • Full many shapes, that shadows were,

• In crimson colours came.

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* A little distance from the prow

• Those crimson shadows were:
* I turn'd my eyes upon the deck-

"O Christ! what saw I there?

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• Each corse lay flat, lifeless and fat;

* And by the holy rood, • A man all light, a seraph-man,

• On every corse there stood.

• This seraph-band, each wav'd his hand;

• It was a heavenly sight: They stood as signals to the land, * Each one a lovely light:


• This seraph-band, each wav'd his hand:

“No voice did they impart-• No voice; but O! the silence sank

· Like music on my heart.

• Eftsones I heard the dash of oars,

• I heard the Pilot's cheer; * My head was turn'd per force away

6 And I saw a boat appear,

6 Then vanish'd all the lovely lights;

* The bodies rose anew: • With silent pace, each to his place,

• Came back the ghastly crew. • The wind that shade nor motion made

to On me alone it blew.

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« The Pilot and the Pilot's Boy

• I heard them coming fast:
• Dear Lord in Heaven! it was a joy

• The dead men could not blast.

I saw a thirdI heard his voice :

• It is the Hermit good!
• He singeth loud his godly hymns

That he makes in the wood.
• He'll shrieve my soul, he'll wash away

• The Albatross's blood.


*This Hermit good lives in that wood

• Which slopes down to the sea: "How loudly his sweet voice he rears! “He loves to talk with marineres

• That come from a far countrée.

6 He kneels at morn and noon and eve

• He hath a cushion plump:
" It is the moss, that wholly hides

“The rotted old oak stump.

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