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The admirers of Sir Walter Scott will be gratified by the separate publication of these Memoirs, which will complete our edition of his works. They are now for the first time published distinct from the works of Dryden, with which, at the price of upwards of eight guineas, they can only be purchased in London. Those who possess old editions of Dryden will find these Memoirs a valuable addition,


Paris, March 15, 1826.

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AMONG the most eminent of the illustrious names of those whose genius has done honour to English Literature stands that of Dryden, who may claim at least the third place in the honoured list, and who has given proofs of greater versatility of talent than either Shakspeare or Milton, though justly placed inferior to both in their respective provinces. It would be hard to exact that the Editor of these Memoirs should rival the criticism of Johnson, or produce facts which have escaped the accuracy of Malone. While, however, he has availed himself of the labours of both, particularly of the latter, whose industry has removed the cloud which so long hung over the events of Dryden's life, he has endeavoured to take a different and more enlarged view of the subject than that which his predecessors have presented. The general critical view of Dryden's works being sketched by Johnson with unequalled felicity, and the incidents of his life accurately discussed and ascertained by Malone, something seemed to remain for him who should consider these literary productions in their succession, as actuated by and operating upon the taste of an age, where they had so predominant an influence; and who might, at the same time, connect the life of Dryden with the history of his publications, without losing sight of the fate and character of the individual. How far this end has been attained, is not for the editor to guess, especially when, as usual at the close of a work, he finds he is possessed of double the information he had when he commenced it. The kindness of Mr Octavius Gilchrist, who undertook a

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