Clinical Training in Serious Mental Illness: Proceedings of the National Forum for Educating Mental Health Professionals to Work with the Seriously Mentally Ill and Their Families, Chevy Chase, Maryland, September 14-16, 1988

The Institute, 1990 - 197 sidor

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Sida 14 - I use the term fgroupthink" as a quick and easy way to refer to a mode of thinking that people engage in when they are deeply involved in a cohesive ingroup, when the members...
Sida 5 - Encouraging psychiatrists to work with chronic patients: opportunities and limitations of residency education.
Sida 10 - Principles of planning for chronic psychiatric patients: a synthesis, in The Chronic Mental Patient: Five Years Later. Edited by Talbott JA. Orlando, Fla, Grune & Stratton, 1984 34.
Sida 32 - Harding CM, Zubin J, Strauss JS: Chronicity in schizophrenia: fact, partial fact, or artifact? Hospital and Community Psychiatry 38:477-486, 1987 Hatfield AB: Family Education in Mental Illness.
Sida 14 - Hall RCW, Popkin MK, Devaul RA, et al: Physical illness presenting as psychiatric disease. Arch Gen Psychiatry 35:1315-1320, 1978...

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