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Sidan 218 - And proceed to keep up the exercises of war. The boars of one year are for ourselves; Those of three years are offered to our lord. In the fifth month, the locust moves its legs; In the...
Sidan 221 - In the Book of Poetry, it is said, ' In hewing an axe-handle, in hewing an axe-handle, the pattern is not far off.' We grasp one axe-handle to hew the other, and yet, if we look askance from the one to the other, we may consider them as apart.
Sidan 236 - At the conjunction [of the Sun and Moon] in the tenth month On the first day of the Moon, which was sin-nuwu, The Sun was eclipsed...
Sidan 243 - Although she is seven times removed, she does not achieve any interwoven pattern (h); brilliant is the Draught Ox (i), but one does not yoke it to any carriage; in the east there is the Opener of Light (Lucifer); in the west there is the Long Continuer (Hesperus); long and curved is the Heavenly Fork (j), but it is just placed there in its row (k). — 7. In the south there is the Winnowing Basket (1), but one cannot winnow with it, in the north there is the Ladle (m), but one cannot ladle wine or...
Sidan 142 - (She trod on the big toe of God's foot-print, she became elated) she was (increased =) enriched, she was blessed, and so she became (shaken =) pregnant . . . ». — The par.
Sidan 165 - As often as a ewe has a ram's head, As often as Orion is in the Pleiads, Do people to-day, if they find food at all, Get a chance to eat their fill.
Sidan 200 - Ch'u k'i yin tu (to), yu nü ju t'u (d'o), suei tse ju t'u (d'o), fei wo sï ts'u [sic] (dz'o), kao yi ju lü (lio), liao k'o yü yü (ngiwo). 1. I go out at the East gate; there are girls (numerous) like a cloud; but although they are like a cloud, they are not those in whom my thoughts rest; (she with) the white-silk robe and with the black-mottled grey kerchief, she will (a) rejoice me (b). — 2. I go out by the tower on the covering wall; there are girls (numerous) like reeds; but although they...
Sidan 74 - High; looking down, he is majestic; he inspected and regarded the (states of) the four quarters, he sought tranquillity for the people; these two kingdoms (sc.
Sidan 194 - I had not acted (d); in the latter part of my life I have met with these hundred griefs; would that I could sleep and not awaken (any more).
Sidan 233 - And so he bears sons; they lay them on a bed, they dress them in skirts, they give them as toys (chang - jades:) jade insignia; they cry shrilly; their red knee-covers will be brilliant, (they will be) rulers of hereditary houses. — 9. And so he bears daughters; they lay them on the ground, they dress them in wrappers, they give them as toys spinning-whorls; they shall have nothing but simplicity...

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