The Hidden Teachings of Jesus: The Political Meaning of the Kingdom of God

Red Wheel/Weiser, 15 okt. 2001 - 245 sidor
The author of Conspiracy Theory in America presents a radical new view of the person of Jesus and the message of social reform underlying his teachings.
Based on the premise that Jesus could not speak his thoughts openly without running afoul of the authorities, political philosopher Lance deHaven-Smith demonstrates how Jesus sought to dismantle worldly systems of command and status and replace them with a society governed by a spirit of holiness.
The Hidden Teachings of Jesus also explores how Jesus’ prophecies are being fulfilled in the modern era. Huge systems of power, privilege, and acquisition have arisen, but so too has a global public opinion which bristles at oppression and demands love and respect for every living thing. In this work, Lance deHaven-Smith points to a spirit of holiness emerging worldwide to dismantle power and status in abusive families, autocratic corporations, tyrannical governments, and many other areas of life. This spirit, he suggests, can bring about the real kingdom of God, the divine order Jesus urged his followers to establish here on earth.

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The Kingdom of God is Ours To Create
New Meanings for Ancient Prophecies
Why the Kingdom Has Not Come
A Politics to End All Politics
Jesus Spoke Between the Lines
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The New Judaism of Jesus
The Scientization of the Bible
The Modern Form of the Holy Spirit 6 Signs of the Apocalypse
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How Modern Men and Women Lose Their Souls to the World 9 The Democratic Illusion
Power and Glory in Families Schools and Businesses
The End of Modern Life
The Lords Prayer is a Political Manifesto
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Why Jesus Rejected the Old Testament
Jesus Poured New Wine into Old Bottles
The Subversion of Christianity
Resurrecting the Spirit of Jesus
The Holy Spirit is a State of Mind
Why the Trinity is a Mistaken Idea
Spirit of Holiness or Holy Ghost?
The Resurrection is for the Living
The Inevitable Conflict Between Faith and Power
The Spiritual Foundations of Society
From Jesus to Mass Christianity
Was Peter a False Prophet?
The Holy Spirit According to the First Christian Martyr
How Mass Christianity Lost the Holy Spirit
Why Peter Prevailed Over Philip
Satan is Worldly Law and Order 1 Satans Sole Possession Worldly Power and Glory
The Tyrannies of Everyday Life
Power and Glory Are Idols of the Heart
The Possibility of Orderly Anarchy
The Evil Spirit of the State
Human Law is the Original Sin 7 The Ways of Satan
The Faith of Satan
The World is Tempting Because God is in Heaven
The World is Chance and Causality
Jesus Wanted to Free Us from Sin by Putting an End to Human Laws
Jesus Did Not Turn the Other Cheek
Hell is the Destiny of All Worldly Kingdoms
The Fires of Desire for Power and Glory
The Three Days or Stages Preceding the Kingdom
Jesus Vision of History Contrasted with Our
The Lords Prayer is Not a Prayer
Jesus Saw Prayer as a Political Action
The Economics of a Divine Kingdom
The Glory of Poverty
The Politics of Forgiveness
Law without Judgement
The Location of Temptation
Power to the Powerless 10 Jesus Was the First King in the New Kingdom
The Worldly Argument for Political Power
Origins of the Divine Constitution
The Political Structure of the Kingdom of
The Day of Judgement Will Be a Global Political Crisis
The Mistake that Became Organized Christianity
The True Meaning of the Resurrection
The Second Coming Has Already Come Others Will Follow
The Immaculate Revolution
or testing means that the kingdom of God is never to have
The World and the Word
The Political Meaning of the Book of Revelation
Kingdoms Colliding
Characteristics of the Emerging World Spirit
The Beatitudes Fulfilled
Blessed Are the Immodest
Spiritualizing the
Harvest of Souls
How To Bring On the Kingdom

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