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ISAIAH 18-37.

LECTURE 1119-1143.

ISAIAH 38-53.

LECTURE 1144-1166.

[blocks in formation]


1. 4. The Lord calleth Jeremiah to 1184. Our encouragement to serve

be his prophet.

2. 1. The people of Jerusalem are
reproved for their idolatries.

2.20. The false pleas of the Jews are


God with boldness.

1185. The evil and bitter conse-

quences of sin.

3. 1. The longsuffering of God. Ju- 1187. The responsibility of having
dah compared with Israel.

eminent privileges.

faith, and devotion.

3. 12. Promises of restoration to be 1188. Christian contrition, and
proclaimed to Israel.

17. 1. Trust in man and trust in 1210. The humility and glory of

God are contrasted.

those whose trust is in God.

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