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The history of the following production is briefly this:- A lady, fond of blank verse, demanded a poem of that kind from the author, and gave him the Sofa for a subject. He obeyed; and, having much leisure, connected another subject with it; and, pursuing the train of thought to which his situation and turn of mind led him, brought forth at length, instead of the trifle which he at first intended, a serious affair-a Volume !

In the Poem on the subject of Education, he would be very sorry to stand suspected of having aimed his censure at any particular school. His obje&ions are such as naturally apply themselves to schools in general. If there were not, as for the most part there is, wilful neglect in those who manage them, and an omission even of such diíci. pline as they are susceptible of, the objects are yet


too numerous for minute attention; and the aching hearts of ten thousand parents, mourning under the bitterest of all disappointments, attest the truth of the allegation. His quarrel, therefore, is with the mischief at large, and not with any particular inItance of it.

Page Sonnet addressed to H. Cowper, Esq..

344 The Morning Dream

345 Verses printed at the Bottom of the Yearly Bill of Mortality

of the Town of Northampton, Dec. 21, 1987...... 347 On a Similar Occasion, for the Year

350 Inscription for the Tomb of Mr. Hamilton..

352 The Poplar Field

354 Idem Latine Redditum.

355 Epitaph on a Hare.. Epitaphium Alterum

358 Note to Line 8, Page 169..



Page 4, line 2, for umber, read lumber.

2959 4, for Mrs. read Lady.


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