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because he is trained to it: they eat bread at the same time out of the same hand, and are in all respects sociable and friendly.

I should not do complete justice to my subject did I not add, that they have no ill scent belonging to them, that they are indefatigably nice in keeping themselves clean, for which purpose nature has furnished them with a brush under each foot; and that they are never infested by any vermin.

MAY 28, 1784.

Memorandum found among Mr. Cowper's papers.

Tuesday, March 9, 1786.
This day died poor Puss, aged eleven years eleven months. She

died between twelve and one at noon, of mere old age, and
apparently without pain.


In the Press, and will be published in August 1801, in four

Volumes in Octavo,
A Translation of the ILIAD AND ODYSSEY OF

HOMER into Blank Verse.
By W. Cowper, of the Inner Temple, Esq.
The second Edition, with so many alterations as nearly

entitle it to be called a new Translation.
Printed for J. Johnson, St. Paul's Church-yard.

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T. Bensley, Prir ter, Bolt Court, Fleet Street, London

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