Annual Report of the American Historical Association

U.S. Government Printing Office, 1907

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Sida 618 - An act to provide for celebrating the one hundredth anniversary of the purchase of the Louisiana territory by the United States by holding an international exhibition of arts, industries, manufactures, and the products of the soil, mine, forest and sea, in the city of St. Louis, in the State of Missouri...
Sida 371 - ... by an act of parliament made in the first year of the reign of our late royal father, to be taken instead of the oaths of allegiance and supremacy...
Sida 723 - NEW YORK HISTORICAL SOCIETY. A narrative of events at Lake George, from the early colonial times to the close of the Revolution. By BF De Costa. New York, 1868.
Sida 33 - A list of those that have been executed for the late rebellion in Virginia, by Sir William Berkeley, governor of the colony.
Sida 262 - IX-X. American Constitutions; The Relations of the Three Departments as Adjusted by a Century. By HORACE DAVIS.
Sida 632 - England with the Eastern Indians, or a narrative of their continued perfidy and cruelty, from the 10th of August 1703, to the peace renewed, 13th of July, 1713, and from the 25th of July, 1722, to their submission, 15th of December, 1725, which was ratified August 5th, 1726.
Sida 571 - JOHN DUNTON'S LETTERS FROM NEW ENGLAND. Letters written from New England AD 1686. By John Dunton, in which are defcribed his voyages by Sea, his travels on land, and the characters of his friends and acquaintances.
Sida 252 - History of the discovery of the east coast of North America, particularly the coast of Maine; from the Northmen in 990, to the charter of Gilbert In 1574.
Sida 762 - Society, and the publishers' advertisement calls it the first volume of the Transactions of the Society. HISTORICAL AND PHILOSOPHICAL SOCIETY OF OHIO. Facts and condition* of progress in the Northwest. Being the annual discourse for 1850 before the Historical and Philosophical Society of Ohio, delivered April 8, the sixty-third anniversary of the first settlement of the State. By William D. Gallagher. With an appendix, containing a sketch of the history of the Society, and other matter. Cincinnati,...
Sida 164 - HISTORICAL SOCIETY. Birthday of the State of Connecticut Celebration of the two hundred and fiftieth anniversary of the adoption of the...

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