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The address, to be delivered by a person invited by the Executive Committee, shall be made at such session of the Annual Meeting as shall be designated by the Executive Committee.'

The reading and delivering of essays and papers shall be on the same day, or at such other time as the Executive Committee may determine.

III.—No person shall speak more than ten minutes at a time or more than twice on one subject.

A stenographer shall be employed at each Annual Meeting.

All resolutions except those of a formal character shall be referred by the Chair on presentation, without debate, to an appropriate committee; and no resolution which is not favorably reported by the committee to which it is referred, or adopted by the Association, shall be published in the proceedings of the meetings.

IV.--Each State Bar Association may annually appoint delegates, not exceeding three in number, to the next meeting of the Association. In states where no State Bar Association exists, any City or County Bar Association may appoint such delegates, not exceeding two in number. Such delegates shall be entitled to all the privileges of membership at and during the said meeting

V.-At any of the meetings of the Association, members of the Bar of any foreign country or of any state who are not members of the Association may be admitted to the privileges of the floor during such meeting.

VI.—All papers read before the Association shall be lodged with the Secretary and become the property of the Association, and shall not be published without the consent of the Committee on Publications, unless by the express direction of the Executive Committee or the President of the Association,' except as herein otherwise provided for.' The Annual Address of the President, and such reports of committees, papers and proceedings at the Annual Meeting shall be printed, as the Committee on Publications shall order.'

1 Amended August, 1910. 2 Amended August 25, 1908. * Amended September 1, 1913. * Amended August 27, 1912.

Extra copies of reports, addresses and papers read before the Association may be printed by the Committee on Publications for the use of their authors, not exceeding two hundred copies for each of such authors.

The Secretary and the Chairman of the Executive Committee shall endeavor to arrange with the Smithsonian Institution, or otherwise, a system of exchanges by which the Transactions can be annually exchanged with those of other associations in foreign countries interested in jurisprudence or governmental affairs; and the Secretary shall exchange the Transactions with those of the State and Local Bar Associations; and all books thus acquired shall be bound and deposited in the charge of the New York City Bar Association, subject to the call of this Association, if it ever desires to withdraw or consult them, if the former Association agrees to such deposit.

The Secretary shall send one copy of the Report of the proceedings of this Association to the President of the United States, and to each of the Judges of the Supreme Court thereof, and to the Library of the State Department, and of the Department of Justice thereof, and to the Library of Congress, and the Library of the Supreme Court thereof, and to the Governor, and to the Chief Judge of the court of last resort of each state, and to the State Librarian thereof, and to all public law libraries, and other principal public and college libraries in the United States, and to such other persons or bodies as the Executive Committee may direct.

No resolution complimentary to an officer or member for any service performed, paper read or address delivered shall be considered by the Association.


VII.—The terms of office of all officers elected at any

Annual Meeting shall commence at the adjournment of such meeting, except the Council, whose term of office shall commence immediately upon their election.

VIII.-The President shall appoint all committees, except the Committee on Publications, within thirty days after the Annual Meeting, and shall announce them to the Secretary, and the Secretary shall promptly give notice to the persons appointed. The

Committee on Publications shall be appointed on the first day of each meeting

There shall be appointed annually by the President a committee to be known as the Reception Committee, consisting of fifteen members of the Association, whose duty it shall be to attend immediately before and at the opening of the first day's session of the meeting to receive members and delegates and introduce them to each other, with a view of making them better acquainted and establishing a spirit of good fellowship among them.'

The Committee on Professional Ethics shall communicate to the Association such information as it may collect respecting the activity of State and Local Bar Associations in respect to the ethics of the legal profession, and it may from time to time make recommendations on the subject to the Association.'

IX.- The Treasurer's Report shall be examined and audited annually, before its presentation to the Association, by two members to be appointed by the Chairman of the Executive Committee.

X.—The Council and all standing committees shall meet on the day preceding each Annual Meeting, at the place where the same is to be held, at such hour as their respective Chairmen shall appoint. If at any Annual Meeting of the Association any member of any committee shall be absent, the vacancy may be filled by the members of the committee present.

The Secretary of the Association shall be the Secretary of the Council.

XI.-The Committee on Publications shall also meet within one month after each Annual Meeting, at such time and place as the Chairman shall appoint.

XII.-Special meetings of any committee shall be held at such times and places as the Chairman thereof may appoint. Reasonable notice shall be given by him to each member by mail.

The traveling and other necessary expenses incurred by any committee, standing or special, for meetings of such committee, during the interval between the Annual Meetings of the Association, shall be paid by the Treasurer, on the approval and by

1 Amended August 23, 1905.
· Amended September 1, 1913.


the order of the Executive Committee, out of such appropriation as to the Executive Committee may seem necessary in each case, on previous application in advance of its expenditure.

All committees may have their reports printed by the Secretary before the Annual Meeting of the Association; and any such report, containing any recommendation for action on the part of the Association, shall be printed, together with a draft of bill embodying the views of the committee, whenever legislation shall be proposed. Such report shall be distributed by mail by the Secretary to all the members of the Association at least fifteen days before the Annual Meeting at which such report is proposed to be submitted. No legislation shall be recommended or approved unless there has been a report of a committee, either in favor of or against the same, and unless such legislation be approved by a two-thirds vote of the members of the Association present. Where the report of a committee has been printed it shall not be read before a meeting of the Association unless directed by a majority vote of those present at the meeting, but the Chairman of the committee shall state the purport and substance thereof to the meeting.'

It shall be the duty of each Vice-President and member of the General Council of this Association to endeavor to procure the enactment by the legislature of their state of each and every law recommended by the Association, and the Secretary shall furnish them with copies of each and every recommendation and draft of bill, when there shall be such draft; and whenever this Association shall by resolution recommend the enactment of any law or laws, the Secretary shall, as soon as possible, furnish a copy of the resolution to the President of each State Bar Association, with the request of this Association that such State Bar Association shall cooperate with the local Vice-President and member of the General Council of this Association in having a bill introduced in the legislature of its state containing the subject matter recommended by such resolution, and use proper means to procure the enactment of the same into law. In every state where there is no State Bar Association, a copy of such resolution with a similar request shall be sent to the President of the Bar Asso


Amended August 29, 1902, and August 31, 1906. * Amended September 1, 1910.

ciation of the principal city in such state; and in every instance where the form of bill has been recommended with the resolution, a copy of such form of bill shall also be sent with the resolution.


XIII.--The Annual Dues shall be payable at the Annual Meeting in advance. If any member neglects to pay his yearly dues on or before June 1 following the Annual Meeting, it shall be the duty of the Treasurer to serve upon him by mail a copy of this By-law and notice that unless the dues are paid within one month thereafter, the default will be reported to the Executive Committee, which may, without further notice, cause the name of such member to be stricken from the roll for non-payment of dues, and his membership and all rights in respect thereto will thereupon cease.'

A member who has been dropped from the roll for non-payment of dues may be restored to membership by the Executive Committee upon the payment of such back dues as the committee shall think equitable.? Provided, such restoration shall be recommended by a member of the Local Council of his state, or in their absence, at an Annual Meeting, by any two members of the Association.


XIV.-A Section of the Association, to be known as the Section of Legal Education,' is hereby established, which shall meet annually in connection with the meeting of the Association, but not during such hours as the Association is in session.

Its object shall be the discussion of methods of legal education, and it may make recommendations to the Association, which shall be referered by the Association to the Committee on Legal Education.

The proceedings of the Section may be published from time to time, at the discretion of the Executive Committee, and on the recommendation of the Committee on Publications.

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