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$31,205.45 $53,894.79


Brought forward
Aug. 4. By cash paid Lord Baltimore Press,

Baltimore, Md., for printing,
postage and expressage for Com-
mittee on Publicity.


[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

By cash paid George Whitelock, Balti

more, Md., Secretary, to refund
his disbursements during the
year 1914-1915—
For postage, stamped envelopes

and postals
For transportation of packages
For stationery and supplies...
For miscellaneous printing...
For traveling expenses, self

and assistants, telephone and
telegraph, equipment, books

and sundries For disbursements at annual

meeting For disbursements a/c Ameri

can Bar Association Journal


1.60 19.20 74.20




[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

Balance on hand August
4, 1915

$12,477.19 Which balance consists of

Amount deposited to the credit

of American Bar Association,
Frederick E. Wadhams, Treas-
urer, in Albany Trust Com-

pany, Albany, N. Y.......... $ 4,463.41
Amount deposited to the credit

of American Bar Association,
Frederick E. Wadhams, Treas-
urer, in Albany Trust Com-
pany, Albany, N. Y., special
interest account

To cash on hand in Treasurer's




Approved August 17, 1915.


Auditing Committee.




SALT LAKE CITY, UTAII, August 17, 1915 The Executive Committee respectfully reports that under the last clause of Art. IV, of the Constitution, providing for the election of members by the Executive Committee between meetings when nominated by a majority of the Vice-President and Local Council, 271 new members were elected.

The committee has elected to honorary membership the following:

Rt. Hon. Rómulo S. Naon, Ambassador from the Argentine Republic to the United States; and

Rt. Hon. Viscount Alverstone, formerly Lord Chief Justice of England.

Both Ambassador Naon and Lord Alverstone have accepted election; the letter of acceptance of Lord Alverstone is hereto annexed as a part of this report.

The committee further reports that in accordance with ByLaw XII appropriations were made for the use of the committees of 1914-15 not exceeding the following amounts: Insurance Committee

$ 250 Commercial Law

200 To Oppose Judicial Recall.

1250 Uniform Judicial Procedure.

400 Membership

2500 To Suggest Remedies.

500 Publicity

300 Legislative Drafting

300 Commissioners on Uniform State Laws.

1000 Section of Legal Education.

500 Section of Legal Education for use of Committee on Standard Rules for Admission to Bar.

750 Judicial Section ..

300 Jurisprudence and Law Reform.

250 Comparative Law Bureau..


The Treasurer was directed to pay the expenses incurred by J. Nota McGill in arranging hotel accommodations for the members in Washington.

A special committee of three was appointed by the President to prepare for insertion in the report of the Association a résumé of important federal and state legislation for the years 191314-15, and the Executive Committee passed a resolution recommending to the Association the establishment of a permanent Standing Committee for such purpose.

The special committee appointed by the President to prepare such résumé consisted of: Thomas I. Parkinson, New York; William H. Loyd, Philadelphia, and Donald R. Richberg, Illinois. The Treasurer was authorized to pay to this committee for expenses a sum not exceeding $250.

A Special Committee on Reports and Digests, consisting of one member from each state, which was authorized by resolution of October 21, 1914, was appointed by the President. Thomas H. Reynolds of Missouri is Chairman of this committee.

The resolution offered by Tore Teigen of South Dakota at the annual meeting in Washington and referred to the Executive Committee, was duly considered by the committee, viz.:

Resolved, That the officers of this Association and the members of the Executive Committee be authorized to secure and present for dedication in the Washington Monument a tablet or stone with suitable inscription as the tribute of this Association to the name of Washington." It was unanimously decided that the resolution could not be appropriately carried out, and the committee so reports to the Association.

The Special Committee on the Publication of a Journal reported favorably at a meeting of the Executive Committee in February, 1915, and recommended that the matter be placed in the hands of the Publication Committee of the Association, Simeon E. Baldwin, of Connecticut, Chairman. It was decided to issue the JOURNAL quarterly at an annual cost to members of $1.50, not to be an additional charge, but to be appropriated out of dues; the price to non-members to be $3. Three numbers of the JOURNAL have already issued, the first as of January, the second in April and the third in July, 1915.

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