Archaeologia Graeca Or the Antiquities of Greece, Volym 2

G. Strahan, R. Ware, W. Innys, J. and P. Knapton, S. Birt, [and 12 others in London], 1751

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Sida 7 - And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand or in their foreheads; and that no man might buy or sell save he that had the mark or the name of the beast or the number of his name.
Sida 187 - No sooner landed, in his den they 'found The triple porter of the Stygian sound, Grim Cerberus, who soon began to rear His crested snakes, and arm'd his bristling hair.
Sida 256 - Bear out these ashes; cast them in the brook; Cast backwards o'er your head; nor turn your look. Since neither gods nor godlike verse can move, Break out, ye smother'd fires, and kindle smother'd love.
Sida 264 - The Time of Marriage was not the fame in all Places : The Spartans were not permitted to marry till they arrived at their full Strength...
Sida 249 - They climb the steepy hills, and stem the flood. Whe'n, at the spring's approach, their marrow burns (For with the spring their genial warmth returns), The mares to cliffs of rugged rocks repair, And with wide nostrils snuff the western air : When (wondrous to relate) the parent wind, Without the stallion, propagates the kind. Then, fired with amorous rage, they take their flight Through plains, and mount the hills...
Sida 176 - Tis here, in different paths, the way divides; The right to Pluto's golden palace guides; The left to that unhappy region tends, Which to the depth of Tartarus descends ; The seat of night profound, and punish'd fiends.
Sida 349 - Ignorant of this (Whatever) danger, neither parting kiss, Nor pious blessing taken, her I leave, And in this only act of all my life deceive. By this right hand and conscious Night I swear, My soul so sad a farewell could not bear.
Sida 261 - Thus will I pay my vows to Stygian Jove, And end the cares of my disastrous love ; Then cast the Trojan image on the fire; And, as that burns, my passion shall expire.
Sida 241 - Grecians, and that not only in private, but by the public allowance and encouragement of their laws ; for they thought there could be no means more effectual to excite their youth to noble undertakings, nor any greater security to their commonwealths, than this generous passion.
Sida 258 - Smear'd with these pow'rful juices, on the plain, He howls a wolf among the hungry train; And oft the mighty necromancer boasts, With these, to call from tombs the stalking ghosts, And from the roots to tear the standing corn^ Which, whirl'd aloft, to distant fields is borne: Such is the strength of spells.

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