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1626 The Barometer invented by Toricelli. 1630 Peruvian bark first brought to France. 1632 The battle of Lutzen, in which Gustavus

Adolphus, King of Sweden, and head of

the Protestants in Germany, is kilļed. 1633 Covent Garder begun by the Earl of Bedford. 1635 Province of Maryland planted by Lord Bal

timore. Regular posts established from

London to Scotland, Ireland, &c. 1642 Civil war begins in England. 1650 Heriot's hospital, at Edinburgh, finished. 1651 The first newspaper in Scotland. 1652 The first coffee-house in London. 1655 The English, under Admiral Penn, take

Jamaica from the Spaniards. 1659 Transfusion of the blood first suggested at

Oxford. 1662 The Royal Society established in London by

Charles II. Pendulum clocks invented by
John Promentel, a Dutchman. Fire.

engines invented. 1663 Carolina planted. 1665 The plague rages in London. 1666 The great fire of London began Sept. 2d,

and continued three days, in which were destroyed 13,000 houses and 400 streets. Tea first used in England. Academy of

Sciences established in France. 1667 The peace of Breda, which confirms to the

English the New Netherlands, now known by the names of Pensylvania, New York,

and New Jersey. 1670 The English Hudson's Bay Company incor


1671 Academy of architecture established in France. 1672 Lewis XIV. over-runs a great part of Hol

land, when the Dutch open their sluices, being determined to drown ther country, and retire to their settlements in the East

Indies. African company established. 1673 St. Helena taken by the English. 1675 Coffee-houses shut up by proclamation, as

encouragers of sedition. 1676 Repeating clocks and watches invented by

Barlow. 1679 Darkness at London, that one could not read

at noon-day, January 12th. 1680 A great comet appeared, and continued visi

ble, from Nov. 3d, to March 9th. William Penn, a Quaker, receives a charter

for planting Pensylvania. 1682 College of physicians, at Edinburgh, incor

porated. Belfast bridge built. 1683 India-stock sold from 360 to 500 per cent. 1685 The edict of Nantz infamously revoked loy

Lewis XIV. and the Protestants cruelly


1689 Viscount Dundee stands out for James in

Scotland, but is killed after gaining the battle of Killycrankie, upon which the Highlanders disperse. The land-tax passed in England. The toleration act passed in ditto. Several bishops are deprived for not

taking the oath to King William. 1890 The battle of the Boyne, gained by William,

against James, in Ireland. - 1891. The war in Ireland finished, by the surrender

of Limerick to William. 1692 The English and Dutch fleets, commanded

by Admiral Russel, defeat the French fleet

off La Hogue. 1693 Bayonets at the end of loaded muskets first

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used by the French. Bank of England established by King William. The first public lottery was drawn this year. Stamp

duties instituted in England. 1695 Bank of Scotland established. 1697 Malt-tax established. 1699 The Scots settled a colony at the isthmus of

Darien, in America, and called it Cale

donia. 1701 Prussia erected into a Kingdom, Cottonian

library settled for public benefit. Society for the propagation of the Gospel in foreign

parts established. 1706 The treaty of Union betwixt England and

Scotland, signed July 22d. The battle of
Ramillies won by Marlborough and the

allies. 1707 The first British parliament. 1708 Minorca taken from the Spaniards by Genee

ral Stanhope. The battle of Oudenarde won by Marlborough and the allies. Sardinia erected into a Kingdom, and given

to the Duke of Savoy. 1709 Peter the Great, Czar of Muscovy, defeats

Charles XII. at Pultowa, who flies to
Turkey. The battle of Malplaquet won

by Marlborough and the allies. 1710 The cathedral church of St. Paul, London,

rebuilt by Sir Christopher Wren, in 37 years, at one million expence, by a duty on coals. The English South-Sea company

began. 1713 The peace of Utrecht, whereby Newfound

land, Nova Scotia, New Britain, and Hudson's Bay, in North America, were yielded to Great Britain; Gibraltar and


Minorca, in Europe, were also confirmed

to the said crown by this treaty. 1716 The Pretender married to the Princess Sobi

eski, grand-daughter of John Sobieski,

late King of Poland. 1717 Guineas reduced to 21 shillings, 1719 The Missisippi scheme at its height in France,

Lombe's silk-throwing machine, containing 26,586 wheels, erected at Derby ; takes up one eighth of a mile; one waterwheel moves the rest ; and in 24 hours it works 318,504,960 yards of orgazine silk

thread. 1727 Inoculation first tried on criminals with suca

Russia, formerly a dukedom, is now

established as an Empire. 1731 The first person executed in Britain for

forgery. 1732 Kouli Khan usurps the Persian throne, con

quers the Mogul Empire, and returns with 231 millions sterling. Several public-spirited gentlemen begin the settlement of Georgia in North America. Broad pieces

called in and coined into Guineas. 1743 The battle of Dettingen won by the English

and allies, in favour of the Queen of Hun

gary 1744 Commodore Anson returns from his voyage

round the world. 1746 British Linen Company erected. Electric

shock discovered." Lima and Callao swal

lowed up by an earthquake. 1741 The peace of Aix-la-Chapelle, by which a

restitution of all places taken during the war, was to be made on all sides, Halifax in Nova Scotia, built.

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1749 The interest of the British funds reduced to

three per cent. British herring fishery

incorporated. 1751 Antiquarian society, at London, incorpora

ted, 1752 The New Style introduced into Great Britain;

the third of September being counted the

fourteenth. 1753 The British museum erected at Montague

house. Society, of Arts, Manufactures,

and Commerce, instituted in London. 1755, Lisbon destroyed by an earthquake. 1755 One hundred and forty-six Englishmen are

confined in the black hole at Calcutta, in the East Indies, by order of the Nábob, and 123 found dead next morning. Marine

society, established at London. 1757, Identity of electric fire and lightning disco

vered by Dr. Franklin, who thereupon in-. vented a method of securing buildings

from thunder-storms. 1759

General Wolfe is killed in the battle of Qne

bec, which is gained by the English. 1760 Black Friars bridge, consisting of nine arches,

begun; finished 1770, at the expence of

£152,840, to be discharged by a toll. 1762 Peter III. Emperor of Russia, is deposed,

imprisoned, and murdered. American philosophical society, established in Phila

delphia. 1763. The definitive treaty of peace between Great

Britain, France, Spain, and Portugal, concluded at Paris, February 10th, which confirmed to Great Britain the extensive provinces of Canada, East and West Flocida, and part of Lousiana, in Nortle

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