The Goldmaker's Village

Appleton, 1845 - 180 sidor

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Sidan 191 - The Latin and Italian Poems are included in this edition. Mr. Stebbing's Notes will be found very useful in elucidating the learned allusions with which the text abounds, and they are also valuable for the correct appreciation with which the writer directs attention to the beauties of the author.
Sidan 191 - Walter Scott is the most popular of all the poets of the present day, and deservedly so. He describes that which is most easily and generally understood with more vivacity and effect than any body else.
Sidan 196 - THE PRIMITIVE DOCTRINE OF ELECTION; Or, an Historical Inquiry into the Ideality and Causation of Scriptural Election, as received and maintained in the primitive Church of Christ. By George Stanley Faber, BD, author of "Difficulties of Romanism,' "Difficulties of Infidelity,
Sidan 191 - This is the most complete American edition of Burns. It contains the whole of the poetry comprised in the edition lately edited by Cunningham, as well as some additional pieces ; and such notes have been added as are calculated to illustrate the manners and customs of Scotland, so as to render the whole more intelligible to the English reader.
Sidan 189 - This volume of biographical incidents is a striking picture of juvenile life. To all that numberless class of youth who are passing through their literary education, whether in boarding-schools or...
Sidan 191 - Milton, etc-, and Adam, a Sacred Drama, from the Italian of Battista Andreini, with a Memoir of the Author- By the Rev. HENRY STEBBING, AM One vol., 16mo., 800 pages, $1,50, or in 2 vols. $1,75. Forming one of the series of " Cabinet Edition of Standard British Poets.
Sidan 192 - And here we must close a work— such as we have seldom seen the like of, and one which redeems the literature of our superficial and mann factoring period.
Sidan 191 - BURNS' COMPLETE POETICAL WORKS. The complete Poetical Works of Robert Burns, with Explanatory and Glossarial Notes, and a Life of the Author, by James Currie, MD 1 vol.
Sidan 182 - Copley. 37 1-2 cents. EARLY FRIENDSHIPS. By Mrs, Copley. 37 1-2 cents. THE CROFTON BOYS. By Harriet Martineau. 37 1-2 cents. THE PEASANT AND THE PRINCE. By Harriet Martinean, 37 1-2 cents.
Sidan 181 - The present edition of this great work has been edited with laborious care by Dr. Nares, who professes to have corrected important...

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