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Give unto the Lord the glory due unto his name.

THE Lord ! how fearful is his name !

How wide is his command !
Nature, with all her moving frame,

Rests on his mighty hand.

Immortal glory forms his throne,

And light his awful robe ;
Whilst with a smile, or with a frown,


the globe.

A word of his almighty breath

Can swell or sink the seas ;
Build the vast empires of the earth,

Or break them as He please.

Adoring angels round Him fall

In all their shining forms,
His sovereign eye looks through them all,

And pities mortal worms.
Now let the Lord for ever reign,

And sway us as He will,
Sick, or in health, in ease or pain,

We are his favorites still.

No more shall peevish passion rise,

The tongue no more complain ;
'Tis sovereign love that lends our joys,

And love resumes again.


Praise the Lord, O my soul.

MY soul, praise the Lord,

Speak good of his name, His mercies record,

His bounties proclaim. To God, their Creator,

Let all creatures raise The song of thanksgiving,

The chorus of praise.

Though hid from man's sight,

God sits on his throne, Yet here, by his works,

Their author is known. The world shines a mirror,

Its Maker to show, And heaven views its image

Reflected below.

By knowledge supreme,

By wisdom divine, God governs this earth

With gracious design : O'er beast, bird and insect

His providence reigns, Whose will first created,

Whose love still sustains.

And man, his last work,

With reason endued,
Who, falling through sin,

By grace is renewed.
To God, his Creator,

Let man ever raise
The song of thanksgiving,

The chorus of praise.


Thy throne is established of old; Thou art

from everlasting. CLOTH'D with state, and girt with might,

Monarch-like Jehovah reigns He who earth’s foundations pight,*

Pight at first, and yet sustains. He whose stable throne disdains

Motion's shock and ages' flight, He who endless One remains,

One, the same, in changeless plight. Rivers, yea, though rivers roar,

Roaring though sea-billows rise ; Vex the deep and break the shore,

Stronger art Thou, Lord of skies !
Firm and true thy promise lies,

Now and still as heretofore,
Holy worship never dies,
In thy house when we adore.

* Built.


The Almighty is excellent in power.

THE Lord is King, and weareth

A robe of glory bright; He clothed with strength appeareth,

And girt with powerful might.

The earth He hath so grounded,

That moved it cannot be ; His throne long since was founded,

More old than time is He.

The waters highly flowed

And raised their voice, O Lord, The seas their fury showed,

And loud their billows roared.

But God in strength excelleth

Strong seas and powerful deeps, With Him all pureness dwelleth,

And firm his truth He keeps.


Lord, lift Thou up the light of thy countenance

upon us.

TO Thee, O Lord, with humble fear

The heavenly host their voices raise :E’en mortals share thy bounties here :

Let mortals, too, attempt thy praise. Of all things Thou the parent art,

Of all things Thou alone the end : On Thee still fix our wavering heart;

To Thee let all our actions tend.

Thou, Lord, art light; thy native ray

No shade, no variation knows :
To our dark souls thy light display,

The glory of thy face disclose.
Thou, Lord, art love; the fountain Thou

Whence mercy unexhausted flows :
On barren hearts, O shed it now,

And make the desert bear the rose !

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So shall our every power to Thee

In love and holy service rise ;
Yea, body, soul, and spirit be

Thy ever-living sacrifice.
Lord God Almighty ! ceaseless praise

In heaven, thy throne, to Thee is given:
And here, as there, the song we raise,

For where thy presence shines is heaven.

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