Sidor som bilder

No more let sins and sorrows grow,

Nor thorns infest the ground;
He comes to make his blessings flow

Far as the curse is found.

He rules the world with truth and grace,

And makes the nations prove
The glories of his righteousness,

And wonders of his love.


He saw the spirit of God descending like a dove.

THE symbol stream was shed,

The liquid life was poured
Upon the humble Master's head

The twice anointed Lord !

Descends God's spirit high,

God's bright electric love,
To warm his breast with energy,

In likeness of a dove !

With wings inspired of flame,

On him, from high above,
It lit, and thus God's spirit came-

That heaven-hearted dove !

O Christ ! our souls are thine,

Laved in thy loveliest love
Descend on us, O dove divine !

Descend, O heavenly dove !


The Third Temptation.


upon the mountain high
Our Saviour stood in majesty:
The subtle tempter by his side-
The spirit of all sin and pride.
Before them like a map's vast fold,
All earth’s wide kingdoms were unrolled,
And all their glory-gems and stones,
Their golden crowns and ivory thrones.

Rome's Capitol above them all
Spread eagle-wings imperial:
The purple gleamed, the spoils bright shone,
As Cæsargod on earth ! marched on.

Poor, poor to Christ, this glory grand,
This empire wide o'er sea and land;
In vain the treacherous tempter tried
To bend his knee to worship pride.

The Lord our God, the Holy One
Our Saviour served, is Lord alone :
He owned his power and bore his words
As King of kings and Lord of lords.

Thus learn God's power o'er all to own,
His only-sceptre, crown, and throne;
Thus learn with Christ to awe aside
The Satans, Pomp and Power and Pride.


Follow me!

BESIDE the shore of Galilee,
A voice was heard athwart the sea
A voice at once of tender tone
Yet solemn as an organ's own:
And humble fishers as they heard,
Forgot their nets, obeyed its word,
Left all, disciples true to be,
For Christ had uttered-Follow Me!

As seated at the Custom's board
The faithful Levi saw the Lord,
And in his heart the bell was rung
For worship from that fruitful tongue-
He left his trade, he left his gold :
His heart grew large, his breast was bold—
He went disciple true to be,
For Christ had told him-Follow Me!

Christ calls us not to come by creed,
But by the truthful faith of deed ;
And we who would obey his call
Must leave wealth, trade, and friends, and all ;
Must learn his love, and cease from strife,
And mould our minds to his through life,
If we disciples true would be,
For Christ has uttered-Follow Me!

And still e'en now we hear that voice :
Hark, silvery strains ! Rejoice ! Rejoice!
Above the clouds, beyond the air,
Up highest heavens' sapphire stair-
Beyond life's gate of mortal bar,
From sky to sky, from star to star,
It quivereth, echoeth, floweth free,
For Christ still calleth-Follow Me!


Master, I will follow Thee.

SERVANT of all, to toil for man

Thou didst not, Lord, refuse;
Thy majesty did not disdain

To be employed for us !

Thy bright example I pursue,

To Thee in all things rise ;
And all I think, or speak, or do,

Is one great sacrifice.

Careless through outward cares I

go, From all distraction free; My hands are but engaged below,

My heart is still with Thee.


And both Jesus was called, and his disciples, to

the marriage.
MESSIAH Lord! who, wont to dwell
In lowly shape and cottage cell,
Didst not refuse a guest to be,
At Cana's poor festivity ;

O when our soul from care is free,
Then, Saviour, would we think on Thee;
And, seated at the festal board,
In fancy's eye behold the Lord.

Then may we seem, in fancy's ear,
Thy manna-dropping tongue to hear,
And think— if now his searching view
Each secret of our spirit knew !'

So may such joy chastised and pure,
Beyond the bounds of earth endure;
Nor pleasure in the wounded mind
Shall leave a rankling sting behind.


Help thou mine unbelief.

THE winds were howling o'er the deep,

Each wave a watery hill :
The Saviour wakened from his sleep;

He spake, and all was still.

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