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It is finished.

• 'TIS finished !' so the Saviour cried, And meekly bowed his head and died. • 'Tis finished !' yes, the race is run, The battle fought, the victory won.

« 'Tis finished !' all that heaven foretold
By prophets in the days of old;
And truths are opened to our view,
That kings and prophets never knew.

" 'Tis finished !' Son of God ! thy power
Hath triumphed in this awful hour;
And yet our eyes with sorrow see
That life to us was death to Thee.


He was wounded for our transgressions.

BEHOLD th' amazing sight,

The Saviour lifted high !
Behold the Son of God's delight

Expire in agony !

For whom, for whom, my heart,

Were all these sorrows borne ?
Why did He feel that piercing smart,

And meet that various scorn ?

For love of us He bled,

And all in torture died;
Twas love that bowed his fainting head

And oped his gushing side.

I see, and I adore

In sympathy of love;
I feel the strong attractive power

To lift iny soul above.

In Thee our hearts unite,

Nor share thy griefs alone,
But from thy cross pursue their flight

To thy triumphant throne.


God forbid that I should glory, save in the cross

of our Lord Jesus Christ.

IN the cross of Christ I glory,

Towering o'er the wrecks of time;
All the light of sacred story

Gathers round its head sublime.

When the woes of life o'ertake me,

Hopes deceive and fears annoy,
Never shall the cross forsake me,

Lo! it glows with peace and joy.

When the sun of bliss is beaming

Light and love upon our way,
From the cross the radiance streaming

Adds more lustre to the day.

Bane and blessing, pain and pleasure,

By the cross are sanctified:
Peace there is that knows no measure,

Joys that through all time abide.

In the cross of Christ I glory,

Towering o'er the wrecks of time;
All the light of sacred story

Gathers round its head sublime.


Looking unto Jesus.

THOU, who didst stoop below
To drain the


woe, Wearing the form of frail mortality

Thy blessed labours done,

Thy crown of victory won, Hast passed from earth-passed to thy home on


Man may no longer trace,

In thy celestial face,
The image of the bright, the viewless One ;

Nor may thy servants hear,

Save with faith's raptured ear,
Thy voice of tenderness, God's holy Son!

Our eyes behold Thee not,

Yet hast Thou not forgot Those who have placed their hope, their trust in


Before thy Father's face

Thou hast prepared a place,
That where Thou art, there they may also be.

It was no path of flowers,

Through this dark world of ours, Beloved of the Father, Thou didst tread;

And shall we in dismay,

Shrink from the narrow way, When clouds and darkness are around it spread ?

O Thou who art our life,

Be with us through the strife!
Was not thy head by earth’s fierce tempests

bowed ?
Raise Thou our eyes

above To see a Father's love Beam, like the bow of promise, through the cloud.

Ev’n through the awful gloom,

Which hovers o'er the tomb,
That light of love our guiding star shall be ;

Our spirits shall not dread

The shadowy way to tread, Friend, Guardian, Saviour, which doth lead to



If any man will come after me let him deny

himself, and take up his cross and follow me.

GO to dark Gethsemane,

Ye that feel the tempter's power ;
Your Redeemer's conflict see;

Watch with Him one bitter hour:
Turn not from his griefs away ;
Learn of Jesus Christ to pray.

Follow to the judgment-hall;

View the Lord of Life arraigned :
O the wormwood and the gall!

O the pangs his soul sustained !
Shun not suffering, shame, or loss,
Learn of Him to bear the cross.

Calvary's mournful mountain climb;

There, submissive at his feet,
Mark that miracle of time,

Love's own sacrifice complete :
It is finished,' hear Him cry,
Learn of Jesus Christ to die.

Early hasten to the tomb,

Where they laid his breathless clay :
All in solitude and gloom;

Who hath taken Him away?
Christ is risen: He seeks the skies :
Thither learn of Him to rise.

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