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Lord, to whom shall we go?

SAVIOUR! needs the world no longer

To rejoice beneath thy light ?
Have we lovers sweeter, stronger ?
Beams for us a sun more bright?

Are we weary
Of thy mercy and thy might?

Mighty Lord, so high above us,

Loving brother, all our own,
Who will help us, who will love us,
Like to Thee who all hast known-

Who hast proved
Darksome grave and heavenly throne ?

Who so gentle to the sinners

As the soul that never fell ?
Who so strong to make us winners
Of the height He won so well ?

Alway victor!
Make thine own invincible !

From the cross hath gone the glory?

Seems it less divinely borne ?
Sweetest day of man's sad story
Shineth not that rising morn?

Heavenly Dweller!
Leave, O'leave not Earth forlorn!

Unarrayed in thy divineness,

Souls and worlds are incomplete;
Spirits bright put on their fineness,
Sitting lowly at thy feet;

O our Glory!
Groweth not thy smile more sweet?

Yesterday doth tribute render

To the brightness of thy sway;
0! the holy, happy splendour
That Thou pourest on to-day !

Must it vanish ?
Hast Thou given thine all away?

Endless Lover! never, never

Wilt Thou cease to save and shine;
Yesterday, To-day, For Ever,
All the ages, Lord, are thine !

Come and bless them,
Come and make them more divine !


To know the love of Christ which passeth


O LOVE Divine that passeth thought !

Yet on that love our thoughts would dwell; O grace our strains that maketh nought!

Yet o'er that grace our songs would swell.

For us the Lord forsook that throne;

For us the sinless bore that cross ; O most divine when most our own!

O sweetest when most marvellous !

Those deeps of grace our thoughts that drown,

Yet make our sure abiding place; Strange glory that our minds bows down

Sweet portion that our souls embrace.

The more of his ear love we learn

We feel it more all thought excel; The more his glory we discern,

More glorious grows Emmanuel.

Joy ! joy! that we may ne'er explore

His height; his depth ; his all of love; O full our feast for evermore,

Our task, our song, below, above !

Blest lore, we ne'er may wholly learn !

Sweet tale, we ne'er may meetly tell ! For eyer our rapt souls shall yearn;

For ever our glad songs shall swell.


Render to Cæsar the things that are Cæsar's, and

to God the things that are God's.

LORD! thy gracious voice hath spoken,

Lord! thy faithful ones obey : Not by us be rudely broken

Christ's command or Cæsar's sway! God too greatly cannot task us,

Tribute glad we bring the Lord; Service slight must Cæsar ask us—

Tribute small can we afford,

Yet each holier soul desireth

Nobler Cæsars to appear, Each diviner hour requireth

Powers and thrones more glorious hereAll our tribute, all our treasure

We would spend where we can love; Jesus! come and be our Caesar!

Sovereign here, as Lord above.

Low before thy kingdom's splendour,

Make the world's poor kingdom bow! Lord! to Thee our all we render

Thou our gracious Cæsar, Thou ! Thy mild monarchy victorious

Half thy word shall needless make. Our least service shall be glorious

All our tribute God shall take,


Thy kingdom come !

COME, kingdom of our God,

Sweet reign of light and love! Shed peace, and hope, and joy abroad,

And wisdom from above.

Over our spirits first

Extend thy healing reign; There raise and quench the sacred thirst

That never pains again.

Come, kingdom of our God!

And make the broad earth thine; Stretch o'er her lands and isles the rod

That flowers with grace divine.

Soon may

all tribes be blest With fruit from life's glad tree; And in its shade like brothers rest,

Sons of one family.

Come, kingdom of our God!

And raise thy glorious throne In worlds by the undying trod,

Where God shall bless his own.

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