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104.-C.M. Grieve not the Holy Spirit. LORD! am I precious in thy sight?

Lord, wouldst Thou have me thine ? May it be given me to delight

The Majesty Divine ? What! dost Thou sweetly urge and press

My soul thy Heaven to win ? Lord ! dost Thou love my faithfulness?

Lord ! dost Thou hate my sin ? O Holy Spirit! dost Thou mourn

When I from Thee depart? Dost Thou rejoice when I return

And give Thee back my heart? O! sweet, strange height of grace

divine My sin thy grief to makeAnd this poor faithfulness of mine

For thy delight to take! Strange height of sin to slight the love

That yearns to make me blest, And drive away the Heavenly Dove

That fain would be my guest ! O happy Heaven! where thine embrace

I never more shall leave, Nor ever cast away thy grace,

Nor once thy Spirit grieve! 0, let me, Lord, each

grace possess That makes thy heaven more bright, And bring the humble holiness

That gives my God delight.


That every tongue should confess that Jesus Christ

is Lord, to the glory of God the Father.

O SPIRIT of the living God !

In all thy plenitude of grace,
Where'er the foot of man hath trod,

Descend on our benighted race !

Be darkness at thy coming, light;

Confusion, order in thy path :
Souls without strength inspire with might:

Bid mercy triumph over wrath.

O Spirit of the Lord! prepare

All the round earth her God to meet;
Breathe Thou abroad like morning air,

Till hearts of stone begin to beat.

Baptize the nations ; far and nigh

T'he triumphs of the cross record ;
The name of Jesus glorify,

kindred call him Lord.

Till every



BEHOLD that Prophet heaven-sent,

Like one possessed of wondrous wand, And hear his cry-Repent, Repent,

For Heaven's Kingdom is at hand ! The sinner's ear to hear is bent

The livid lepers startled stand; All list the cry-Repent, Repent,

For Heaven's Kingdom is at hand ! The present time will soon be spent

The future owns not man's command ; Never or Now! Repent, Repent,

For Heaven's Kingdom is at hand ! All time is God's ;-Our life is lent,

Our debts on heaven's record stand, And Christ calls forth-Repent, Repent,

For Heaven's Kingdom is at hand ! The moments fly-the day is spent

Death waves us to his shadowy landThe Night is near-Repent, Repent,

For Heaven's Kingdom is at hand!


is rentThe trumpet warns the ghostly band ; Christ calls once more—Repent, Repent,

For Heaven's Kingdom is at hand!



RETURN, my roving heart, return,

And chase these shadowy forms no more ; Seek out some solitude to mourn,

And thy forsaken God implore.

Wisdom and pleasure dwell at home;

Retired and silent seek them there; True conquest is ourselves t'o'ercome;

True strength to break the tempter's snare.

And Thou, my God, whose piercing eye

Distinct surveys each deep recess, In these abstracted hours draw nigh,

And with thy presence fill the place.

Through all the mazes of my heart

My search let heavenly wisdom guide, And still its radiant beams impart,

Till all be searched and purified.

Then with the visits of thy love


inmost soul to cheer ; Till every grace shall join to prove,

That God hath fixed his dwelling there.


Lord! have mercy upon us !

O LORD! I need not to repeat

What I do beg or crave;
Thou know'st, O Lord, before I ask,

The thing that I would have.

Mercy, good Lord ! mercy I ask ;

This is the total sum;
For mercy, Lord ! is all my suit;

Lord ! let thy mercy come !


My Father is the husbandman.

GREAT God! thy garden is defaced,

The weeds do thrive, the flowers decay ; O! call to mind thy promise past,

Restore Thou these, cut those away : Till then, let not the weeds have power To starve or taint the poorest flower.

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