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Give us help from trouble ; for vain is the help

of man.

LOWLY and solemn be,
Thy children's cry to Thee,

Father divine !
A hymn of suppliant breath,
Owning that life and death

Alike are thine!

O Father! in that hour
When earth all succouring power

Shall disavow;
When spear, and shield, and crown,
In faintness are cast down;

Thou !

Sustain us,

By Him who bowed to take
The death cup for our sake,

The thorn, the rod;
From whom the last dismay
Was not to pass away;

Aid us, O God!

Tremblers beside the grave,
We call on Thee to save,

Father divine!
Hear, hear our suppliant breath,
Keep us in life and death,

Thine, only thine!


Godly Sorrow.

SORE the burdens, Lord, we bear,

Bitter, Lord, the tears we weep; Once thy happy ones we were

Faithful now thy mourners keep : Meekly be each burden borneHelp us holily to mourn.

No sweet gift do we receive ?

Nay, behold thy bitter cup ! Have we nothing left to give ?

Lord ! our tears we offer up! No bright garlands do we wear? Nay, thy burdens, Lord, we bear.

Humbly clasp we each dread gift

Lo! the burden groweth light; Heavenward our sad eyes we lift

In our tears what strange delight! Joy of grief thy love will make, If in love our grief we take.

From our want flows precious store;

In our grief thy grace appears ; Heavenly wings, those burdens sore,

Dews divine, those bitter tears ! Stricken faith hath glory given, Sorrow lets us into Heaven.


I am not alone, because the Father is with me.

O AWFUL hour, when all alone,

My soul unto her foes is given; When not a smile my path doth own,

And not a star shines in my Heaven !

O trembling soul! thou back would'st turn,

Would'st from the lonely terror shrink : This awful lore I need not learn :

This bitter cup,-0, must I drink?

Must I, my God ?-But O why shine

The depths of my dark loneliness ? O what can make this hour divine

This shuddering soul so strangely bless ?

That vision bright, it fills my eye!

The same my Saviour saw of old ! O Father mine! Thou standest by,

And thy dear hand the cup doth hold!

O vision bright! no more my

soul The loneliness dotb lonely think; Thou givest me the bitter bowl

It must be sweet,--I smile and drink !


For thou hast been my defence and refuge in the

day of my


O THOU! who driest the mourner's tear,

How dark this world would be,
If, when deceived and wounded here,

We could not fly to Thee?

The friends who in our sunshine live,

When winter comes, are flown, And he who has but tears to give,

Must weep those tears alone.

But Thou wilt heal that broken heart,

Which like the plants that throw 1 Their fragrance from the wounded part,

Breathes sweetness out of woe.

When joy no longer soothes or cheers,

And ev'n the hope that threw
A moment's sparkle o'er our tears,

Is dimmed and vanished too;

Oh! who would bear life's stormy doom,

Did not thy wing of love
Come brightly wafting through the gloom,

Our peace-branch from above,

Then, sorrow touched by Thee grows bright,

With more than rapture's ray;
As darkness shows us worlds of light

We never saw by day.


The longsuffering of our Lord is salvation.

WEAK tremblers on the edge of woe,

Yet shrinking from true bliss, Our rest must be 'no rest below,

And let our prayer be this :
'Lord, wave again thy chastening rod,

idol throne
Crumble to dust, and Thou, O God,

Reign in our hearts alone.


Bring all our wandering fancies home,

For Thou hast every spell, • And mid the heathen where they roam

Thou knowest, Lord, too well.

• Thou know'st our service, sad and hard,

'Thou know'st us fond and frail ; Win us to be beloved and spared

When all the world shall fail.

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So when at last our weary days

"Are well nigh wasted here,
And we can trace thy wondious ways

In distance calm and clear,

'When in thy love and Israel's sin

We read our story true,
We may not, all too late, begin
• To wish our hopes were new :


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