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HEAR my | cry,—0 | God;
Attend unto-my prayer.
From the end of the earth will I cry unto thee,

when my heart is ! 0–ver | whelmed :
Lead me to the rock—that is | higher—than | I.
For thou hast been a shelter for me,
And a strong | tow er | from—the enemy.
I will abide in thy tabernacle fo-rever:
I will trust in the co—vert | of—thy | wings.
For thou, O God, hast | heard-my | vows:
Thou hast given me the heritage of those-

that | fear-thy | name. Thou wilt prolong the ki-ng's | life : And his years as ma-ny i ge—ne rations. He shall abide before | God—for ever : O prepare mercy and | truth,—which | may

pre serve him. So will I sing praise unto thy name-for ever, That I may daily—per | form-my | vows.


O GOD, thou art my God: early | will—I |

seek thee : My sou-1 | thirst-eth for thee: My flesh | long-——eth | for thee In a dry and thirsty land, | where—no |

wat-er | is;

To see thy power | and—thy | glory,
So as I have seen—thee | in—the / sanctuary.
Because thy lovingkindness is ! better-than |

My | li-ps / sha—11 | praise thee.

Thus will I bless thee while—I live:
I will lift up my | ha-nds | in—thy | name.
My soul shall be satisfied as with | marrow-

and fatness; And my mouth shall | praise thee—with l' joy

ful | lips :

When I remember thee up | on-my 1 bed,
And meditate, on-thee | in the-night |

watches. Because thou hast | been-my | help, Therefore in the shadow of thy | wings—will |

1-re joice.

My soul followeth hard | af—ter | thee :
Thy | ri-ght | hand-up | holdeth me.
But those that seek my soul,—to destroy it,
Shall go into the low-er parts—of the earth.

They shall | fall—by the sword:
They shall | be-a portion-for | foxes.
But the king shall rejoice in God; every one that

sweareth by: | him—shall | glory : But the mouth of them that i speak-lies |

shall-be I stopped.


PRAISE waiteth for thee, O God,-in | Sion; And unto | thee—shall the vow-be per i

formed O thou that I hear—est | prayer, Unto thee-shall | all—Alesh | come.

Iniquities prevail-a | gainst me:
As for our transgressions I thou-shalt | purge-

them a | way. Blessed is the man whom—thou choosest, And causest to approach unto thee, that he

may dwell in--thy courts :

We shall be satisfied with the goodness of

thy | house, Even | of-thy | ho—ly | temple. By terrible things in righteousness / wilt—thou |

answer us, O God-of our-sal | vation;

Who art the confidence of all the ends of the

earth, And of them that are afar | off-up | on-the | Which by his strength setteth | fast—the |

mountains ; Being | gir-d | ed—with | power:

sea :

Which stilleth the noise-of the seas,
The noise of their waves, and the / tu-mult

of-the people. They also that dwell in the uttermost parts are

a | fraid at—thy | tokens : Thou makest the outgoings of the morning and |

even—ing | to-rejoice.

Thou visitest the earth,—and / waterest it:
Thou greatly enrichest it with the river of

God, which is full-of water :
Thou pre | parest-them corn,
When thou hast | so—pro | vid—ed | for it.

Thou waterest the ridges there l of—a | bun

Thou settlest-the furrows—there of:
Thou makest it soft-with showers:
Thou | blessest—the springing—there of.

Thou crownest the year—with thy | goodness;
And thy | pa—ths | dro—p | fatness.
They drop upon the pastures of—the wilder-
And the little hills rejoice-on | ev-ery |


ness :

The pastures are clothed—with flocks;
The valleys also are co-vered over-with |

They shout-for joy,
Thi-ey | al—so I sing.



GOD be merciful unto | us,—and | bless us ;
And cause his face—to shine—up | on us.
That thy way may be | known upon earth,
Thy saving | health-among-all | nations.
Let the people | praise thee,-0 | God;
Let | all-the peo-ple | praise thee.
O let the nations-be glad
And si- | ng—for 1 joy :
For thou shalt judge the peo-ple | righteously,
And govern the na—tions | up-on earth.
Let the people praise thee, – 0 | God;
Let | all—the | peo-ple | praise thee.
Then shall the earth | yield—her | increase ;
And God, even our-own | God,-shall |

bless us. Gold-shall | blessus; And all the | ends—of the | earth-shall |

fear him.


GOD is our | refuge--and | strength,
A very | pre-sent | help-in | trouble.
Therefore will not we fear, though the | earth-

be removed, And though the mountains be carried | into

the midst of—the sea;

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