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Though the / waters—there l of
Ro-ar and—be troubled,
Though the moun-tains / shake
Wil th—the | swelling—there | of.
There is—a river,
The streams whereof shall make | glad—the |

city-of God,
The ho—ly | place
Of the taber-nacles / of the—Most | High.
God is in the midst-of her;
She / sha—11 | not—be | moved:
God shall | help | her,
An-d | that-right | early.
The heathen raged, the kingdoms — were |

moved : He uttered his voice,--the ea--rth | melted, The Lord of hosts—is | with us ; The God of 'Ja-cob | is—our | refuge. Come, behold the works of—the | Lord, What desolations | he-hath | made-in the

earth. He maketh wars to cease unto the end of

the earth; He breaketh the bow, and cutteth the spear in

sunder; he burneth the chari-ot | in-the

fire. Be still, and know that | I-am | God: I will be exalted among the heathen, I will be

ex | alt-ed | in—the earth. The Lord of hosts—is | with us: The God of 'Ja--cob l is-our | refuge.


THE Lord is my light and my salvation ; |

whom shall-I fear ? The Lord is the strength of my life, of whom,

shall be afraid ? When the wicked, even mine enemies and my

foes, came upon me, to | eat up—my | flesh, They stumbled-and fell.

Though an host should encamp against me, my |

heart-shall not fear : Though war should rise against me, in | this

will | I-be confident. One thing have I desired of the Lord, that will

I seek after; that I may dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of—my | life. To behold the beauty of the Lord, and to en

qui—re | in-his | temple.

For in the time of trouble he shall hide me

in his--pavilion : In the secret of his tabernacle shall he hide me;

he shall set me | up-up | on-a | rock. And now shall mine head be lifted up above

mine enemies | round--a | bout me : Therefore will I offer in his tabernacle sacrifices

of joy : I will sing, yea, I will sing | prai-ses unto-the Lord.

Hear, O Lord, when I cry with—my | voice.


up on me, and I an-swer me. When thou saidst, Seek | ye—my | face; My heart said unto thee, thy face-Lord

will—I | seek.

Hide not thy face-far from me;
Put not thy | servant ;-a | way—in | anger :
Thou hast | been—my | help :
Leave me not, neither forsake me, 0 | God-of |


When my father and my mother forsake me,

then the Lord will take me up. Teach me thy way, O Lord, and lead me in a

plain path, be cau—se of–mine | enemies. Deliver me not over unto the will of—mine

enemies : For false witnesses are risen up against me, and |

such as breathe-out cruelty.

Il-had | fainted,
Unless I had believed to see the goodness of the

Lord in the la-nd of the living.
Wait on the Lord : be of good courage, and he

shall strengthen—thine heart: Wa | it-I say,-on the Lord.

24. FRET not thyself because of e-vil doers, Neither be thou envious al gainst-the |

workers--of in | iquity: For they shall soon be cut | down-like the grass, And I wi—ther | as the-green | herb. Trust in the Lord, I and—do | good; So shalt thou dwell in the land, and | verily

thou | shalt—be | fed. Delight thyself also | in—the Lord, And he shall give thee the de | sires-of 1

th—ine | heart. Commit thy way | unto--the | Lord ; Trust also in him; and he--shall | bring it

to pass.

And he shall bring forth thy righteousness | as

the light, And thy s judg-ment | as—the noonday. Rest in the Lord, and wait | patiently—for | him : Fret not thyself because of him who prospereth

in his way, because of the man who bringeth |

wicked-devices—to | pass. Cease from anger, and for sa-ke | wrath : Fret not thyself in | any--wise | to-do | evil. For evil doers shall be-cut off: But those that wait upon the Lord, they

shall in herit—the earth. For yet a little while and the wicked / shall

not be : Yea, thou shalt diligently consider his , place,

and it shall—not | be.

But the meek shall inherit—the earth;
And shall delight them selves in-the a I

bundance of peace. The wicked plotteth against the just, and gnash

eth upon him with his teeth. The Lord shall laugh at him: for he | seeth

that his day-is coming.

The wicked have drawn out—the sword,
A | nd-have | bent—their | bow,
To cast down the | poor—and | needy,
And to slay such as be of up--right | con-

ver / sation.

Their sword shall enter into their own | heart,
And their bo-ws shall--be broken.
A little that a righteous-man hath
Is better than the riches--of | ma—ny | wicked.

For the arms of the wicked shall be broken : But the Lord-up holdeth-the righteous. The Lord knoweth the days of-the upright, And their in | heritance-shall be for ever.

They shall not be ashamed in the evil time: And in the days of | famine-they shall-be |

satisfied. But the wicked shall perish, and the enemies of

the Lord shall be as the fat--of | lambs. They shall consume; into smoke shall | they

con | sume—a | way.


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