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Fools, because of their—trans | gression,
And because of their in | iqui-ties | are—af í

Alicted :
Their soul abhorreth all manner-of meat;
And they draw near | unto—the gates—of |


Then they cry unto the Lord in—their | trouble ; And he saveth them out of their-dis í

tresses, He sent his word, and heal—ed | them, And delivered them--from their-de | struc


Oh that men would praise the Lord | for-his

goodness, And for his wonderful works—to the children,

of | men ! And let them sacrifice the sacrifices of, thanks

giving, And declare—his works—with re 1 joicing.

They that go down to the sea—in ships,
That do business-in great | waters;
These see the works—of the Lord,
And his wonders | in-the deep.

For he commandeth, and raiseth the stor—my i

Which liftethup—the waves—thereof.
They mount up-to the heaven,
They go down again | to—the depths :

Their soul is melted because of trouble. They reel to and fro, and stagger like a drunken

man, and are-at their wit's end. Then they cry unto the Lord in-their trouble, And he bringeth them | out-of | their-dis 1


He maketh the storm-a calm,
So that the waves--there of—are | still.
Then are they glad because they-be quiet;
So he bringeth them unto | their-de si-red/


Oh that men would praise the Lord--for his

goodness, And for his wonderful works—to the children

of men ! Let them exalt him also in the congregation |

of—the people, ind praise him in the assembly | of—the elders.

He turneth rivers | intowa | wilderness,
And the water-springs | into—dry | ground;
A fruitful land into barrenness,
For the wickedness of them that dwell—

there | in.

He turneth the wilderness into a stand-ing |

water, And dry-ground in-to watersprings. And there he maketh the hungry-to | dwell, That they may prepare a'| city—for | ha—bi |


And sow the fields, and—plant | vineyards,
Which may 1 yield | fruits-of increase.
He blesseth them also, so that they are | multi-

plied | greatly, And suffereth not their | cat—tle | to—de |



Again they are minished | and—brought | low
Through op | pression,-af | fiction,—and
He poureth con | tempt up-on | princes,
And causeth them to wander in the wilderness,

where-there is—no | way.

Yet setteth he the poor on high-from af

fliction, And maketh him | fami—lies | like-a | flock. The righteous shall see it | and—re I joice : And all in | iquity---shall | stop-her mouth.

Who so—is wise,
And I will-ob | serve-these things,
Even they shall understand
The loving | kind-ness of-the Lord.


PRAISE | ye—the Lord.
I will praise the Lord—with | my-whole |

In the assembly | of-the | upright,
And in—the congregation.
The works of the Lord, are great,
Sought out of all them | that—have pleasure-

there in His work is honourable--and | glorious : And his righteousness en du—r | eth—for


He hath made his wonderful works to | be-re |

membered : The Lord is | gracious,--and | full of—com |

passion. He hath given meat unto | them—that | fear

him : He will ever be mindful of-his covenant. He hath showed his people the power of—his |

works, That he may give them the herit-age | of

the heathen. The works of his hands are verity-and |

judgment; All | his--com | mandments-are sure. They stand fast forever-and ever, And are done--in | truth—and s uprightness. He sent redemption unto-his people: He hath com 1 manded-his covenant-for |


Holy and reverend | is—his name.
The fear of the Lord | is the—be | ginning—of |

wisdom : A good understanding have all they that I

do his-commandments : His | praise--en dureth—for | ever.


PRAISE ye-the Lord.
Praise, O ye servants of the Lord, I praise—the

name of--the Lord.
Blessed be the name of—the Lord,
From this time forth—and for evớer | more.
From the rising of the sun unto the going |

down-of the same The Lord's name is—to be praised. The Lord is high above-all nations, And his glory-al bove-the heavens. Who is like unto the Lord-our | God, Who dw-ell | eth-on high ; Who humbleth-himself To behold the things that are in | heaven,--and |

in the earth! He raiseth


the poor | out of—the dust, And lifteth the nee-dy | out of—the dunghill, That he may | set him—with | princes, Even with the princes--of | hi-s | people. He maketh the barren woman to keep house, and

to be a joyful mother-of children. Pra | i-sel ye--the Lord.

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