Breaking the Cycle of Self-Doubt

Xulon Press, 2007 - 272 sidor
In our pop culture we are surrounded by self-help books, the Internet, talk show gurus and the next new religion to the stars. We lose sight of the best self-help book, the Bible. The Word tells us to examine ourselves to surrender everything to God. This is a great guide to help transform your life; getting you jump started with five points. The world is reaching to God in a humanistic way through philosophers, psychologists, TV stars and others. With this book you can be free to be you by: Breaking the Cycle of Self-Doubt and do it through God's Word. Leanette Lopez has been in ministry for more than 20 years. She's been married 18 years and lives with her family in Ohio. Leanette has more than 10 years of pastoral experience. Although this book is written in English, Leanette also has the skill to minister in English and Spanish. After suffering from different childhood abuses, Leanette wants to teach others to: "Be free to be YOU." She captivates her audiences with practical Bible knowledge and teaching. Feel free to visit her website at Leanette also has a musical anointing and has released three CD's. She is a vibrant and passionate speaker, author and singer/songwriter. She has reached many people by performing and ministering through avenues such as TV programs, radio stations, concerts, conferences and special events. Here is a quote from one of her spiritual mentors: "It is a pleasure to recommend the ministry of Leanette Lopez. She is an anointed communicator and gifted musician. I have witnessed Leanette minister in various venues and each time she has hit a home run. I am confident that her ministry would be a great blessing to your people." Doug Clay-Superintendent of the Ohio District Council Assemblies of God

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Begin to break the cycle
My personal cycle
The connection that breaks the cycle
A true connection with God
Silence keeps the bad cycle going
The human cycle
Breaking the cycle by Forgiving yourself
My spiritual family tree
Breaking the cycle by Creating Boundaries
Taboo temptation and three steps
Emotional inheritance
Break the cycle by Finding your gift
Thinking in 3D
Be free to be you

Diets and boundaries God oh my

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