Alma Mater, Or, Seven Years at the University of Cambridge, Volym 2

Black, Young, and Young, 1827

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Sida 12 - Thus the ideas, as well as children of our youth, often die before us, and our minds represent to us those tombs to which we are approaching ; where, though the brass and the marble remain, yet the inscriptions are effaced by time, and the imagery moulders away.
Sida 87 - If two triangles have two sides of the one equal to two sides of the other, each to each, and the included...
Sida 6 - ... 3. What are the dimensions of the strongest rectangular beam, that can be made out of a given cylinder, when placed to the most advantage ? and what is its strength, compared with that of the greatest square beam cut out of the same cylinder? 4. In the wheel and axle (the inertia of which may be neglected) required the ratio between the radii, when a weight...
Sida 13 - Nature to all things fix'd the limits fit, And wisely curb'd proud man's pretending wit. As on the land while here the ocean gains, In other parts it leaves wide sandy plains; Thus in the soul while memory prevails, The solid power of understanding fails; Where beams of warm imagination play, The memory's soft figures melt away.
Sida 201 - were at one time so famous for tea-drinking, that the Cam, which licks the very walls of the college, is said to have been absolutely rendered unnavigable with tea-leaves. — Alma Mater, Vol. II. p. 202. MAX. Abbreviated for maximum, greatest. At Union College, he who receives the highest possible number of marks, which is one hundred, in each study, for a term, is said to take Max (or maximum) ; to be a Max scholar. On the Merit Roll all the Maxs are clustered at the...
Sida 69 - ABDClie any parallelogram, and if a circle be described passing through the point A, and cutting the sides AB, AC, and the diagonal AD, in the points F, G, H respectively, shew that AB.AF+AC.AG = AD.AH.
Sida 86 - Given the quantities and directions of three forces acting upon a material point in different planes, to determine the quantity and direction of the resultant or compound force. 6. In the interior rainbow, the tangent of the angle of incidence is twice that of the angle of refraction. 7. A sphere of less specific gravity than water, ascends from the depth a ; what is its velocity at the moment it reaches the surface ? 8. Explain the method of determining the heliocentric latitude and longitude of...
Sida 88 - Prove that the centres of oscillation and suspension are reciprocal. Of what use is this property, in the determination of the length of a pendulum which vibrates seconds in any given latitude ? 8. Explain the method of determining the ratio of the sines of incidence and refraction both in liquid and solid bodies. 9. Given the latitudes and longitudes of two places, where the inclination of the magnetic needle is nothing, to find the point of the terrestrial equator, which is cut by the magnetic...
Sida 99 - The name of each college is written on every supplicat, which is signed by the Praelector or Head Lecturer of the college. A certificate is also given to the Caput, signed and sealed by the Master of the college (or his...
Sida 89 - Integrate dx , dQ xj(ba*-a)' (sin. 6>)4 cos. 0* dx dx 12. Find the equation of the curve which is the locus of the extremities of the perpendiculars from the centre upon the tangents of the equilateral hyperbola, and determine the position of its tangents at the points where it cuts the axis. 13. Given log. 510 = 2.70757018 log. 511 = 2.70842090 log. 513 = 2.71011737 log.

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