Episodes of My Second Life, Volym 1

Chapman and Hall, limited, 1884

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Sidan 260 - The phoenix has been consumed upon her funeral pyre. Her last breath has vanished in the air with the smoke of her ashes ; but the dawn breaks ; the first rays of the sun are falling upon the desolate hearth ; the ashes begin to heave, and from their bosom the new bird springs forth with luxuriant plumage, displaying her bold flight, with her eyes fixed on that sun from which she derived her origin.
Sidan 303 - MY hair is gray, but not with years, Nor grew it white In a single night, As men's have grown from sudden fears : My limbs are bow'd, though not with toil, But rusted with a vile repose, For they have been a dungeon's spoil, And mine has been the fate of those To whom the goodly earth and air Are...
Sidan 234 - Perchè ardire e franchezza non hai, Poscia che tai tre donne benedette Curan di te nella corte del Cielo, E il mio parlar tanto ben t
Sidan 68 - a poet by trade — a romantic, tragic, and elegiac poet. But, having been driven abroad as a political exile, he had hoped a broker's business might prove more profitable; and, having obtained the exequatur as vice-consul of one of the South American republics, he wasted at the Stock Exchange all the hours he could spare from his employment as a teacher of languages. That his hand, trained by the Muses, had not forgot its cunning, he however proved by the publication of a poem in Italian blank verse,...
Sidan 256 - ... unfolded itself since the Italians were a distinct people ; and the various causes, whether of a political or religious character, that have influenced the operations of the national intellect. The author's purpose is thus briefly stated. " Down in a southern clime, amidst the silent waves of a tideless sea, there lies a weary land, whose life is only in the past and the future.
Sidan 313 - Italian dialect struck my ear, and it was as much as I could do to refrain from going up to the groups of half-tipsy half-riotous Genoese or Neapolitan sailors from whom those voices proceeded, and offering to shake hands with them for our dear country's sake.
Sidan vii - As a matter of fact, Mr. Yates has not said it at all. "Whatever judgment," writes Mr. Gallenga, "I may have passed upon myself, whether the picture of my character resulting from the narrative of my thoughts and deeds be too partial or too severe, I must at least be held guiltless of having indulged in any personality offensive to the dead or living.
Sidan 159 - ... another presence too intimately associated with the scene, and too constantly predominant there, to be overlooked. The Atlantic was for years practically the sole organ of that admirable writer and wit, that master of almost every form of observational, of meditational, and of humorous ingenuity, the author of The Autocrat of the Breakfast Table and of Elsie Venner.
Sidan 68 - Sepolcri," and not without some slight reminiscences of Gray's Elegy, but which obtained the honour of an English version, and made the author's name deservedly popular. In his private intercourse as in his literary effusions D'Alessandro was equally disposed to take the most dismal view of the things of this world. He was always in love and always hopeless; and as eloquent in his praises of some of the New England beauties as Captain Ellis in his rambling declamations about "Bostin gals.
Sidan 203 - Eye-talian," and with whom after the exchange of a few civil words, imperfectly understood on either side, conversation had to be given up as altogether impracticable and unprofitable. Presently I was led into a large whitewashed room, with a gallery on two of its sides, an...

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